Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wee~ Going off to Bangkok tmr morning! So exciting. We're gonna spend some time visting temples (Deardear's idea) and shopping and eating and definitely spend more time on cultural stuff. Hee. I'm so excited!!!! Deardear has to clear his leave, due to his shop being renovated. Good thing, then he can rest more. =)
I must say again,
Both of us are SOOOOO SOOO SOOO excited for this Bangkok trip!!!

Kelly's 21st surprise bday chalet

Went to Kelly's surprise bday chalet last Sunday with Deardear. Enjoyed myself with the babes. =)
Waiting for the pictures to come. =)


loving you, 8/30/2007 01:05:00 PM.
Monday, August 13, 2007

I hate this feeling.

So left out. So out of place. So...extra.

I get that feeling from everyone here. Or is it just me being sensitive?

Think I wanna leave. Feeling really down lately.

loving you, 8/13/2007 02:01:00 PM.
Friday, August 10, 2007

This is a really belated post. Hah.

I love Mustafa!
Went to Mustafa for shopping with Deardear after our celebration on 1st August. It was so much fun even though I was drop dead tired after that, legs sore and what not. Hee. Bought LOTS of stuff! Household stuff, tidbits, food and my printer!

Had been hankering after another printer after my old one spoiled. =) Plus it was cheap.

8th August, Deardear made 'ai xin' breakfast for me! Heehee, cutie heart shaped peanut butter and jam sandwich. YUMMY. =D *touched*

Supper at Newton Circus.
Went to Newton Circus hawker centre to eat with Deardear's colleagues on 8th August, as his manager was giving them a treat and she invited me to go along. That was nice of her. =)
We ate so much!
Sambal stingray, sambal sotong, crayfish, chili crab, barbecued chicken wings, satay, popiah, fried mantou, half an otah.
Hee. Damn full. Damn shiok. XD
Ate and chatted till 2+, poor Deardear was so tired the next day.

National Day
Didn't do much for National Day, slacked at home, then went to find Deardear for dinner. so freaking crowded. T_T And I got stuck in the crowds beside One Raffles Link. I didn't know that the area was barricaded. T_T And so I was stuck there alone, watching the fireworks. Blah.
No mood to enjoy at all!!! And this year's fireworks not very nice. So much smoke until they kinda hid the fireworks.
Then Deardear got pissed cos I arrived late, and everywhere was so crowded. T_T
Then I got pissed when going home, cos the trains were so crowded and our train had some problem and we had to get off at Toa Payoh. That was 'suay'.

At work now. So sian, having to work after a public holiday. Luckily it's just one more day of work. Hee.

Hi Deardear, remember our date tonight okie? I'm gonna go browse for movies to watch. =)

loving you, 8/10/2007 12:45:00 PM.
Sunday, August 05, 2007

This post is kinda late.. Lol. Didn't have time to blog for the past few days. Well, one year already. How time flies.. We've been through so much ups and downs. I hope we last...forever. =)
ilussssmmm! =D

Woke up on 1st August, still had to go to work. And found my 1st surpise! A card from Deardear stuffed in my bag. Lol. =) *muacks*

Pretty card, really sweet and funny. Hee.

Beautiful tulips!! My 2nd surprise. Delivered to my office on the day itself. *blush* I love them so much!!!

Pink for Vday, and now purple! They are so darn pretty. But they're kinda wilting already. =( I have no idea how to preserve tulips..

Cute and pretty little card that came with it.

Went to meet Deardear @ MS after work, and we had dinner at Dian Xiao Er!! Somehow, the food here didn't taste as good as the one at AMK. But we still enjoyed ourselves. =) Had my third surprise, but cannot say. =X

Had my own surprise for Deardear too! A pink tulip! Heehee. To show my appreciation for everything that he's done. =)

Took some time off work the next day to accompany Deardear, we went shopping at Orchard. But didn't really buy anything. Lol~ We had lunch/dinner @ NYDC outside HMV. Yummmieee!!!!!

Did I mention it was his first time eating NYDC? =X

Peach soda with whip cream. Scrummilicious! =X Fruity and creamy. With cute little colorful sprinkles on top. =D I feel happy just looking at it.

Deardear's Romeo and Juliet! Bacon bits and corn. Sounds yucky, but it tastes really good!

My all-time favourite pasta! Mushroom and ham! =D

Our dessert: Mango Tango Cheesecake! Yummmm~

And thus ends our 2-day long celebration. Hee.

Back to work tmr.. Sianzation!

Getting really stressed recently. Lots of things happening.. Work/family/etc.. Hate it.

I just wanna be happy.

loving you, 8/05/2007 10:56:00 PM.

Heh, the both of us have a love affair with fried dumplings! We just love them~ Had them the other day at Chinatown. There's this stall at the hawker centre there that sells fabulous guo ties!

They have yummy normal dumplings too!

Guo ties! *drools*

Oooh.. looks yummy..

Me: Strike a pose!
Him: Ahhh.....ummm!

Me: Strike another pose!
Him: What? I wanna eat my guo tie in peace!

Me: Strike another pose lah!
Him: *STARES* I told you I wanna eat in peace right?!

Oops. Hee. Nice guo ties~

loving you, 8/05/2007 10:46:00 PM.


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