Sunday, November 28, 2010

Finally!! I've finally finished uploading the pictures on Blogger..

So! We met at an ungodly hour....Mr Toh & me took a cab to Tampines to fetch Christina, then we met Doreen at the airport. I think we met at around 6plus in the morning as our flight was at 7am+...... Waaaay tooo early! But it's all good, that way we don't waste any time!

Our tickets~ Flying Jetstar~

On the plane! Chris with her ticket.

Here's me with mine, sitting in my favourite window seat. =D

And Doreen~

We were seated quite in front...I think we were in the 6th or 9th row.


& our feet. =X

The sun was shining BRIGHTLY~ Wonderful weather to start our trip with!

Look at the rays of sunshine~

Filling up the forms.

Chris looking VERY happy. Haha!

Christina's adorable pen!

Crazy women! Hahhaa! This was taken during landing...lol!

I don't even know what to say... =X

We have arrived in Bangkok!! At 8:30am Bangkok time. Gawd...so early!

Me & Chris!

Christina's ever ready for a picture! This picture was taken while we were walking...lol!

Me & Chris~

Doreen & Chris~

Doreen & me!

While waiting for our airport transfer~

We reached our hotel really early, around 9am plus Bangkok time. We were staying at the Le Fenix hotel @ Sukhumvit area.

Luckily they let us check in first, so we went up to our room to put our luggage and get ready for Chatuchak!!

The hotel provides a complimentary tuk-tuk service to the nearest BTS Skytrain station.

Us on the hotel tuk-tuk~~

Our driver~

This was the station nearest to our hotel, about 10min walk? Nana station.

We bought the BTS card, since we'll be staying at Bangkok for 4 days.

Our BTS model. =X

Towards Mo Chit~

Yummy fried chicken at the roadside stall outside of Chatuchak market. Three of us shared 1 drum, Doreen was in charge of feeding us. =X

I wanted to bring the girls to the fabulous pasta stall that me and Mr Toh had the previous time we were here, but....I couldn't remember which area it was at....so we gave up and anyhow chose a place to sit and eat.

Weather was *VERY* hot. T_T

2 things that saved our lives, ice cold water and Doreen's portable handheld fan! In pink color some more!

Chicken fried rice or 'lice' as the locals say it. =X Not nice at all.

Pad thai, slightly better....but still, meh.

We sat down for a drink of sweet cold orange juice!

Not yet ready.

There we go....what a nice picture. =X

Our resident model advertising the yummy orange juice. 150baht for 1 big bottle that 3 of us shared. xD

Model No. 2. 100% orange juice!

We left at around 3pm+, as we couldn't take it anymore. Too hot and bothered.

Passed by this Man U bar on our walk back to Le Fenix from the BTS. Pardon me, for I look like sh*t.

View from our room, I think. =X

We went back to the hotel and went for a swim at the hotel's indoor pool~ More like soaking in the water for me lah. But it was shiok, like our private pool, cos there was no else there for the entire time! Haha.

After that, we went out for dinner at this local eatery along Sukhimvit, that was between Asok BTS and Rex Hotel. They had fabulous braised duck! Or was it goose? I can't tell. T_T After dinner, we went for foot massage, but before that, we got waylaid at a Naraya shop! Bought some items for colleagues and myself~

We had a 1 hour foot and shoulder massage and it was damn shiok until I fell asleep! But Doreen's masseuse wasn't very good, she didn't understand what 'softer' meant, and Do was in pain. T_T

After the massage, we took a cab back to the hotel, 43 baht only, damn cheap!! I love Bangkok! Haha~!

Early the next day, me and Do woke up for a half day tour of Bangkok~

Breakfast~! Me pouring milk in my coffee or tea? Can't remember. =X

My plate looks empty....lol.

Now that's what I call a sumptuous breakfast!

Beautiful watermelon carving.

Her favourite eggs~

The restaurant was empty! Look at her jump! Lol!

No jumping for me. :P

Their legal smoking age is 20?! I didn't know that.

We saw this ad from afar and from that angle, thought that it was a real person sitting on the tree!

On the bus on our way to half day tour!

Our cute guide!

Gorgeous Buddha statue.

The beautiful interior of the temple.

Next stop: Another temple, 1 that I had visited with Mr Toh before!

A&W @ Pantip Plaza~~~!!

While waiting for the girls to come out from the ladies room, they took this picture and said they were gonna send it to Mr Toh, saying see how much I bought! When more than half of it was theirs! Bullies!

Dinner @ Chili Culture~!

Having drinks, a chillout session at our hotel's rooftop bar~

My mojito~ Yummeh!

Wth is a banana club?!

Going to Chiangmai!!!

A very kind and friendly Caucasian man took these pictures for us and had me return the favour by taking a picture of him and his wife with his huge ass DSLR camera. I was so stressed. T_T

Chris wanted to take this picture with the toilet sign. T_T

I LOVE this picture!!

Ohai Chiangmai!

Our cozy little hotel!

Even a little hotel like this has a 42inch LCD TV! I want!

Us on the Red Bus to the town central~ We didn't see much tuk tuks around though.

Dinner! Yummy pad thai!


Half a starfish.

The other half. =X


Mobile ATM. So interesting!

Where is my breakfast!?

Freshly squeezed orange juice~!


Om nom nom nom~

Scary elephant ride. :(

Our elephant trainer has a wicked sense of humor. He waved bye to us after helping us take these pictures. Thankfully he came to his senses and didn't abandon us. Lol.

Ox cart riding. Feels safer than elephant riding cos we are SO much nearer to the ground!

Village women preparing to go bamboo rafting.

@ Butterfly & orchid farm

So cheap!! 12 baht only!

Ice cold towels that looked like buns.

Delicious Blueberry cheesecake!

Warm chocolate cake with ice cream.

Yummy curry puff!!

Blurry but successful shot.

Breakfast the next day~ I tried the Waffles! Not too bad...very homey feel!

Went to the famous temple on top of the mountain.

Super adorable tribal girl who took a picture with me after I gave her 10 baht. She was singing earlier but didn't understand a single word. T_T

Super enchanted by the bling bling giraffe on Doreen's necklace and almost didn't want to let go. Lol!

Super hot day.......almost couldn't keep my eyes open.

Super early birthday cake! Thanks babes!!

Notice the shop behind has an APPLE sign?

Super Doreen!

My loots~


Advertisement for the yummy tea in Oriental Bangkok!

Us 3 girls ventured out to the place where we had dinner the 1st night! Missed the duck (or goose?) meat a lot!!

Chilling out at the bar of another hotel, bar name is Long Table.

My hot chocolate~

Doreen's mojito!

Christ's baileys.

Love all the little quotes on these little cards around our MOBKK room.

Going for lunch with Christ's MOBKK colleague, who has so nicely invited us.

Everything was delicious except for this little dinosaur egg thingy, it had a really weird taste that I couldn't get over.

What you see when you first step into the restaurant. So majestic looking.

Last day before flying back to Singapore! We went out to get manis and pedis! We also managed to get a late check out until 6pm! All thanks to Christina's colleague. So nice! Haha.

Mani/Pedi @ Silom Complex, next to Sala Daeng BTS Station!

Last meal at BKK, at the airport.

Bye Bangkok! I will be back, don't miss me!


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