Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I think I'm getting blurrer as each day passes. ><
Yesterday, in the office, I put this invoice in an envelope for mailing out, but later there was some amendments so I went and took back the envelope, wanting to replace the invoice. After I was done, I was about to throw away the old invoice when I saw the amount on it. It was the amended copy! I had actually took out and put back the same invoice... -.-

Tuesday, we went to Shaw Bugis to catch Fast & Furious 4, cause we had a $6 voucher. Halfway through the show, the screen went blank! But the sound was still running though... After some shouting and whistling (by other pple), Mr Toh went out to alert someone.
Anyway, sitting beside us were this group of 'ang mohs'. The guy sitting next to me asked if this has happened to us before, turns out this was his first movie experience in SG. We told him no, and Mr Toh was explaining to them that this was an old cinema, and he should try Cathay or GV next time, that we were there only because of the vouchers.

Don't you think it's embarrasing if he and his friends leaves SG with an impression that cinemas in SG are old and lousy? I think it is, and so does Mr Toh.

After around 10 mins or so, the screen came back on, but we had already missed some parts...

Despite missing a few scenes, I thought the show was not bad...Mr Toh commented that it's not as nice when compared to Part 1. Not as much nice cars, but storyline wise, it was rather OK. Maybe because I don't remember much about Part 1. Too bad about Letty though. ><

After the show, we rushed to catch the train, thank goodness for late last trains. Hee. So we didn't waste money on a cab home.

Next movie: Sniper!

loving you, 4/22/2009 07:08:00 PM.
Sunday, April 19, 2009

*argh* The weather has been so hot lately!!

I sweat the moment I get out from the shower. -.-
I sweat the moment I step out of the door. -.-
I sweat just by sitting at the computer desk. -.-

I'm not supposed to be drinking or eating cold stuff during this time of the month, but I can't help it! It's too warm! *sweats*

Anyway, Mr Toh came out from reservist last Monday! Yippee~ And he's been accompanying me all the while since then. Hah, like who else can he be accompanying? =X *muahs*

So, Tuesday I had my exam for Int'l Freight Forwarding, and I am quite sure no more A! *cries* But never mind lah....too stressed to continue caring if I get an A or not. Besides, it's not like I'm gonna graduate with a degree with First Class Honours. *bleah*

Yesterday night, we went for a movie! With J & C. Been a while since we've caught any... *no life*

We caught the Shinjuku Incident, like, so late after it premiered. *wtf*

But it was good! I really liked it, and I feel that it's a very different kind of Jackie Chan movies. Like, usually, he'd be all kungfu-y and stuff, but in this movie, he doesn't seem to be very good at kungfu. He's good at killing people cartoonish-ly though, haha! Seriously, I was laughing my head off at the scenes when he killed the two Japanese mafia heads.

But one particular scene that really got to me was when the Taiwanese mafia head chopped off Jie's hand with a metal spatula thingy that he used to fry chestnuts. And when Jie raised his arm, there was no hand!!! It shocked me, cause I thought his hand would only be like fried and all red and scalded, but there was no hand!!! I cried like siao at this point... T_T Hai..

It was kinda sad what happened in the end. The ending was kinda incomplete though, but I guess we should have known what happened to Eguchi's wife. Hmm, go catch it if you haven't already! It's good!

Going cycling today! I wonder if I still know how to cycle. =X Today I am determined to learn to steer to my left and right! *Ganbatte!*

random: Mr Toh's eyelashes are so long! So unfair!

loving you, 4/19/2009 12:15:00 PM.
Friday, April 10, 2009

Hohoho... Happy Easter! Err....to me, that has no significance whatsoever, it's just another holiday..

Good news! I can see Mr Toh tomorrow night! Then just have to wait one more day and Monday can see him liao~~ Hoho....happies~ *big grin*

Tampines 1 opened yesterday...saw the news and it was a crazy scene... T_T Wanted to check out Uniqlo, but I guess I'll only go back half a year later..it was so super crowded, people had to queue to go in! Madness man... Singaporeans are crazy!

More studying tomorrow.......!

loving you, 4/10/2009 09:59:00 PM.
Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The third day has passed! Tomorrow will be the fourth day already! Mr Toh's coming out soon! Can't wait~

Tonight, I OT-ed till 8pm, and reached home ard 9pm...ate my dinner, bathed and played game! No life....haha..

Tired...going to sleep soon.


loving you, 4/08/2009 10:30:00 PM.
Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Home alone for one week! Actually, not really alone lah, there's still Gugu and her family...but it really feels like I'm home alone lor... =(

Mr Toh's away for reservist, one whole week of in-camp training! *sobs* Both of us are suffering...T_T

Home Alone: First Night 06/04/2009
Reached home from work around 8pm....go bathe, eat my dinner and played some games. Slept at 10pm plus...with the light on. Don't know what I'm scared of. -.-

Home Alone: Second Night 07/04/2009
Which is today! Reached home after class around 10.15pm. Go bathe, eat my dinner...playing some games now...still got to complete my assignment! Exam again next Tuesday! *pulls hair*

Mr Toh said he missed me smacking his pigu. Made me laugh in class... =X Hee....miss him so much!!!

Ok, I got to go do my assignment...or TRY to. No mood lehs...


loving you, 4/07/2009 11:13:00 PM.


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