Saturday, February 28, 2009

Welp, exam is over, hopefully, I can still get an A.......but....I think not much hope alr. =( Hope I can at least get a B. T_T

Thursday, we met Sis and her bf @ Kembangan as she was gonna bring us to a place for yummy cheesecake! We went to the Cheesecake Cafe @ Siglap.

We ordered 4 different cheesecakes for each of us. The cafe has a rule of minimum one order per customer.

We had:
And omg, the choc brownie was soooo good! The chocolate wasn't very sweet and it just complented it nicely. Super delish. My Oreo was very normal, very 'blah' though... I think I should not eat Oreo cheesecake anymore, I just can't seem to find any nice ones. T_T I felt both the american and the walnut was also very nice! We must go back and try other flavours! Keke.

Jimmy's participating in his first bicycle race tomorrow and we're going down to rally for him! So exciting! Some big names are coming down tomorrow too...and tomorrow, I'm gonna learn cycling from Sis....wish me luck!!!!

Hopefully, I'll be able to proclaim that I can cycle the next time I blog. =D

loving you, 2/28/2009 12:12:00 AM.
Friday, February 27, 2009

Went to the zoo on Vday with Andrew and his gf~

The otters smelled real bad!

Cute baby proboscis monkey!

Mr Toh saw it as"What is Man Without Breasts?" LOL. Which does kinda make sense. =P

This little creature was soooo cute! It climbed up to Andrew's hand and wanted to take the green tea! Haha, it likes green tea too! So many people were crowding around us looking at it....lol~

Pretty bambis. =X

I actually touched the fawn! Keke. Didn't dare to go too near, for fear of startling it... It was super cute, we saw it standing at the side, looking very lost...and it just stood very still and allowed us to touch it...omg, cuteness!!!

Weird looking, yet pretty flowers...

I actually touched the cute kangaroo! It was just standing there eating its food, and lots of people were crowding around it waiting for their turn to take a picture. Keke, it's coat was so coarse though, needs conditioner...


The horse that I touched was Buddy, and he was so curious...keke, keep sniffing our hands, but we didn't have any food for him, haha... I fell in love with him! I think he's so pretty~

And the rat seemed like it was praying, "Tee gong po bi ah! Let me reincarnate as a human next life please~". =X

We saw lots of yucky bats on the top of the hut... T_T

The seal was so cute! Very smart and quite old too, I hear Mr Toh say the seal has been performing for many years...

The polar bear was prancing around, like it was exercising, haha. And the llama (I think that's what it's called) is chio lor! Very nice eyes and it had a regal bearing, so cute~

Rabbits! Their fur is soooo soft and smooth!

Funny goat, I offered it my ice cream, haha.

Resting at the elephant's area~

@ the Rainforest Show....super BORING. Please do not go!

Keke, I touched more animals here in one day than I have in my entire life! =x

After the trip to the zoo, we went to Cineleisure to wait for Jimmy to join us for Benjamin Button! But as it was a midnight movie, we went to the arcade to play first....and got hooked on the basketball game! Goodness, I never knew it was so fun and addictive! Haha....spent so much on it~

We went for supper at Hans @ Thomson after the movie ended... It was a super long movie, almost 3 hours! So you can imagine what the five of us looked like when eating supper....like zombies! Esp the 4 of us, smelly and sticky zombies! *faint*

Overall, it was a very enjoyable day! Many thanks to SY for getting us in to the zoo free~~

The End!

loving you, 2/27/2009 10:56:00 PM.
Tuesday, February 24, 2009

*cough cough* Been sick again recently.

Just finished revising my designated parts for tomorrow's exam...

*stretches and yawn*

Cough medicine taking effect, the drowsy monster is taking over me...

Shall have a good night's rest!

Sweet dreams~

loving you, 2/24/2009 01:47:00 AM.
Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Within this week, I've heard of 2 sad news...

One was a promising young student, brought away by an illness... I was going to get Deardear to donate blood, as one of our colleague's daughter was a school mate of his.. But...it was too late.

Another was a young father, he was a father for only 5 months before an accident claimed his life, leaving behind his young wife and baby daughter.

It suddenly made me realise just how fragile and unfair life can be.

The good ones always go first.

Suddenly....it makes me think of him...

I miss you, Daddy. But I'm happy right now...with my job, with my life and with Mr Toh... I just wanted to let you know, that he's taking good care of me, and wherever you may be, I hope you can see me be happy, and I want to let you know that I'll always love you, and I miss you, alot.

loving you, 2/18/2009 10:38:00 PM.
Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

May the ones in love stay in love always, and to those who do not have a special one yet, this is a day to celebrate with your friends and family too!

Hope you guys have a wonderful day. =)

We're going to the zoo zoo zoo, what about you you you?~

loving you, 2/14/2009 08:16:00 AM.
Thursday, February 12, 2009

Went to Funan on Saturday morning to help Mr Toh's colleague collect their computer redeemed from Starhub Cable Services. Then, we went back to their home to set up for them. Actually, it was Mr Toh who set up for them, I only entertained played with their cute son~ Lol~ The specs for the free com not bad leh! Better than the one I got from Singnet...if we had our own home, Mr Toh said he'll sign up for it too. Keke..

After that, we met up with my sis for dinner at the Thai restaurant @ Chong Pang. I love their food~! Cheap and good! =) It was nice...we should do it more often. =D

We slept till very late on Sunday...because we were going to Loyang Tua Pek Gong with his godsis to pray that night.

As we were only gonna meet her at 9plus, Mr Toh and me went for late lunch / early dinner @ Ramen 10, Century Square. He had a voucher for 50% off all Ramen...but we were sorely disappointed!

We ordered the Spicy Chicken Miso Ramen and the Teriyaki Chicken Dry Ramen.. Both also not nice! So angry...and they dare to call themselves RAMEN 10... Their sushi was nicer than their ramen lor...

Not-yummy Spicy Chicken Miso Ramen... I can only taste the spiciness... I could also taste butter! Wth.. Not a good combination... T_T

The-still-alright Teriyaki Chicken Dry Ramen. Noodles a bit undercooked, and the chicken a bit overcooked...

What is he looking for??

Forced a smile, if you can call that a smile, for the camera~ Still looking for whatever he's looking for...

Ta-daa! The all-important Wasabi! Yums!

My Ebi sushi~ It was cold and soggy.. T_T

One of his fave - Salmon sushi~

Finally, we caught The Wedding Game! I think it was funny...but the storyline was rather...lacking...and the ending was kinda sudden... I'm still left wondering what happened to Jack and his father...

There were some very funny scenes lah...but I do not think it is worth the $10 to watch on weekends. Luckily, we only paid $8 per ticket. Hee.

Fann Wong is pretty! I want skin like hers!

loving you, 2/12/2009 08:30:00 AM.
Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Went board-gaming yesterday with Mr Toh and Andrew~

We didn't go to Settler's Cafe, we were at Talentrepreneur instead! Yesterday was actually a meetup for people with entrepreneur interests. Colin, one of the founder of Settler's Cafe, started this monthly meetup for the purpose of using board games to impart some teachings.

We've been going for a few of these meet ups...I'm there, mostly to accompany Mr Toh and also for the board games~

So far, the games I've played.

Whether Shark is fun or not, I think a lot depends on the kind of players you are playing with...we had a really peaceful, but boring game yesterday... It should be more interesting if it wasn't so peaceful!

I really liked Containers. Keke, maybe because it has something to do with my job? Everyone was really confused at the beginning of the game, because the method of playing was rather 'chim'. As the game goes on, it gets more and more fun...shall try it again another time.

Dividends was, comparatively, an easier game to play. I also won on my first try, so it was fun! Haha, just kidding... Mr Toh doesn't like it though, he thinks it's not realistic and...also because he didn't win. =X

Settlers of Catan was....not very nice, to me. It took quite some time to set up...and...I just felt the gameplay was rather boring. It was a drag playing this game... =X

Train is another simpler game, but more fun! Takes some strategising too. It's quite a short game too. I liked it. =D

Kill Dr. Lucky, the opposite of Save Dr Lucky.. This was interesting...haha...I like the idea of this board game, I think it's cute that instead of saving him, we're trying to kill him.

Heart itching to play more games...

For the next meetup, we're gonna play Cashflow! A game that Mr Toh and me has always wanted to try~~

Shall update more about it the next time!

loving you, 2/11/2009 08:13:00 AM.
Saturday, February 07, 2009

Ai Xin Sandwich Mr Toh made for me few months back...keke~

Played around with my phone when I just bought it~ =D

My curled hair for D&D~ Pls ignore my cutesy sleeping gown! Lol~

Company 'Kai Gong Yan' yesterday~~ I got an S$8 ang bao, but never tio Toto leh!

Lao-ed yusheng! For the sake of my Toto, I ate one slice of raw fish leh! Haha, but it didn't work. =(

loving you, 2/07/2009 11:25:00 PM.
Friday, February 06, 2009

Got back our results for Shipping Law I yesterday.

Guess what...? I got another A!

Wahahaha...I didn't expect it. I expected a B at most...cause I forgot some of the answers to certain questions!

But I was lucky, I guess!

Next up: Shipping Law II! *faints*

Wish me good luck, lots of it!!!

loving you, 2/06/2009 10:13:00 AM.
Wednesday, February 04, 2009

CNY this year was very quiet, for me.

Hmm...some misunderstandings happened, but thank goodness they're resolved already.


Woke up quite late. =X Took 2 buses to Bukit Batok, slept like a pig on the way...the bus ride was so long! Met mom and family @ my grandma's house for reunion dinner. =) Just a simple meal and ang baos collection!

After that, we took a cab back to Hougang for Deardear's side reunion at his grandparents's house. Buffet dinner and ang baos galore~! Wee!

Met up with C & J after that, and we were supposed to go pubbing, but the one we wanted to go to was closed! So....Deardear decided to invite them to our house, as we still have that bottle of Martell we bought from DFS. A & D came after bowling.

I admit, I wasn't too thrilled about that, because I was thinking that it's not our own house and we could be too noisy and disturb his aunt...

Turns out that the noise level was not the main concern.

I was very very very unhappy with one particular person, who decided to lay his big fat ass on OUR bed, without asking. >( Had the cheek to move up on the bed somemore! My face was black like dunno what...even J noticed, but that person didn't even budge!

Deardear got so concerned...he kept asking me not to be angry, but how can I not be?! Anyway, the matter was then resolved when Deardear spoke to him.

I was somewhat appeased.

They were playing cards, I wasn't too interested, so I did my nails instead. =) Slept very late.

CNY Day 1

We woke up quite late again. T_T Somehow I am always being late when I'm supposed to be going out with Deardear. =X

Went visiting with Deardear's family, 'bai nian' to all the elders. I've never seen any of them before. T_T

When we were at one of the elder's home in Toa Payoh, another relative came visiting, bringing along their dog, Pipi who was 15 years old already! So cute lah...and I wasn't afraid of him at all. Because he doesn't bark, he doesn't run around, he just walks around the house sniffing everyone's feet, then flops down on the floor and proceeds to sleep. Super cute!

After that, we went to pray at Bugis. It was so hot and crowded, we had to queue to get into the temple to pray. -.- Deardear bought an ice cream for me after that. =P

Then, we went to the 2nd temple at Sengkang to pray. And we saw a Malay lion dance troupe! O.o? Weird lor....like, the lion dance is a form of praying and respect to the gods, and....Malays can pray to our gods meh?!

After that, we went to Bukit Batok, my grandma's place to bai nian to her~ No one else was there, everyone had already left.

Met up with Jimmy after that at Tampines and we caught 2 late shows! We caught Inkheart and The Punisher 2.

CNY Day 2

Me! Love my OP top. =)

Deardear! Wearing his Bods top. And he was so happy when he bought it!

Went for a light lunch at Ichiban Sushi @ Hougang Mall~~

Then proceeded to Laopa's house for steamboat with the family!


After a very very full dinner, we met up with C & J for movie! J booked the tickets first, we wanted to catch The Wedding Game, but...during the opening credits, we realised it was for Love Matters. Turns out that J booked the wrong tickets online! LOL! Blur like sotong! But it's ok....the show was rather nice. Very funny too. =)

CNY Day 3

Back to work! Time passed so fast~~~

After work, met up with Deardear and Andrew and GF for board games @ Talentrepreneur. =) Entrepreneurial board games! And I won again! Pure luck. Heh.

CNY Day 4

Went to Deardear's godsis's house to bai nian, had yummy steamboat dinner and to be her 'shields'. Heh, it's a long story.

Had super yummy bak kwa that she queued 5 1/2 hours for! Madness! And there was also a super yummy chili bak kwa! First time ever that I've eaten it~ Suaku...lol~

CNY Day 5

Went to Clara's house! Got ang bao from her! Lol. And we also gave an ang bao to her super cute son, Caleb~

CNY Day 6

Went back to Mom's house~ Got more ang baos! =X Then went down to meet Andrew & Daniel & GF for board games @ Settlers SMU! We are so addicted! Lol. But the game Deardear chose wasn't very nice... Settlers of Katan, too troublesome to set up. T_T
But we still had fun, as usual~

We went bowling these few days as well...can't remember which day exactly though. My short term memory is failing me. T_T

Had a HUGE haul of ang baos. =) Love ang baos! But after our customary, no more ang baos to take anymore! *sob*

Anyway, I felt that the festive CNY mood was severely lacking.... Will next year be worse?

loving you, 2/04/2009 01:25:00 PM.


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