Monday, January 28, 2008

Irene's Wedding - 27/01/08

Yeah! Went Orchard shopping yesterday, to use up my $80 Taka voucher. Deardear bought a pair of pants, which he loves, and a nice shirt. =) Only spent $60 in the end. So happy. Wahaha.

After that, we went for Irene's wedding. Nice food! And her wedding gowns are so nice!! *envy*

Got a ride home after that, so we reached home very early! Lol~ First time I reached home so early after a wedding.

loving you, 1/28/2008 01:18:00 PM.
Friday, January 25, 2008

E.G.C Holdings Dinner & Dance

I had my hair permed for the first time ever in my life! Haha. Quite a new experience...though I looked 'chao lao'. Haha.

Import - Crystelle & me~

Export - Kaixin & Me.

Me & William~ Our sales~

Happier times...

Me & my manager, Irene, who's getting married this Sunday!

My very nice Boss on the right and BKK agent on the left~

Heh. Not much pictures, cos I think I look like crap. Hee.

loving you, 1/25/2008 01:43:00 PM.

D&D last Friday, was quite fun~

Best part was the money, of cos!

After D&D, we went to St James, my first time there! So sua-ku! Met Deardear there, and we got free entry, for all 25 of us! Haha. All thanks to our dear Sales. Heh.

Thanks Deardear for accompanying me. I'm sorry I neglected you sometimes, but thank you for letting me go dance dance once in a while. Hee. Promise I won't neglect you again le.

Went Bugis shopping on Wednesday with Kaixin, Vell, Susan and Cherlyn. I got big 'feng shou'. Bought 2 dresses, 1 top and 1 pair of shoes. Damn cheap! Haha. Quality not good also nvm, as long as it is comfortable. But I really love the pair of shoes I bought! So comfy, so nice and so cheap! Only $13.90. Haha. Think I have enough for CNY le. Maybe just another bottom. And office skirts!

Ytd was Kaixin's Bday and we went KTV with them. Lots of things happening...hais.

Anyway... Irene's wedding on Sunday! Pocket got big hole again. =X But very happy for her. I wonder when will it be my turn~~

So, Deardear managed to get off on Sunday, to accompany me to Irene's wedding, cos she invited both of us~ =)

We also bought a watch for his grandma. Actually we bought 2, cos she didn't like the first one, and we couldn't exchange it as the strap have been adjusted before... But she loved the 2nd one! Which is all good. =D

Excited for CNY. I bought so many pineapple tarts. A few boxes from Eric's customer, a few boxes from Crystelle BF's mom. Haha. Pineapple tart SIAO!!! All very yummy~

Kz, I'm out.

loving you, 1/25/2008 09:09:00 AM.
Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ah....nothing much to update. Been busy working everyday.

Went to Chinatown with my colleagues last Wed to buy CNY decorations for the office. Hee.
Did some decorations ytd and found out that we didn't buy enough!!! So going to make another trip next week.

Some pics of the decorations that are up.

I love this huge-ass 'FU'!

'FU' with cute mousies! It's the Year of the Rat~

A bit 'sengek'. Oops.

Then, went to Paya Lebar on Thurs with some of my colleagues to get a dress for D&D~ I love my dress! Shall post pics of it when I'm wearing it on that day. =) Hopefully, it'll be enjoyable.

Manager just came back from Korea and I got this beautiful comb from her!

*pardon my fat leg*

Going back to sleep!


loving you, 1/12/2008 09:48:00 AM.
Saturday, January 05, 2008


Finally, I am feeling much better today~ Yeah!!

Went to work on Thurs, but I was still having a fever, so my boss and manager asked me to go home and rest after handing over my stuffs. So glad to have good superiors like them.

Then on Friday morning, my boss even gave me Berocca and asked me to take one with a glass of water. Awww...so loved! Lol~

Ytd Deardear had his off day so he came to fetch me from work and we went to the restaurant to book our tables for our ROM on 16th March! No one booked yet, we're the first and the kiasuest! Lol!

At first, we wanted to hold the ROM solemnization outdoors, by the riverside. But then again, when I think about it, the timing is 12.30pm. Wouldn't it be scorching?? Scared that my make up will melt, I decided to change to indoors, more comfy, and so our ah mas (my paternal ah ma and his paternal ah ma) won't have to climb up and down.

I must mention that I love the restaurant's decor! *luvluv* So exciting!!! Now, all that's left is clothes! Deardear say we can go check out Daniel Yam. He rather I buy the gown than rent. Hmmm...shall see first.

For dinner, we went to Fishermen Wharf opposite of Central. Hmmmm...BIG disappointment. Tsk. Their menu was great, as in, the menu boasted that they serve the best authentic fish and chips. Well, if authentic means bland, not crispy enough and tough meat, then they're a winner. Cos their fish and chips was, honestly, not tastier than the ones sold at a western stall near Deardear's home. Never going back again, even if I win their $88 voucher.

Anyway, I bought a new phone! SE W580i! *luv*

Gonna go to the post office later to help Deardear collect something. That's why I wake up so early on a Sat. *argh*

Alright~ I'm out.

loving you, 1/05/2008 11:03:00 AM.
Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Oh my god.

I am sick on the first day of the New Year! Like, AGAIN!!

For the 2nd year! WTF?!

Been sneezing since I woke up. Took my lunch and a Panadol and went to sleep. But not much improvement and my throat hurts like a bitch. =(

I didn't even party this year!! But I caught AvP2 with A and his colleagues. =(

Maybe it was the lousy movie.

Really, AvP2 sucks! Don't waste your money on this one. They took so frigging long to come up with a sequel and it sucks, big time.

Anyway, I'm waiting for Deardear to buy soupy fish beehoon for me. Thank you!!

And...we went to Tianpo to buy our wedding bands on Sunday! Hee. We love it!

Oh, btw, did I mention? We're having our ROM next year, March! We've officially announced it to our friends and families and relatives. Gonna book the restaurant this week. =)

*jumps around in glee*

I can't wait. =)

loving you, 1/01/2008 09:33:00 PM.


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