Saturday, March 28, 2009

Show your commitment to energy conservation!

Heh, I'm sure most of you already know that today, 8:30pm to 9:30pm is Earth Hour. Please do your part for Mother Earth! We are going to have a picnic with Sis @ Esplanade tonight! Wee~ We have already bought our favourite titbits. Heehee.


MOF @ Bugis

I liked the teapot and teacups! Almost wanted to smuggle them back. I like that they have one pot for each table, instead of the staff walking around to refill each cups.

Mr Toh's Ice Lemon Tea, served on a small wooden tray and a small pot of honey, nice!

Concentrating on mixing his wasabi soy sauce. Lol~

His favourite salmon sashimi, he says it's REALLY good~

Very pretty and authentic looking bento box!

Unagi bento! It looks darn nice, but Mr Toh says it's not very nice, because the meat of the unagi was very 'old'.

My cha shu ramen. Not nice! The cha shu sucks. T_T

And we ended our meal with a mango ice cream dessert. And this was darn nice!! It came with a small cup of mango sauce. I was afraid that the sauce would be too sweet, but it wasn't~ And the ice cream was super nice! It was a great way to end a nice meal. =)

Edwin's wedding @ Conrad, 22 Mar 2009.

The atmosphere was wonderful~ There were long white candles on each table and it was so romantic, with the soft candle light and the soothing English love songs playing.

But...before the dinner started, one candle got loose from the candle holder and fell, almost hitting us girls @ the table! Thank goodness for the fast action of another guy sitting at our table, he caught the candle before it reached us. Like whoa....that was scary. Apart from the fact that we almost got 'candled', the dinner was enjoyable. The food was unexpectedly good! So was the red wine. Haha~

The groom almost didn't want to let us go after the dinner....but I had an excuse! I had work the next day...too bad, if not it should be rather fun to just sit around and drink more red wine! =X

The girls~

loving you, 3/28/2009 10:19:00 AM.
Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Was browsing through my mail when I chanced upon something that got me thinking...

It was a mail from a long time ago. So long I had forgotten about it...I didn't even reply you. I guess at that time, I didn't know what to say.

But now, I know..

To you:

I have always felt that I've let you down, that I couldn't stay by your side. People do change, I changed, and I guess part of me didn't want you to be part of the change....and it is a mistake that I will forever regret.

I cherish all the memories that we shared together, for those were some of my happiest moments in life.

Like you said, I am not looking back, I looked forward and I have found my destination.

I guess you'd be glad to know that I am not thinking of the guy who broke my heart anymore, for ages now...

I have found someone who loves me for who I am, but he doesn't tolerate my nonsense like you do (which I guess should be a good thing), I don't drink so much anymore (and you shouldn't too) and I don't wear contacts anymore...

I know you said not to say sorry, but I AM sorry. I really am....

I am happy now and I sincerely hope that you are too...wherever you may be.

loving you, 3/24/2009 01:51:00 PM.
Monday, March 23, 2009


No mood to work today. =( Siansation!

Good thing Mr Toh's meeting me for lunch later. =)



loving you, 3/23/2009 11:11:00 AM.
Thursday, March 19, 2009

So, yeah, got back our results for Shipping Law II on Tuesday and it's another A! =)

So happy! I thought I'd done not-so-good and will get a B at most..but I guess I'm lucky!

Been having a niggling pain in my left wrist the whole week...Mr Toh's bringing me to see a Chinese tie-da shifu tomorrow. Hais...hope it's nothing serious and that it'll recover soon enough.

Hmm...been kinda tired these few days...lessons being a drag is not helping. Hais. We really dread going for lessons...=( We miss you, Mr. Vardan!

But, we only have to persevere for 3 more modules and we'll be free!

Ganbatte neh!

loving you, 3/19/2009 12:35:00 PM.
Monday, March 16, 2009

Wee! Happy 1st Year ROM anni to me and Mr Toh!

Ytd, we went to AMK for dinner and movies! Bought tickets for Dragonball Evolution and Race to Witch Mountain~

We had dinner @ Fish & Co's...my seafood platter was nice but the prawns were yucky, not fresh and overcooked, so was the grilled fish fillet. But, dinner was still rather enjoyable.

The Asian girl and Bulma is chio!
But, I think this movie really fell below my expectations. Especially the ending, which was so anti-climatic. And the wardrobe team is freaking brainless. they kept putting the Asian fighter girl in low cut outfits. I mean, I get it, she's one of the popular, pretty kids in school, but does EVERY single outfit of hers have to be low cut? Even when she's training? Even when she's competing in a tournament? I just felt it was really dumb.

Next up, Race to Witch Mountain! We had been wanting to catch this show since we saw the trailer and it did not disappoint~

Tia: My brother and I, we're not from your planet.
Jack Bruno: Well, you don't look like aliens.
Tia: What's an alien look like?
Jack Bruno:You know what aliens look like! They're like little green people with antennas, and "Take me to your leader, Earthlings!"

The little alien girl is so cute and Dwayne Johnson is so funny~ I think this is a typical Disney movie, with a typical haappy ending. I like it, I'm a sucker for happy endings. Hee.

After the movie, we took bus 132 to eat the crispy roti prata @ Thomson....the prata wasn't very nice, but what was worse was the service. God, it took us a whole 10 minutes just to get someone to take our orders. We were repeatedly asking the staff to take our orders and no one came! So frustrating, and I'll never go back again.

Today, Mr Toh met me for lunch and we ate at the restaurant downstairs.

After work, he came to fetch me and we went to Bugis for dinner and neoprints! *happies*

We had our dinner at MOF. More on that another day. I wanna keep this short, wanna go sleep soon.

After dinner and neoprints, we were bored, so we decided to catch Watchmen, despite Crystelle warning us not to.

Some of my favourite quotes:

: I heard a joke once: Man goes to doctor. Says he's depressed. Says Life is harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world. Doctor says "Treatment is simple. The Great Clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go see him. That should pick you up." Man bursts into tears. Says, "But doctor... I am Pagliaci." Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll On snare drum. Curtains.

Jon Osterman: In my opinion, the existence of life is a highly overrated phenomenon.

I really liked this show. I felt it was very interesting. It was also very bloody, gory, very violent and quite sexual. The way they kept showing Dr. Manhattan naked was very distracting...lol! Even though it felt rather slow at times, I wasn't bored. But the show's a bit too long...about 2 1/2 hours. Overall, the show exceeded my expectations though, I'd recommend it!

After the movie, we cabbed back home...and the driver freaking sucks. =( I got so car sick that I vomitted the moment I got out of the cab, and the uncle even asked Mr Toh if I had been drinking! WTF. =(

But overall, I was happy. =) I love you.

loving you, 3/16/2009 11:59:00 PM.
Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mr Toh woke me up early today...I mean, really early! At 6 plus...and we decided to go have breakfast. So, he used his bicycle to take us there....and I really hated it! I just don't like being fetched around by someone else on a bicycle, I guess. I'd prefer to ride the bicycle myself now that I know how to...hee!

Tomorrow's our 1st year ROM anni! =) How time flies~ I hand made a card for him for this special occasion...hope he likes it. =D

The front cover~

The other side of the cover~

I finished writing what I wanted to write inside, and because it was a tri-fold card and there was a blank page, I thought the card looked empty...so I started searching our Picture folders to look for a nice photo and I stumbled upon one that we look in 2007!

A picture of our hands forming a heart. Haha...printed it out and I thought it was perfect!

*loves* Still thinking should I give him the card today or tomorrow...hmm~

A random picture of the hot chocolate I had at MacDonalds Kovan. I thought the flower on top was really pretty, so I snapped a pic of it. XD

loving you, 3/15/2009 04:57:00 PM.
Saturday, March 07, 2009

At Sis's place now...dead tired! Mr Toh is asleep...taking a nap before we go over to Gerard's wedding @ Swissotel.

We woke up early today to have Mac Breakfast with Sis @ Pasir Ris. Had my Bicycle Beginner Lesson No. 2 today and I have like so many cuts on my leg because of the pedal... T_T Pain. =( But it was gooood~~ Was cycling for quite a few hours, the weather was so hot today. Now my arms have two different colors... I almost got sunburnt, I think. My arms are ugly! But it's ok! More lessons next week! Bicycling is fun!

Thursday, Mr Toh brought me to Treknology @ Holland Grove Road to see bicycles...and I think I know which bike I wanna get. Heehee, can't wait! Must master my bicycle skills first!

loving you, 3/07/2009 06:29:00 PM.
Friday, March 06, 2009

I got another papercut today. And yesterday, and the week before, and so many many many times since I started working full time. I have 2 papercuts on my hands right now... *argh*

Yesterday, I told Mr Toh that I suspect I must have been a tree-cutter in my previous life. Or a CEO of a huge profit making paper manufacturing company that doesn't recycle, and cuts down tonnes of trees everyday to make money. =(

It must be karma.. =X

Papercuts are so painful, but they always seem so...insignificant! I hate them!

loving you, 3/06/2009 12:40:00 PM.
Sunday, March 01, 2009

Keke, went to Sis's place today morning~ When we reached her place, she was cooking lunch for us! Fried spaghetti with chicken and lots of button mushrooms! Yummeh~

After lunch, we rested for a while, and then....it's time! Deardear took her bicycle out and tried it out first, when we came out of the gate, he was zooming past us real fast, bent real low and with a silly expression on his face...so funny!

We first went to the small park near her house...but.....it was a failure....because that place wasn't sloped and Mr Toh was holding the bicycle on one side, so I kept feeling like the bicycle was going to fall on one side. =x

Then they decided to go to a slope (!!!) but on our way there, it started to rain and it got heavier and heavier! Luckily, there was a temple nearby, so we took shelter there. And waited till there was no rain, and we moved to the sloped area.

Hmmmmm....Mr Toh and Sis then told me to start off by gliding down the slope, and not letting my feet touch the ground. At first, I tried, but it was kinda scary, and I tried it again and again. Then Sis said to try to keep my feet off the ground for 5 seconds. Only until the 4th or 5th time, I think, I started to get the hang of it, and I could keep my feet off the ground for up to 10 to 15 seconds! Keke....and I just kept trying, gliding down the slope and then climbing up again. It's good exercise! But my steering was lousy lor.....haha....I had problems steering to the left!

Then, Deardear got a phone call, so he stood at one side, while Sis continued teaching me....and for that round when I went down the slope, I could sort of place my feet on the pedal and cycle!!! Haha...so exciting! =D Tried a few times more, and we decided to call it a day, as it was starting to drizzle again.

Keke, if it was Deardear teaching me again, at the second or third round, he'd be scolding me again. =X But he also said he's happy and proud that I made improvement today! Hee...so happy~

We're going again next week, and hopefully, I will be able to at least cycle on normal ground! Hehe, Sis have been wanting to go to Pulau Ubin, that's why she also wanted me to learn cycling, so we can go together~~ Hee. Hope that day won't be long to come!

After that, we rushed down to Tampines, to see Jimmy in his first cycling competition in the Mountain Bike Carnival~ Woots! We arrived late, but luckily, they were also starting late, so we were just in time to see them start the race. We were standing near the starting point, so we were able to spot Jimmy when he zoomed past us! Hee.

For a first-timer, he did well! Kinda exceeded our expectations, he finished the first round at a timing faster than what we expected.

After the first round, we went to find him, chatted for a while, then left to go to Mr Toh's grandma's birthday dinner. After dinner, we rushed back to Tampines, but when we reached, the race was cancelled due to lightning....so suay! Then we met for supper @ Kovan after Jimmy finished washing his bicycle. Though the race was cancelled, but after calculating their timing, Jimmy's team actually can complete the race within 9 hours, so...they are considered as completed the race.

Tinker Juarez and Gary Fisher was there too, competing! So cool....haha. Tinker Juarez is the champ! Because he was first to complete the round and had completed 6 1/2 rounds at the time the race was cancelled. He's not very young lor, think he's around 40 plus... Pro lor! But Gary Fisher was much older....haha...but he's just competing for fun.

We wanted to catch the ending of the race and see who would be the winner, but....too bad lah, Heaven's not on our side.

But it was still a really exciting day! Hees. Happy!~

loving you, 3/01/2009 02:21:00 AM.


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