Sunday, March 25, 2007

Heh...waiting for my Hana Yori Dango II to load! It's already the season finale.. So sad, I hope there's a season 3! I love this show! Much more than I like the Taiwan version of it. I'm a closet Meteor Garden fan. Lol.

Anyway, we caught TMNT on Friday. A had his off day, so we went to Plaza Singapura hoping to catch it, but the timings just sucks. Then we went to The Cathay but the slots were full...so in desperation, we called and booked tixs at Causeway Point. Lol, poor A...he doesn't like to watch movies there, but no choice. T_T

A stayed over...and I woke him up early the next morning. Had a buffet to go to. It was my aunt's friend's wedding. Then, at night, went to her wedding at York Hotel. The lobby of the hotel looked fab. AND I saw a red convertible Volkswagen Beetle parked outside the hotel, decked out in flowers. Soooo kawaii!!! *envy* I want a Beetle wedding car on my wedding day too! Hee.

After that, I met up with A. Went back to Tampines, and had a talk... I'm so stupid. =( But...it's all over now... *thank you, and i'll keep my promise to you*

I have this huge ugly bruise on my left thigh. =( Banged it against the table at work on Friday. It really hurts now. T_T Even when I'm walking. Grrr.

Work tmr~ Got to sleep earlier...but I slept so much just now.. Only woke up at 8plus. Haha. Call me Mrs Piggy. =P

I wanna go on a holiday!!!

loving you, 3/25/2007 10:28:00 PM.
Sunday, March 18, 2007

Taking a break from watching Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. Hee. Damn cute show!

Ella's a pretty good actress, especially goofy characters like Ruixi in this show. And the main lead, Jian, is SO handsome!!! *swoons* He is my dream guy. Wahaha. *kidding* I still love A. =)

Ooh, and I wanna brag about one thing. My boss, erm, sort of praised me on Friday. Lol. =X He requested to see me type that day, saying that the rest of them are saying that I'm a fast typer. Wahaha. *proud* =P He is so funny.

Ok, back to my show.

loving you, 3/18/2007 07:55:00 PM.

Heh. Slacking at home during the weekends, I <3!

A didn't manage to get any off this weekend, but it's ok. We spent quite alot of time together during the week already...so this weekend, I'm all alone!

Spent the whole of ytd and today slacking at home. I'm SO lazy. Bah. Getting fatter and fatter! Argh! *screams in horror at the weighing machine* =X

Got hooked onto this new MMORPG recently. All thanks to A and his friend. T_T The graphics are darn cute! Only thing is it gets kinda lag during weekends, which is like, the only time when I have time to play. Grrr. Weekdays are out of the question. -sigh-

I love my job. =) But it can get crazy CRAZY sometimes. Busy until I don't even have time to msg A. T_T But...the boss is great, and prospects are good too. Hopefully I can perform well.

Ok lah, that's it. Going to have my dinner~ ^^

A pic to end my post.

My cousin's baby girl. So cute can?!

loving you, 3/18/2007 05:26:00 PM.
Friday, March 16, 2007

Lalala. Blogging at work again. Heehee.

A's been SO lovely these few days.

He 'surprised' me on Wednesday morning. After I boarded the bus to the interchange, he called me and asked where was I. Turns out he was at my house! *faints* He wanted to surprise me but he was late. Lol. Poor thing. *sayang* He never slept at all. If not he wouldn't be able to wake up in time.
So I waited for him at the interchange. And then, we had our breakfast at Tg Pagar and he sent me to work. ^^
After work, I had to stay back cos we were gonna do some packing of some old documents. So, I told A to take his time, but he still reached at 7.30pm, and I was still packing up. Or more accurately, being a human paper shredder. T_T Had to shred all those unwanted documents. Only finished at 8.30pm...and A was waiting for me outside the office. And my colleagues saw him, lol, cos they were kaypoh! =X

A bought me bread and green tea to eat first, cos he thought I'd be famished.
We went back Woodlands for dinner @ 888...finally I get to eat. Gastric pain sux. =(

A stayed over at my house and sent me to work again the next day! He didn't sleep a wink, cos watching anime. T_T And then we had breakfast at Tg Pagar too. ^^ Cos he had his off days together, so he could afford to do that.

But...A was being a pig ytd. =( He was still sleeping when I finished work. Piggy!
So I met him at my house where we had dinner. Then A had to go home, cos he has work today.

Gonna call him later to wake him up.

Listening to the Muttons on 987FM now. So funny, what Vernon said about the latest Harry Potter book. Haha. They rock. ^^

Ok, got to get to work now.


loving you, 3/16/2007 08:30:00 AM.
Monday, March 12, 2007

Just finished my lunch. Slacking in the office now. ^^

After lunch at my house, we went to the PC fair ytd. And he bought a set of Altec Lansing speaker for me. ^^ Only $39! Where to find Altec Lansing speakers for $39?! Heh. Great bargain. A set it up for me already ytd. Haven't had a chance to try it out yet. Maybe later tonight. ^^

I think it was my first time to a PC fair. I've been to food fairs, career fairs and even a car show, but not a PC fair. Lol. Eye-opening experience man... So darn blardy crowded! Grr. But it was kinda fun, and made me realise that my A rocks. Wahaha. Cos he was shielding me with his arms as we squeezed through the crowds. xD

We then had dinner at Qi Ji. Their yummy nasi lemak. xD

After that, we caught The Protege at Marina Square. Nice show! Kinda make us think more about those drug abusers, and maybe understand the drug industry a bit more.

We bought a glass of Chocolate Freeze from Changing Appetite, wanna try if it is as nice as Daniel and Jeslyn says it is. And it really is nice! So smooth and chocolatey without being too sweet. Yumyum!

A then sent me back to Woodlands, we went for supper @ Al-Ameen, and he stayed over at my house. But...think he ate something unclean...cos he had diarrhea in the middle of the night. T_T *sayang*

We had tea together in the morning, before A sent me to work. All the way to my work building. God...I love him so! Then he had to rush home, change and get to work. Think he didn't have enough sleep ytd.

But, thank you deardear, I really appreciate everything you did for me. *muacks*

Aight, time to get back to work~

loving you, 3/12/2007 01:46:00 PM.
Sunday, March 11, 2007

Watched Dreamgirls and Music and Lyrics this past week.

Both movies rocked!

I've always loved Drew Barrymore. =) It also helps that Hugh Grant is kinda cute. But the main reason we caught that show was because there were no other shows with the 'right' timing. Typical romantic comedy. The songs are darn nice~ Especially the main song, "Way back into love." Drew Barrymore can sing pretty well. And the script is darn funny. ^^

I've been wanting to catch Dreamgirls ever since I saw a mention of it on Pink is the New Blog. ^^ Jennifer Hudson was really amazing in the show! That girl can really sing! But some parts were really funny...they really liked using singing to express their feelings. Haha. But it was a great movie. Really touching at times.

Really enjoyed both these movies. ^^

Gonna go to the PC fair today with A. Waiting for him to reach my house for lunch, then off we go to Suntec. It's gonna be a squeezy day! Then we're gonna catch The Protege later. Heh. Saw a post of it on kennysia.com. That's why I wanna catch it. =X Hope it'll be good!

A said he'll reach before 12.30pm. He has 9 more mins before he's late. He better not be late!

loving you, 3/11/2007 12:14:00 PM.
Tuesday, March 06, 2007

At work now. Hee.

Before official work timing starts, I can use the internet. So cool~ Hee.

Way too tired to update my blog ytd after reaching home. Was busy helping deardear to post up the accessories on the forums. Hopefully, sales will be good! Heh.

Anyway, getting settled in this new job. But...should take some time to get used to, since I have no background in shipping at all. Hopefully, everything will go well. ^^ Wish me luck eh?

Deardear's off tmr, hope he can be ON TIME to come fetch me.

Speaking of Deardear...we are hooked on this new game. Scions of Fate, very cute game. Kinda reminds me of RO. Heh. But in a cheena way with cheena fashion. Lol. Quite fun. ^^

So, having my breakfast now. Can't survive without breakfast nowadays. I'd be dead before lunchtime. Cos my lunchtime's at 1pm now. Half an hour later. Sufficient to starve me to death. Haha.

So, I'm enjoying my new job status. ^^

We all have to grow up someday.

loving you, 3/06/2007 08:28:00 AM.


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