Saturday, March 13, 2010

2 more days to Taiwan!

Random photos below:

Gift from Boss from BKK~ Super cute, I love it! Irene says it's so me, and I kinda agree! Haha!

Gift from a customer who went to Tokyo for a holiday~

The piglet car is so cute! So is the Mickey lanyard~

loving you, 3/13/2010 11:44:00 AM.
Friday, March 05, 2010


I've been sick since last Saturday... Am feeling kinda better already, but I still sound like a man. Grrr..!

Don't get it. I've been super obedient these few days.

I've been drinking lots of water, been taking medicine every night, sleeping early every night, drinking the 'pi pa gao' for my throat every day in the afternoon. I've also been avoiding all fried foods & all chili stuffs! Do you know how hard that is for me???

But I'm still not well yet! Why?!

My throat's still itchy and I get these coughing fits whenever I'm on the train and people look at me like I have leprosy. T_T

I think if I'm still not well tmr, I'll go see a doc...

Just wanted to grumble...

loving you, 3/05/2010 07:37:00 AM.
Monday, March 01, 2010

Last Saturday, we woke up rather early to go pray pray with Dad and his brothers~ Went to the temple @ Toa Payoh. It’s their family practice to go there every year. Sidenote: The muah chee there is nice! Lol.

After that, me and Mr Toh went to the temple @ Paya Lebar as Mr Toh ‘fan tai sui’ this year, and he went there to pray~

The weather was super super duper unbearably hot! I started feeling unwell after that…shit! After praying, we went home, rested a while, then went to Dad’s house to borrow his ice box for the buffet @ Mommy’s house the next day. Zhiwei came to fetch us to go to Mommy’s house together~ So nice…haha.

Started feeling really sick @ Mommy’s house. T_T Downed lots of water, until I feel like a water bucket and Strepsils until my tongue hurt, but to no avail. Popped one flu pill before I went to bed, woke up feeling slightly better but my throat was hurting like dunno what! *sigh*

Went down to the market for breakfast with Mommy, Sis and auntie’s family. Once we got back home, we started preparing for the buffet later. Cleaned the house and ice box, and I went down with Mr Toh to buy some ice to chill the drinks and beer.

The buffet arrived at 1.30pm, and people started arriving soon after. I’ve never seen SO MANY people in our house before! And they just kept coming and coming! I didn’t even know some of them. =X The house was literally bursting at the seams!

After the buffet ended, Mr Toh and I went home at around 7pm. Was dead tired…so we cabbed back to Hougang. =X

Popped a flu pill before I slept. I had a damn weird dream last night.

I dreamt that me and Mr Toh were in a hotel, what country I’m not sure… Anyway, we were watching TV when suddenly, lots of people started coming into our room! They walked around, lazed around and acted like it was their room. I was like “WTF?” So I went to the manager and complained to him, why there are so many people in our room when we were still there. It was our room, for god’s sake! I was damn pissed.

He apologized, then called out 2 of his subordinates and held a meeting with them. On my way back to the room, I saw Jimmy sitting at a couch, and as I talked to him, he passed me his Iphone and said it will help me. (WTH?) I accepted it and went back to the room to tell Mr Toh what I complained to the manager. He said he knew why the management let those people into our room, he asked me if we went for breakfast that day, I answered no, and he said that’s why lah. Funnily enough, I accepted that reason without any further questions. (Later when I woke up, I realised that was a B.S reason! Lol.)

The next scene, I was sitting on a bus with Jimmy’s Iphone on my lap. The bus reached its destination and everyone got down. I was suddenly holding a Colt, (those guns favored by Counter Terrorists in Counter Strike) and everyone started running. I saw these guys in camouflage and instantly knew that they were the enemies and I started shooting them. Damn, I was bloody accurate in my dream! Those guys were no match for me! Hahahah. I even saved a couple of my allies. *rofl* Then, suddenly, I remembered about Jimmy's Iphone, and thought that it must have dropped on the bus, so I ran back. Along the way, I ran out of bullets! So I changed to a pistol...and my aiming was so lousy! Lol....

And...I woke up.

Super bizarre dream....

loving you, 3/01/2010 09:06:00 PM.


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