Monday, July 14, 2008

Yes! Finally. After 3 months plus of waiting for Deardear to buy for me! Haha. Cos it was in April when I was sick, Deardear said when I recovered, he'll buy durians for me... And circumstances lead to me waiting and waiting for my durian~ Finally got to eat it last Saturday. Hee. Bought it at Hougang Central while on our way to Laopa's house. 3 for $20, kinda ex, but Yummy~!

We caught

Red Cliff

yesterday (Sunday). I was supposed to meet Cherrie for some chocolate fondue, but at the last minute, something came up...so we postpone lah~ See when ya free, babe!

Red Cliff...it was ok lah.. But I must say that I first thought the actors were wrong for their characters when I saw the trailers. Cos according to history, Zhuge-Liang was NOT handsome. Lol! But of course, being the professionals that they are, the actors did a good job~ Even first timer, Lin Chi Ling, as Xiao Qiao. She is SO beautiful, she doesn't even have eye bags or dark eye circles like us normal mortals! The other lady in the movie, the dancer that Cao Cao fantasized was Xiao Qiao cannot be compared with her lor!! Not one bit!

Hmmm, not much fighting going on, because it's Part 1. The fighting will be in Part 2. Can't wait for it!
Rating: 3/5

After the movie, we went for dinner at Secret Recipes! The main course was alright lah, nothing special. But...but...my Oreo Cheesecake and Deardear's New York Cheesecake was the Bomb! I had been craving for Oreo Cheesecake for a while already! Finally got my craving satisfied. It's super duper yummy! The texture is so OMG and it's not so sweet. We walked around a little also and I saw this super duper adorable Chopper soft toy!! I absolutely love it to bits! But...cannot waste money! Besides, I wanna wait and see if there will be other cuter versions. Hee.

On Saturday, we caught

Hellboy 2

! Quite funny, unexpectedly. Some of the creatures look like the creatures from another movie, Pan's Labyrinth. Think that's because one of the producers or directors did Pan's Labyrinth. Haha...
Rating: 2.9/5

Before the movie, we went to Boss house @ Hougang for house warming. Very funny...at first I wanted to take cab to Boss house, but after waiting for a while, no cab...so Deardear called his uncle for help, see if he knows where is the place, cos he's very familiar with Hougang area. And turns out that it's very near our house! Just walk straight down for about 5 minutes and we will reach already. Lol~ Imagine if we took a cab, I think the cab uncle will scold us! Boss's house is really nice! It's a maisonette and he spent over 100k to renovate it... *faints* But it's nice~

Haircut! + Virgin Dye Job

I had a haircut and a dye job yesterday! Ok lah, not so much a haircut, but just a little trim and did I mention, I dyed my hair! Keke, first time ever! Dyed it at Snip's Avenue @ Hougang~ Chocolate Raspberry. I like the name. =x Hee. Sounds very yummy. =P

Deardear bought some cupcakes for me the other day. Very sweet, not very nice. Haha, but it's the thought that counts! *lovelove* Shall upload the pictures later~~

K lah...not feeling so well today.

=( Wanna go home and rest! I want my Deardear.


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