Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I had wanted to blog about how idiotic Singaporeans are on the train, especially today. But after hearing the Muttons talk about how our NS men lost their lives in the Taiwan mission, and how this man drowned while saving his wife when their kayak capsized, I realised how petty I've been.

I mean, there are people losing their lives or their loved ones, and here I am, blabbering about how some stupid fat chick leaned against the pole, not letting anyone else hold on to it. Come to think about it, it's so stupid, isn't it?

I don't know when I've morphed into this blabbering, useless moronic whiny idiot.

Anyway, last Saturday, went with A to Raffles City Convention Centre to attend my sis's bursary award ceremony. $250 ah! So good. I miss those days when I get to get money too. T_T

After the ceremony, the three of us went to Aquamarina @ Suntec City. I feel that it's a waste of our $8...nothing much there.
Walked until our legs were sore. We then went for lunch at Crawford Lane.
I found out that the famous bak chor mee that used to be at Marina Sq has moved to Crawford Lane, through reading 8-Days! Hee hee. A had been trying to find out what happened to the stall since a few months ago. Luckily I bought the 8-Days. ^^
The noodles were shiok!! I think it's very nice. A even gave it 9.5/10. Hee.

I realised that A is so wonderful...I just love him so much for everything he's done for me... Especially him caring for my sis... It really warms my heart. =)

loving you, 5/29/2007 01:36:00 PM.
Sunday, May 06, 2007

Heh. Been sooo lazy to update my blog nowadays. Would rather spend my time watching anime. Heehee. =X

Anyway, watched 3 movies over these past few weeks. We caught 200 Pounds Beauty, Wild Hogs and Spiderman 3! All three movies were nice! Just that the ending for Spiderman 3 was a bit...flat? I don't know how to say it though... But overall, really enjoyed all 3 movies. ^^

Went to find A for dinner last Saturday, and we had dinner at fin @ Marina Square. He wanted to try the food there cos the boss gave him some discount + loyalty cards. So we have 20% off on our first visit! ^^

Everything was really orangey...the menu, the lights, the seats. Lol, so every picture is orangey too.

Orangey A.

Orangey me.

He had the Fish & Chips while I had the Seafood Basket.

Fish & Chips.

My Seafood Basket came in this!

The food was pretty nice...everything was fresh and I loved the prawns in my Seafood Basket! But service was pretty non-existent... Oh well, can't have the best of both worlds all the time.

Went to the new AMK hub with A last Monday, and we had our dinner at Dian Xiao Er. Wanted to try their roast duck, and they had a new branch open there and also to pre-celebrate our 9th month anniversary. ^^ We were taking pictures of the food like two crazy people.

Our winter melon soup. Not bad, but it could have been better lah.

Our fried rice! Yummy! But the portion was a bit too little for us...the waitress recommended the small size for us, saying it'd be enough, but it wasn't!

Broccoli with various types of mushrooms. Yummy too~ The sauce was rather tasty~

Their famous Roast Duck with herbs! DAMN NICE!!! The meat was tender, and the smell of the herbs was nice, not too overpowering. I'm drooling just thinking about it. xD

More on good food... Met up with Chris ytd and we had our lunch @ Cherry Garden @ Oriental Hotel. We had dim sum buffet which was $38+++.

This dim sum buffet was unlike others... Heh. The food wasn't laid out on tables waiting for us to serve ourselves. But rather, we had to order the food thru the waiters and they'll serve it to us! We could have anything we want on the menu, as many times as we like, except for their special dishes which we could only order once. Service was excellent, which was to be expected. And the food was great!!
We had so many things...siew mai, har gao, xiao long bao, char siew bao, crispy turnover with prawns, apple and mango, sweet & sour seafood soup, pork and century egg congee, sliced pork belly, their specialty, crispy prawns, and many many more!!
Ate till our tummy almost burst! Lol.
The few dishes that I thought weren't very nice were the har gao, though the prawns were fresh. The xiao long bao wasn't very good either, not juicy enough. I much prefer the ones from Crystal Jade. But overall, the food was really good.
Spent some time at Harvey Norman's Photo Centre with Chris. Heh. Had fun designing and printing out our photos! ^^
Then we slacked Starbucks till 9 plus, just chatting. Lol.
Chris then left at 10pm, while I waited for A.

But he only got off work at 12+...cos they were so busy!

We went for supper, since we didn't have dinner. He was too busy and I was too full. Lol. Went to Xin Wang HK Cafe @ MS. Totally sucks. Service was baaad. Stupid manager...canceled my drink order without confirming it with us. It's a long story, but even though he was apologetic, I was still pissed. And the food wasn't that nice to begin with... Never gonna go back again.

We then took a cab back to my home. My sis was sleeping in my room, so A had to sleep in the living room. Hee. Sorry ah!

I can't wait for Friday to come!!! Wee wee~

By the way, I cut my fringe! Got it cut during a haircut last week. Didn't like it at all, but now, it kinda looks better. Hee.

loving you, 5/06/2007 08:05:00 PM.


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