Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hmph. So bored now. Waiting for that piggy to wake up so we can go have lunch...
I've been awake since 12...and hungry till now!

A hungry woman is an ANGRY woman!


loving you, 4/27/2008 02:17:00 PM.
Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Heh, not the band... I just thought of this phrase when I think of bowling~

We've been HOOKED on bowling! It's so fun! Plus it's very near our home now. Hahaha..

But I always forget to bring socks. So, I have to keep buying them cos I refuse to wear the shoes without socks. X.X
I have 5 pairs now. =X

My highest score so far, was two nights ago. A personal high of 122 points! Haha, I know, it's still very low, but...it's a huge improvement for me! =P

We caught The Three Kingdom and The Forbidden Kingdom over the past week.

Hmmm, both movies were nice! But I much prefer the Forbidden Kingdom even though my colleagues say it's not nice... Just proves how different people's taste can be... Haha..

Uploading my pictures into Facebook now... Taking so long!! Darn Facebook only allows a maximum of 60 pictures per album. T_T

Deardear's been sick... *sayang*

Bought 'liang teh' for him yesterday, and his favourite dumplings from the hawker in Chinatown~ And brought it all the way to Marina Sq. Tsk, where to find such a good wife, you say? *kidding* =P

Didn't meet him for dinner tonight as I had laundry to do and I was tired.. ~

Waiting for my Deardear to come home to me!


loving you, 4/22/2008 09:41:00 PM.

Heh, been too lazy to update. =(

Besides, piggy's always hogging the computer. *bleah*

Anyway, some old pictures.

Laopa's Birthday 04.04.08

Hee, I've been calling him Laopa after our R.O.M. Sounds so funny. Lol. =X

Cakeee! Not very yummy though.

50 years old! Same as my mom.

Laopa. =)

loving you, 4/22/2008 09:24:00 PM.
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wee! Finally have time to add in the stupid captions so that you know what's going on. =X

*murder in her eyes* Take some more pictures and I'll kill you, with my deadly stare! =X
@ some cafe at Bangkok airport. We reached there VERY early!

Yummy coffee in the morning to perk us up!

Deardearthe Chipmunk! Who's away at his company's D&D right now, leaving me Home Alone. *sob*

Us on the Airport Express bus to Pratunam! Save money~

The bus!

Service AE 1 !

First buys! Board shorts! We have a pair each in the same color! *luv*

Street food~ He's proud of the fact that he's eating food from a street stall. =X

Big C! Damn near our hotel! Where we bought the addictive yummy Vanilla Milkshake from a shop with a cow logo. =D And shopped at their huge Carrefour-alike supermarket!

Some cute looking stalls outside the shopping centre.

YUCKY noodles. =( Deardear told me to stop eating this and buy something else if it's not nice...

So...I went and bought this...we have something similar in SG, and SG one definitely nicer... =((

Deardear on the travellator in Big C supermarket~


Cheap buys at the supermarket~~ Deardear LOVES the two tops he bought here. =D

More cheap buys! I bought a backpack, perfumes for me and my mom and misc stuff.

Boat ride~ The guy in helmet damn pro! He can just stand on the edge of the boat when it's running full steam ahead~ It's terrifying to me just to see him stand there!

Deardear! Making a funny face.. =P


Cute trolley, but the uncle very poor thing, he have to pull this cart everywhere...and who knows how much business he'll make in one day.

The King's sister, who passed away, that's why we keep seeing her pictures framed in white and black ribbons everywhere... Deardear didn't believe me when I told him that it must be someone who died... Hmph. *itoldyouso*

Pier, we were gonna take the boat just across the river, to get to Wat Rakang~

On the scary boat ride. T_T The boat kept tilting from left to right...and right to left... I thought it was gonna overturn. Deardear kept laughing at me. T_T

Me acting calm. =X


Bells, lots of it around this temple~

Taken when we were on a cab, stopping at a traffic light

Rama (dunno which number) Bridge. Very nice~

Street food! Lol. Bo liaos.

I forgot what is this temple's name, but we came here the previous trip too.

Some hidden stairway. The door at the top was locked. We tried our luck. =X

Inside the temple...very nice pictures on the wall. It seems that they are telling a story...but I couldn't understand it.

Street food again. =x

OMG. Queues at the MRT platform!!!! You'll definitely NEVER get to see this in SG. Haha, I just had to take a picture, even risking looking like an idiot. =X



He looks like he has mad kungfu skills here. Just look at that chopsticks! =P


His Unagi~

My Tempura~

More BUYS! *myhandsaregettingtiredfromtyping*

Ah pek.

See? I am SLIM!

Lunch the next day. NEVER COME HERE !



Super disgustingly unappetizing fried chicken. The WORST I've ever eaten.

Cute stuff @ MBK. We saw a shop selling stuff like this @ Chatukchat!

Beautiful Naraya stuff, for me, Mom, his colleagues and his 'brother's gf~

Pouches for us, bag for my sis and wallet for Mom.

A&W~ Very hot day. T_T



Funny looking token, instead of a card.

To Chinatown~

Only in Thailand (I think) you will see this! Give way to monks!

YUMMY A&W the next day!~

*LUV* This picture was taken in 5 secs from the moment we walked out of the restaurant, cos I was *paiseh*

More shopping!

@ Suan Lum. Never returning here to eat again. Food sucks and there was a baby grasshopper in my rice. =( And the stupid waitress and waiter was laughing at me, when I complained. F***!
Pissed off. =((


This fried seafood omelet was ok... The egg was quite nice.

Us @ Chatukchat~ Taking a break from shopping and for lunch~

Yummy drinks!!!

Yummy seafood pasta!!!!! Unexpectedly good for a stall in Chatukchat! Very nice presentation too. =)

This stall was near the handicrafts area...selling ceramic stuff, I think.

More more shopping! Bag for my sis again, dresses and undies for me, T-shirts for him and his buddy~

My Piglet! *LUV*

Dinner ~

It says Buy 1 get 1 Free!

Deardear...dunno what expression that is. =X

So cheap!! 687 baht only!

Happy Deardear. *muacks*

My Large Pepsi vs his Lemon Tea. I always need a lot of water when eating fast food. And my Pepsi's free flow of refills!

Garlic bread~ not so yummy, Pizza Hut wins hands down!

Stuffed calamari, nicer when it's hot.

Funny face... hahahaa... look so kelian.. *pinch*

His spaghetti, normal...nothing special.

Yummy drumlets~ Almost the same taste as Pizza Hut, just less salty. Nice.

Pizzas! Alright lah...nothing very special. =x

Chitlom! Our 'favourite' station, haha, cos it was nearest our hotel~

Black Canyon Coffee~ They even come with biscuits and a cup of tea for you to rinse your palette. Nice!

His ice mocha~

Sashimi again @ Bangkok airport! Waiting for plane...

He lost his L337 skills!

My fried pork cutlet...forgot the name.. Not very nice..

My favourite~ Normal also..

His Unagi again!


Ok, that's all... Heh. Had so much fun~ I love Bangkok!


loving you, 4/16/2008 09:00:00 PM.


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