Thursday, February 28, 2008

Been sick these past few days. Started with a sore throat on Tuesday, then was feeling cold and feverish the whole day. T_T Deardear picked me up after work, and we went to Hougang to see a doctor, have a yummy sweet potato porridge dinner and to see his grandparents. The staff at Raffles Clinic are such slow...moving people. Waste my time. T_T

Ended up I had throat inflammation, hence the fever. Had to take an MC for Wednesday. Stayed at home the whole day and helped Deardear pack his room, cos they are moving house! Moving to Hougang, so me and Deardear have decided to get a flat in Sengkang. At least near to his friends, grandparents and near my workplace. More convenient.

Nose still feeling stuffy today, abit of cough and sore throat. Deardear's back to work today after packing his room for the past 3 days.

So sleepy now after taking my medicine...

Stuff for our ROM is almost complete. We just need to confirm the photographer and then I need to make a trip down to the make up artist place to place a deposit. And also, I'm thinking about transport for my grandma... Think I'll book a Mercs cab for her? Shall see how first...

Work's been ok, since my manager's back from her honeymoon in Europe. So envious! Hee.

Ok lah, gonna go get some rest.

I'm out.

loving you, 2/28/2008 01:14:00 PM.
Monday, February 25, 2008

Went for a jog @ Tampines Stadium yesterday. Part of my plan to shed 2 kilos and to maintain a healthier lifestyle. =D

Felt really good when jogging, could just let my mind go blank and it felt really shiok after the run. Clocked 0.9mi only though, but my body was aching this morning. T_T So weak! Gonna get into a regular schedule, and then I'll take up some other sports when I'm more fit! =D

Now waiting for my piggy to reach my house to have dinner together. Steamboat and abalone! YUM!

STARVING! Piggy couldn't wake up in time. Hmph. Angry. If I get gastric, it's all YOUR fault.


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loving you, 2/25/2008 08:45:00 PM.
Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wasn't expecting any flowers at all this year, but Deardear surprised me! He called around 5plus and asked me to go downstairs to get something from him...hmm, should have suspected already then.. Hee.

I love the flowers! 9 stalks of my favourite tulips in purple!

My 2nd favourite part of a bouquet. The ribbon!

After work, I met Deardear at Tampines and we had Cafe Cartel. So crowded everywhere. Even though we had to queue for quite a while, we didn't regret our choice, cos the food was nice! And the manager really impressed us with his service. It's just the little things that count.
Didn't have time to watch a movie, cos I had to go home rather early to help my mom pray. Don't like it when Vday is so near CNY. T_T But...no choice.

Enjoyed myself tonight. Something simple is just as sweet as a fanciful dinner. =)

loving you, 2/15/2008 01:14:00 AM.

Day 1 of CNY

Love this white dress! Bought it @ Far East, the only thing that caught my eye.

Only bothered to make up nice nice on the first day. That explains why I only have a photo of my face on the first day. Haha.

Day 3 of CNY

Didn't dress up to go anywhere on Day 2, so only have Day 3. Love this $10 dress! Haha. Love the color. So into dresses now. Hee.

My handsome Deardear on Day 3.

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loving you, 2/15/2008 12:11:00 AM.
Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thai Village @ Kallang - 20/01/08

After meeting our Justice of the Peace at her Kallang home, we went for a walk and dinner at the new mall that opened. Had dinner @ Thai Village restaurant.

My soursop drink. Remind me never to drink it. Too sour. T_T

Deardear's coconut, which still had the price tag. Haha.

Fried Tofu. Darn nice!

Stir fried kailan with garlic. Not bad...

Cod fish! Yum!

Salt baked chicken, not very nice. T_T

Love the 'gold pots that they come in though!

Enjoyable day. Relaxed and walked for a while around Kallang area, then went home~

loving you, 2/14/2008 11:57:00 PM.

Yum Cha - 15/01/08

Deardear picked me up after my work and we went to Yum Cha @ Chinatown for dinner. We had their set dinner, and unbelievably, they were going to serve the dishes like @ wedding dinners. One dish by one dish. After waiting for a very long time for our 2nd dish, we asked the waitress to serve all our dishes together. Can't believe that they'd try doing a set dinner wedding style...where got time?!

Us being bored waiting for our food...Deardear posing. Hee.


Our Lotus soup, in a very traditional claypot. Love it.

The soup was pretty nice, a bit too salty though.

Pork Ribs! I forgot what pork ribs... Nice though!

Broccoli and scallops in XO sauce. The chef was a bit too generous with the XO sauce. But, overall, not bad. The scallops were yummy!

Mango pudding with milk. Crystal Jade's nicer.

Deardear enjoying his dessert. Hee.

loving you, 2/14/2008 11:39:00 PM.

2nd day of CNY

2nd day of CNY was boring. My relatives came over my house to play mahjong. T_T Slacked the whole day, entertained them, then we went for dinner in the evening. Went to AMK Jubilee, had MOS burger and we caught a movie with his aunt, his uncle and their families. Caught Ah Long Pte Ltd. Ok show.. Mark Lee was the only bright spark in that movie. T_T Fann Wong really disappoints in this movie.
Went home after that.

3rd day of CNY

Deardear had off on this day, so good! Can accompany me. =)
We went to CWP for late lunch, we had sushi at Ichiban Sushi. Damn nice! Their food is nice, generous portions and price is more reasonable than Sakae Sushi. And the food is nicer! I love their sushi!
We went to his godsis house in Tampines. So many people we didn't know. But so many ang baos too! Lol... After that, we left for his aunt's house in Hougang. They just bought this terrace, nice place, and we're gonna be moving in after our ROM, while waiting for our flat. =)
Had steamboat, but we were late, so almost everyone was finished. T_T His grandma weren't too happy. Oops.
After steamboat, we played cards with his cousins, but I lost around $9! Told Deardear and he said it's normal, cos we were wearing the amulets. No wonder... T_T
His dad sent us to Tampines Mall, and we met his 'brothers'. Chatted and I had a mango margarita! Yummy.

Have some pictures to upload...shall update another day.

It's V-Day today! But, no flowers for me and we're not celebrating it in a big way, unlike last year. No Jaan Equinox, no flowers, cos we're saving up for ROM! But it's ok...everyday is V-Day to me. =)

Deardear's off today, he's at the hospital right now, to accompany his dad for some minor surgery. There shouldn't be any problems. But we're going to fetch his dad later in the evening. Cos he'll be under anaesthesia, and he needs to stay in the hospital to sleep it off...

Had my McD lunch just now, thanks to a colleague, who treated us to a Valentine's Lunch! Lol~ Thanks William~

Alright, I'm out.


loving you, 2/14/2008 01:29:00 PM.
Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

Wee! I love the Lunar New Year~ Love the goodies, love collecting ang baos. Sadly, it'll be my last 'eligible' year to collect ang baos!~

Rushed to meet Deardear after work on LNY eve, then we rushed to Tampines to take my clothes, rushed to my grandma's house in Bukit Batok for reunion dinner, then rushed to his grandma's house in Hougang for reunion dinner. It's gonna be like that next year too! Lol~ Deardear then met up with his 'brothers' while I went home to help my mom. Collected my first ang baos!

On the 1st day of LNY, I wore my new white/brown dress with new white heels. But the heels were killer heels! My toes hurt after wearing them for some time...had to buy plasters to stick on my toes. T_T
We went to my grandma's house, so many people I have not seen for ages! So many children! All so cute and well-behaved. Was helping my mom to distribute the ang baos, people thought I was the one giving. T_T *faint*

Deardear came and met me at my grandma house, then we went to my 2nd uncle's house, sat for a while, and we went to his grandma's house to pai nian. Cos I took her ang bao already on LNY eve, but haven't pai nian yet. Nowhere to go, so we decided to go Causeway Point Swensens to eat, then movie time!

We watched Kungfu Dunk first. Unexpectedly good! I love the storyline and the special effects. Very realistic. Funny show, something to be learnt too.
After Kungfu Dunk, we took a break and then we caught CJ7! Mini movie marathon. Heehee. CJ7 was funny as hell! I laughed a lot, but I cried too. Some sad parts... Overall, both movies are definitely worth watching!

Now, resting at my house, while my relatives are visiting. Deardear's still fast asleep, cos he hasn't had a good night's rest for 2 days already. *sayang*

Alright, I'm out.
Happy Lunar New Year again~!!


loving you, 2/08/2008 11:36:00 AM.


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