Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mr Toh sent me this MMS yesterday while I was at work.

So cute! Chopper is Ace's hat, he even has the Whitebeard tattoo and ACE tattoo at the back!

Called him and asked where he saw it, he said at Funan IT Mall, I then asked him how much it was, he refused to tell me. Then he said that it is with him and that he already bought it for me! It's been a while since Mr Toh surprised me, and I was pleasantly surprised and so happy! So sweet!

After meeting him and Andrew at Chinatown after Mr Toh's haircut, we went to Tampines to have dinner and to catch Thor! Chris Hemsworth is SO hot! =X

We had wanted to go to the WP rally at Serangoon stadium yesterday, but Mr Toh wanted to watch movie instead.... *bleah* It'd have been interesting to attend a rally as I've never been to 1 before! It also seems really fun and there were soooo many people attending the first one on Thursday! But then again, perhaps it's good we didn't go, the amount of people attending is crazy!

In these past few days, the more I read the news regarding the elections, the more disheartened I am. I've already stopped reading Singapore newspapers for years..........I prefer online news.

Can May 7 come faster?!? I cannot wait to see the results....I am excited yet scared at the same time. T_T

loving you, 4/30/2011 02:20:00 PM.
Thursday, April 28, 2011

So....history has been made. For the 1st time in many many many years, 82 out of 87 seats in Parliament will be contested by the Opposition parties.

I am concerned about the kind of future my future children will have.

Finally, it is my turn to vote this year. I'll be voting in the Hougang SMC which is being held by the Worker's Party. It is 1 of only 2 seats currently held by the Opposition party in Parliament, by Mr Low Thia Khang, the current MP of Hougang, who has held this position for more than 20 years. Mr Yaw Shin Leong, the candidate for Hougang SMC this election has very big shoes to fill. And Mr Low Thia Khang will be contesting in our neighboring ward, the Aljunied GRC with a team of 4 other members.

Will they win? To be honest, I hope they do. Mr Low has sacrificed his position in Hougang in order to compete in Aljunied, let's hope his sacrifice does not go to waste.

I've been reading the live tweets from the rallies being held around Singapore tonight, and I noticed that the PAP is advising the citizens to vote for who can give them a better future. But if the past few years have been any indication, I think we all know who we should vote for.

They also keep harping on what PAP have done for Singapore all these years, we all know that, no one is denying that PAP did contribute a lot to what made Singapore what we are today. But does one's past glory guarantee one's future success? Not necessarily.

I'm not a good writer, I'm not good at writing nor turning my thoughts to words, I just wanna blog some of my thoughts down..I'll end this post on this note.

If we don't give the Opposition parties a chance, how can they learn and improve?

Now's as good a time as any to give them the chance to learn.

Will we make history again by having more than 2 Opposition MPs? We'll know soon.

Vote wisely.

loving you, 4/28/2011 08:53:00 PM.
Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I was working OT today. Decided to leave the office at around 8, to go look for my Mr Toh to have dinner together. When I got downstairs, it was drizzling. I hurried my footsteps, the next thing I know, I was kneeling on the ground and my bag was on the floor.
I had tripped on a stone slab that was loose... My first reaction was to pick myself up first and hope no one else saw it. T_T

My next reaction was to cry. T_T Not really cry as in sobbing, but cry as in let out a cry of despair. "Why I so suaaaaay??" =(

Called Mr Toh after that, and I really wanted to cry then. But I managed to control myself somehow... Only let out a few sniffles here and there. *somewhat strong face*

Now both my knees look like mini waffles covered in chocolate sauce. ="( And they hurt like hell, doesn't matter if I'm sitting or standing. Stinging like shit.

Mr Toh says he'll take a look later. I want SAYANG! And "hu-hu"....

Damn suay today. =(

loving you, 4/27/2011 09:00:00 PM.
Sunday, April 24, 2011

So, earlier this month, I went for my cervical cancer vaccination, which Crystelle told me about, as we are entitled to Medisave subsidy if we do it before we are 26, luckily my birthday's only in Oct! But the vaccination consists of 3 jabs! It has been a while since I've had any injections, so I was pretty nervous, but it turns out it's not as scary as I imagined it to be! I just hate the soreness that comes after. T_T

Anyway, my next jab is next month, and the final one will be in October. Another piece of news is that I will be going to the dentist next month for braces consultation. *scary... I will be visiting Mr Toh's dentist, Dr Djeng. I like his surname, like "Djeng djeng djeng!" =X But his services are soooooooo ex!! Who knew braces were still so expensive!! Never mind, it's for my own good...

Had dinner with Christina at Cafe Cartel, Dhoby Ghaut after work on 13/04/11.

My Minty Lime Soda.

We had a good chat, it was really good seeing you babe~
We later ordered dessert, and the guy told us to order after 9pm because then we'd be entitled to 50% off, so I also ordered a New York Cheesecake for my Mr Toh.....but.....I forgot to take it when we left!! *facepalm* The box was white, the table was white, the partition was white, it blended in, camouflaged! =( Luckily it's only half price.

So, after my vaccination on 15/04, me and Mr Toh went to Orchard. I had wanted to try the Cold Stone Creamery for weeks! But first, lunch!

We had lunch at F.I.S.H, which was managed by Fish & Co. at the basement of 313 Somerset.

Mushroom soup, thick and creamy, but taste wise, only average.


My chicken sandwich which was their tea time promotion, $6.90 with a glass of drink. So good! The bread was really yummy and the mayo sauce was delish!

Mr Toh's main, cod fish fillet, which was unevenly cooked, some parts done well, most parts so overcooked. Disappointment.

After that, we headed to Orchard Central for ice cream!!

Mr Toh chose the Founders' favourite, which had brownie bits inside which was so good!

My Cookie Minster with oreos & chocolate fudge! I preferred Mr Toh's. =P

Sat 16/04/11, I decided to do something different. Called Chris to come with me to this exhibition that I saw an advertisement for, it was at the National Museum of Singapore.

After the exhibition, we went for dinner at the nearby Funan IT mall.

@ Shabu Shabu Akashabu.

Waiting for the soup to boil so we can have our shabu shabu! Their black pork slice was damn yummy~!

The sushi is very good! I also loved their wasabi!

Thursday night was Mr Toh's off day, so I met him at NEX after he returned from JB with Andrew.

We had dinner at the Nura restaurant at the 3rd floor.

Cold tofu~ We felt that the sauce was too salty at first, but the dish was good.

Chicken wings! Good too~ Skin was crispy on the outside and the meat was tender on the inside.

My white miso ramen~ Skin was tasty, but Too. Much. Onions.

Mr Toh's miso chashu ramen~

Friday, I went over to Daddy's house.

Look who's a big boy now! Can sit baby walker already!

But he kept biting the 'bapu bapu' horn in front. Lol. T_T

Cutie pie kept smiling at me, but I couldn't manage to snap a pic of him smiling! Lousy photographer me.. T_T

Mr Toh took a day leave on Saturday~ We went grocery shopping at NTUC after lunch at McD. Filet-O-Fish 1 for 1 is love!

We decided to make mango jelly/pudding. Mango juice in da pot!

We used this agar-agar powder! Old school leh, I've been using the same brand since my secondary school days!

Stirring the powder in~ and adding in some evaporated milk~

Mr Toh poking the bubbles.

But this experiment wasn't that successful, the jelly wasn't sweet enough~ And Mr Toh said it's too hard, he wanted something more pudding like....so we'll try harder next time! And we shall succeed!

Anyway, long weekend's over...waiting for the next one!

loving you, 4/24/2011 01:30:00 PM.


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