Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yesterday night, after having tea and supper @ Kovan coffeeshop, the four of us (me, Deardear and our friends) was walking back to our house for after-supper session.

We were crossing the pedestrian crossing along Upper Serangoon Road, just after the Kovan MRT station.

The time was around 12.35am. I was walking in front, we had already crossed the halfway mark and we were just stepping into the 2nd lane area, when this Silvercab came zooming past me, and made a left turn into Simon Road at an estimated speed of like, 50km/h.

I was in shock, like, WTF? It was a red light, for goodness sake! That fucking cab driver did not even slow down at all, and his view of the pedestrian crossing was blocked by a lorry in the 2nd lane.

Can you imagine??? If I had walked a few steps faster, I'd definitely be lying in either the hospital or mortuary now.

I am so PISSED. It was 12am plus on a Friday night, there'd definitely still be people walking around right?! That fucking idiot cab driver is so fucking irresponsible and reckless!

License plate number: SHG6761L.
Cab company: SILVERCAB

loving you, 1/31/2009 01:10:00 PM.
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

UPDATE: More pics!

These are part of the pictures we took that night~

Don dancing away~ Think the song was a Beyond song, all so high!

Deardear and William~ Guess who's more 'high'?

William and me! See how he have to bend down to accommodate me? He's too tall!

Me and Don~ I look super shagged... Don looks...super act cute!

Deardear and me. Thank you deardear. =)

Me and Deardear again~

Birthday girl!

All the ladies~~

All the ladies again~

Hazel and me~

Me and Don again~

Beware of random candid shots - always be prepared for the camera~

Vivi and me~

Me and Deardear again again~

Susan and me~ We were both wearing grey that night. Keke.

Emily 'Aidemeili' and me~

Deardear and me again again again! Dunno why we took so many pictures. Lol~

Me, Zann and Wancheng~ Wancheng called me her dancing queen. Lol!

It was a crazy night.

loving you, 1/28/2009 05:25:00 PM.
Saturday, January 24, 2009

Piccies~ Taken by our pro photographer, Leslie!

Don & me~

Wancheng and me~ We were the only non smokers sitting at our table. =P

Cherlyn - Chouting - Kaixin - Me~

Didn't really talk much to Chouting in the office, but at the D&D I realise she is pretty funny lor! Haha..

Xinxin and me~ I'm also another 'Xin'. Keke~

Our first dish, cold plate~ Service was good lor, they showed you the dish first, then they split the dish equally at the serving area, then serve it to you individually!

Customer service from all the branches, except GE Lines!

Moneeeeyy!! Not mine though. :(

Me! Taking money from boss~~

Overall, the event was pretty fun, but the food sucked. And did I mention I won vouchers again? S$50 Takashimaya vouchers... Lol~

loving you, 1/24/2009 11:45:00 AM.


Firstly, Happy Birthday to Kaixin! Stay pretty and cheerful always and may all good things come your way!

Went to Dragonfly with my colleagues yesterday to celebrate her bday... I very give face one hor... Haha~~

Dragonfly rocked man~~ The music was so good, and the live band wasn't too bad either! I had so much FUN drinking and dancing my shoes off! I was like playing the fool, together with Wancheng, haha, she is super cute man!

Our table was very near the room where the singers prepared to go on stage, and we saw Sylvester~ Some of the girls approached him for a picture, and he obliged with a smile. Though I don't really think he's cute, but he was rather nice.
And he sang "It's My Life" very well too~!

We took quite a lot of photos...was like bouncing here and there taking pictures with different people. =X Waiting for Vell to send us the pictures~ Will upload when I receive~

Left at around 4 plus, and went for roti prata supper with Deardear. I was still like, kinda high, lol~

But absolutely no puking and no 'gone-ness'. That's a pact I made with Deardear ages ago if I still wanna come out and have fun like this~

Slept at 5.30, and now I'm awake, a little bit hung over... Oops. Got woken up by the haulier at 8 am, then my mom at 10.30am... Gave up trying to sleep.

I still have to do my CNY shopping!!!

Speaking of CNY, I got my first (and maybe only) angbao yesterday from my very very nice boss! HUAT AH!!

loving you, 1/24/2009 11:22:00 AM.
Monday, January 19, 2009

Woot~ D&D last Friday was quite OK...went to Powerhouse after the dinner...what can I say... It sucked! The music was crap. Tsk.

Saturday, we met Andrew and GF for some bowling @ Kovan~~ After bowling, we went for board games at SMU! Keke, it was fun fun fun~! But our bill came up to over $100, because we were too hungry and ordered a lot of food. =X
They're planning to go again next Wed~ I wanna tag along too!

Sunday, Deardear and me went to Kallang Leisure Park to buy............a bowling ball for me! xD
It took quite long, because the uncle was very busy. Picked out a really pretty dark purplish ball. The uncle was very professional lo! It took him only a short while to measure my hand and fingers, drill the ball and to perfect the fitting. After that, we headed to Kovan for some bowling again as I wanted to try out my new ball!

I played a damn lousy game for the first 2 rounds. Once, I even fell and ending up kneeling on the lane. Because my grip was wrong, and my fingers were stuck in the ball. OMG. So freaking paiseh!! But later on, I thought it must have looked very comical and I couldn't stop laughing. =X

But during the third game, I got the hang of it and I played a damn well game! (For me lah).
143~ After that, Daniel came and we played 2 more rounds. I got 126 and 140 for the last game. Shiokness man~~~ I love the feeling of having a personal ball. XD

Something kinda funny happened when we were playing. This group of people took the lane beside ours, I think they're not locals and they didn't really know how to bowl. So anyway, during the game, there were a few times when they wanted to take my personal ball! T_T Luckily, before I need to say anything, one of their friends stopped them. Keke, so funny.

I was wondering to myself, if after our game and they saw us pack our balls and bringing it home, will they follow us and try to bring the balls back too?

loving you, 1/19/2009 01:38:00 PM.
Friday, January 16, 2009

It's our D&D tonight.

Somehow...I feel like something is missing, I'm just not really very excited about it. =(

Woke up super early to do some make up today, so that I just need to touch up a bit for the event. No wonder I don't like to make up, I take too long! If I had to make up every day to go to work, I'd either always be really tired or really late for work. Lol~

Colleagues are going to St James after the D&D, I will be tagging along! It's been a while since I've went clubbing~ Keke~ Looking forward~~

Went for brekkie this morning with Deardear~ =) *muacks* Love ya~

Anyway, it's been crazy busy today. Just hope to be able to clear my stuffs and enjoy the D&D and weekend without worrying about work!

loving you, 1/16/2009 01:20:00 PM.
Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lunch break now. No appetite, don't feel like eating anything. *pouts*

Been really busy with work these past few days...because my beloved manager is on maternity leave for 4 months!!! *sobs* Leaving me alone with a fairly new assistant... Hais...what to do...just got to grin and bear it. xD

Have to keep telling myself 4 months only!!

Anyway, caught Red Cliff 2 and College with Deardear a few days back. Loved both shows!

College is only showing at Cathay, if I'm not wrong. It was a super last minute decision at 2am to catch College. Keke.

D&D tomorrow. Sians! I just realised I have no bag! Ah well....have to ransack my cupboard and see what I can come up with.

Went for a mani and pedi yesterday after work, sponsored by Deardear. xD *muacks*

I still need to buy more clothes for CNY!

loving you, 1/15/2009 12:41:00 PM.
Saturday, January 10, 2009

Had dinner at Sakae @ Heartland Mall last week~

Deardear's yummy Unagi don, much much better than Ichiban's!

My yummy curry katsu don! The katsu was sooooooo yummy! The meat was really tender, and it was huge lo!

Deardear came to fetch me after my gruelling Shipping Law exam paper... Was like, braindead after it!

Why the heck did I even wanted to be a lawyer when I was 10?!

Thank goodness I gave up on that ambition of mine. Lol~

We had Bak Kut Teh at the place opposite of Central, Clarke Quay. I found out about this place by reading Jasmine's blog~ Keke.

I LOVE the soup! I love peppery soups! xD The salted veg was a bit too salty. The fried you tiao was fabulous with the hot soup! The meat, not so fantastic, but overall it was a very enjoyable meal!

They were actually going to close soon when the waiter came around adding more soup to everyone's bowl. I like!! That way, they won't waste the soup!

The place is just right opposite of the bus stop outside Burger King. It's called Soon Fatt Bak Kut Teh (if I remember correctly). They are not open on Mondays and they close at 10pm.

Gonna go back again with Deardear so he can try the pig's intestines that Jasmine said were nice~


Random: I really like this T-shirt of Deardear's.
His friends kept saying" Number 12345667, come out!"
Haha, and I said "Number 12345667, someone's here to visit you." LOL. Very cute shirt!

Ok, I'm going back to sleep. Got woken up by the haulier early this morning.... *yawns*
Gonna meet Crystelle they all for dinner tonight @ AMK hub!
Nites all!

loving you, 1/10/2009 11:09:00 AM.

This year, CNY is in January, and it's pretty amazing to see how fast the shops and shopping centres in Singapore work. Just DAYS after Christmas, the CNY decorations were up already!

Decorations in my company~

Our company front!

We love to hang 'pineapples' every year! It's called "Ong Lai" in dialect which means "Good fortune come!"

It's going to be my year! Which is just a reminder that I'm getting older... *sobs*

Been doing quite a lot of shopping recently.

Bought a dress (Le'Range) and a cropped jacket from Istean Tampines for my D&D next Friday. We're holding it at Pan Pac this year with good food! Unlike last year's lacklustre buffet at Shangri-La. =x

There's even a theme this year..."GRAND" and the best make over wins cash prizes! Money is always good, but I'm too lazy to do much. =X

Went shopping for CNY clothes last weekend with Deardear!

He bought a pair of jeans and a T-shirt from Hang Ten at Heartland Mall, then on Saturday, he accompanied me for a study session with Crystelle and YihLin @ Bishan. Thank goodness my Shipping Law exam is over for now! I can't wait to get my result!!

After studying, we went shopping!

1st top from OP~ Red red is lucky for CNY! Gonna wear this for Day 1! Unless I buy a red dress. =P

2nd top from OP~ This is more of a pinkish color~ I love the butterflies and the little flutter sleeves~

The two tops from OP did not cost more than $20 bucks each!~

A top and bras from Cotton On Body~ The top was actually going for $15 for one and $20 for two, but they didn't have any more S size, so too bad, I could only buy one~

Red bra for day one! Wahhaha~~

We also bought a pair of Levis Jeans each @ BHG. $99.90 for two pairs of bottoms! Value for money! Keke.

Gonna do some more shopping~

I love shopping for CNY clothes! It's just that the whole mood is so festive!

Have you guys bought your CNY clothes yet?

loving you, 1/10/2009 10:30:00 AM.
Thursday, January 01, 2009

I've resolved never to make resolutions for the New Year because I never keep them! Haha.

But, never say never. =P

loving you, 1/01/2009 03:32:00 PM.


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