Sunday, August 21, 2011

To be honest.....I realised I do not like my dental clinic. *sigh*

This dental clinic was recommended by Mr Toh as that Dr used to be his orthodontist when he was had braces too.

I do agree that he is super experienced. I am someone who is extremely terrified of pain and very 'sio ba' too. But during the appointment to put on the braces, I found him to be quite rough....I was quite unhappy... But what to do?

Also, during the period from my 1st consultation to the appointment to put on braces, NOBODY mentioned how much deposit we'd have to put down. And Mr Toh told me that during one of the earlier consultations, he asked Dr about the amount of deposit we have to put and he told him no need and not to worry about it.

So you can imagine my surprise when the receptionist asked for 50% deposit after I had my braces put on and was waiting to make payment.

FIFTY PERCENT of $5000 is $2500!

Nobody mentioned anything about a 50% deposit when we asked and now they expect us to just have $2500 for payment?

I know I should have told her what Mr Toh told her, that Dr said no need. But I was mortified and super embarrassed that I couldn't think. The receptionist even told me that some people pay the full sum at the 1st appointment. What is she implying?

I was damn fucking paiseh. Mr Toh wasn't with me as he was at home SLEEPING. Grrrr!

Now I am reading on the forums that people usually pay around $3.5k for normal metal braces and they pay around $600 - $800 deposit......so I was thinking have we been chopped?

My colleague also mentioned that $5k for normal metal braces seem to be on the high side....and I didn't get anything from Dr as well. For most of the people on the forums. stuff like interdental brushes and orthodontic wax seem to be given by their dental clinic.

But what did I get?



loving you, 8/21/2011 02:44:00 PM.

3rd day of braces: 14/8/11
Feeling much better. I didn't feel the soreness so much. It was much bearable than the 1st day, perhaps because I'm getting used to them?

Mr Toh did not wake up for dinner on Sat, I think he was very tired so I did not wake him up. I cooked maggi mee for myself. To avoid having to chew the noodles, I cut them into smaller pieces after they were cooked. Much easier to eat. :D Mr Toh woke up in the middle of the night saying he was hungry. Lol. He cooked maggi mee too. I could smell the fragrance in my semi conscious state!

When I woke up on Sunday morning around 8:30, he was still awake. which is a good thing as we have to go to my Mom's place to pray. We left the house around 10am. After reaching Mom's place and praying, we had lunch. I had the fried kway tiao noodles with some shrimp & mushrooms only. I couldn't handle anything else. Lol. Then Mommy brought out canned longans as dessert. I tried eating one but gave up halfway as it was agony to try chewing 1. T_T End up I just drank the syrup.

We left Mom's place at around 2pm as Mr Toh have to meet his friends to discuss something important. I decided to go home as I was feeling really tired and we had an argument earlier...so I didn't felt like accompanying him anywhere. :(

Took a nap and woke up for dinner when he came back. I only had some rice in soup, nothing else I felt like eating, besides the fried chicken wings but I wasn't ready for them yet. :(

Braces 4th day - 15/08/11
I realise my jaws are still stiff from the wisdom teeth surgery. Haven't fully recover. T_T.

Had fish mee sua for lunch. Loads of stuff stuck in my teeth. T_T hate it!!

Met Mr Toh & his friends for dinner at Tampines after work, they had something to discuss. Had fish hor fun for dinner. Been eating loads of fish recently. Meat is too tough for me, unless it's minced.

Been thinking if I should bring toothbrush to office. But I take a long time to brush my teeth, at least 8 minutes. So I decided against it.

I also realised 1 of the brace bracket on my upper tooth is causing me problems. It constantly rubs against my inner lip when I talk or eat and it feels like an ulcer is forming. Oh my god.... I wanted to buy dental wax but both Guardian & Watsons don't carry it.
We parted ways at around 11pm plus as we wanted to catch the last bus home~

The weather was really nice & chilly that night as it was raining most of the day. Super shiok weather to sleep in!

For now, the soreness of the teeth don't really bother me. Only when I bite stuff. Usually I take a while to fall asleep because I could feel the soreness and need to take some time to get used to it. But I fell asleep that night within seconds! Or maybe I was too tired. Haha.

Braces 5th day - 16/8/11
Got up extra early to catch an earlier bus to work. Planning to check out NTUC to see if they sell dental wax. Not carrying high hopes though. T_T Turns out they really don't carry it. *Sigh*

I also realised I have already gotten used to the soreness. It doesn't bother me most of the time now. Wee!!

But the abrasions are really starting to irritate me, I don't want ulcers!!

Had chicken porridge for lunch~

Met Mr Toh after work at Serangoon Nex. We were planning to watch Horrible Boss.

I reached 1st so I went to buy the tickets for the show at 9:10pm. Passed by Q&M,so I enquired about whether they sold ortho wax, the receptionist apologetically informed me they don't sell at this branch, but the one at Serangoon Central have it for sale! When Mr Toh reached, I went with him to check it out. Bought the wax at $3 and interdental brush at $8.50 I think. Happy sia!!

Had dinner at McD~ I had a filet-o-fish. I usually don't like it, but dunno why suddenly feel like eating it. My back teeth don't hurt so much when chewing food! Went to find Clara who is working at Eye Bejwelled for a chat~ then left for our movie shortly.

Horrible Boss was awesome! Good movie for destressing! Haha.

For Nick, Kurt and Dale, the only thing that would make the daily grind more tolerable would be to grind their intolerable bosses into dust. Quitting is not an option, so, with the benefit of a few-too-many drinks and some dubious advice from a hustling ex-con, the three friends devise a convoluted and seemingly foolproof plan to rid themselves of their respective employers...permanently. There's only one problem: even the best laid plans are only as foolproof as the brains behind them. [Source]
Super amusing and the storyline's quite good. I also loved the happy ending. :D Charlie Day was hilarious as Dale. I also loved the cameo by Mr Fantastic, Ioan Gruffudd as Mr Wetworks. Hahahaa, that part was SUPER hilarious! I almost wet my pants laughing.

Wetwork Man: Are you kidding me? I've driven all this way and nobody wants to get pissed on?


I'm a bit not used to using the interdental brush, but it's ok, practice makes perfect!

Braces 6th day - 17/8/11
Feeling much much better!
I had wanton mee for lunch~ And kway chup for dinner! Yummy!!

Mr Toh went out after dinner and when he came back, I was asleep but could vaguely remember he gave me a good night kiss. Hee.

Braces 7th day - 18/8/11
Bought duck porridge for lunch. The auntie was very nice, when she saw I had braces on, she told the auntie cutting the meat to "切小块一点,小妹绑牙。Aiyo...so sweet!!

Bought dinner home for Mr Toh. I had Macaroni soup for dinner~ Chicken cutlet fried rice for Mr Toh. End up, he couldn't finish his chix cutlet rice, I coudn't resist, so I finished the rest of the chicken cutlet and egg for him. I can bite better liao! It doesn't hurt that much~! Weee!!

But still very sian whenever I eat, because at least 1/3 of the food will get stuck and the feeling sucks!

Today's the 10th day! Sometimes I even forget I have braces on! Hahaha....not much feeling of soreness liao~ Shiok!

Mr Toh just left for Vietnam yesterday morning around 5am plus....he'll be back on Monday night, I kinda miss him. Miss talking to him. T_T

It's OK, time passed very fast. Went to the library yesterday and I'm planning to rot at home the whole day today. Shiok~~

I never thought I'd say this......but Monday faster come!

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loving you, 8/21/2011 02:04:00 PM.
Saturday, August 13, 2011

My bottom teeth felt reaaally sore yesterday immediately after putting the braces on! So kua zhang... T_T
Mr Toh met his friends at Tampines to discuss something...we had our dinner first at Tampines 1. Had sliced fish mee sua....had a little trouble chewing the fish slices. T_T Really not used to the braces. Luckily I can just swallow the mee sua without any chewing! I love mee sua! Haha.
Then they discussed their stuff until 1am plus! I was almost dead by then.

Mr Toh woke me up this morning at around 9am plus. O.o He didn't sleep at all last night and he still had some things to finish today so he asked me if I wanted to wake up, go grab some thing to eat and head to the library. If not, he won't be able to withstand the temptation of the bed. Haha! I said OK lor...since I am so nice. =X To stay awake, he drank a can of Monster energy drink! Lol~!

I realised my bottom teeth didn't feel so sore. But after a few hours, the feeling is back. And both sides of my back teeth is also feeling sore like nobody's business...damn sucks the feeling when I bite down on them. I cannot eat anything solid. Oh my god!!! Hais.....no choice. I can only hope these 2 years will fly past~!

So we headed to Tampines today where I had pork porridge~ I am super paranoid that there will be food stuck in my braces/teeth and that my teeth will rot!! So after every meal, I will take at least 5 minutes to rinse my mouth... So troublesome... Hai.....

Then when I get home at night, I will use the syringe that Dr Tay gave me to flush the 2 "holes" at the back of my mouth. I was wondering the other day whether I rushed things....it has only been a week since my wisdom teeth extraction and I already have braces on! I have been eating only soft foods for the past 10 days.....I think it may take a few months before I dare to eat normal food.*sigh* Kiang jiu ho, mai gey kiang. T_T

Anyway, after lunch, we headed to the library where Mr Toh did his stuff and I found a book to read. I was helping him when we suddenly heard someone talking on the phone really loudly. We couldn't see him from where we were sitting, but we could hear him clearly. Someone shushed him but he continued talking. Then Mr Toh went to take a look, when he came back, he said he saw the teen was talking using a earpiece. He said "Eh!", the boy dared to glare at him in a tulan way and asked him "What?!". Mr Toh stared back at him and informed him that this is a library. After a short pause, the boy said Sorry. And we never heard his voice again. Hahahaha~ My Mr Toh damn cool! Lol! "Wei Ming Chu Hai" - ridding the society of pests.

Seriously, teens nowadays think too highly of themselves or they think they are the kings/queens of the world? He was in the wrong for chit chatting so loudly in a library and he had the audacity to glare at people when they ask him to quiet down?! *Sigh* What's wrong with these teens nowadays?

It was around 4pm plus when Mr Toh said he couldn't take it anymore and wanted to go home and sleep. Lol... The Monster energy drink lasted him slightly longer than half day...not too bad, haha.

As I'm typing away, he is snoring away. I'm gonna sign out for now, going to read my book and take a nap later. See if I can wake him up for dinner....if not, I'll have dinner myself!

I'm loving the purple bands btw~ the colour is so nice! But I realised the bands on the bottom has turned pink! But still nice. Hehe.


loving you, 8/13/2011 05:48:00 PM.
Friday, August 12, 2011

So.........I just got my braces done today. The procedure sucks balls.... Dr Djeng inserted this two things at the side of my mouth to hold it open and it hurt like a bitch!! =( The assistant then asked me what color I wanted for the bands and I anyhow chose purple~! The color looks really nice....but my teeth looks super duper scary now. T_T Took pictures of them but I doubt I will ever post it online! Haha..

National Day was like any off day for me~ Nothing special at all. Mr Toh woke up quite late and we headed to Hougang Mall for lunch~ 状元府 again!! Andrew & Shiyuan were there too but they had already finished their meal. We had 炸酱面 & xiao long bao (小笼包) this time~ The 炸酱面 was in a much bigger serving than previous...but the portion was just nice for me, think I was too hungry. Hahaha. After eating, we walked around Hougang Mall. Then we parted ways. We were walking towards Dad's house but we were actually still deciding if we wanted to go Dad's house. When we were crossing the road, we saw Dad+Auntie+Hongyi+Wensheng+Xiangming and their gfs! In the few seconds we crossed paths, we gathered that they were going for dinner at Hougang Mall, we decided to u-turn and join them~!

After dinner, we went back to Dad's house and we took many pictures of Hong Yi! =X Blogger is having some stupid problems so I can't upload the photos here.

Gonna go wake up my piggy and go for dinner~ Hungry~



loving you, 8/12/2011 04:44:00 PM.
Tuesday, August 09, 2011

On Tuesday 02/08, I had my wisdom tooth extraction scheduled at KTPH. It was at 1pm, I was supposed to be there at 12:30pm. Mr Toh accompanied me and we took a direct bus there. I was starving by then....imagine not eating anything after 10pm and only drinking a glass of water at 2am. T_T

When we arrived there, we registered first, then the nurse brought us into the day care ward. I started feeling really jittery and anxious when I saw the beds. The nurse asked me to change into the gown, and after changing, she put the IV catheter on my left hand. It was my first time experiencing that, so I told her I was afraid of the pain and she was very nice and patient about it. =)

After that, we met with Dr Sylvia Tay again to sign the consent form. Then it was waiting time again....waited until 2pm plus until I wasn't scared. Lol.

But when the nurse led me into the operating theatre, I started feeling nervous again. Just seeing the bed in the middle of the room was pretty scary. The nurses asked me to lie down and started putting the high blood pressure and heartbeat monitors on me. She told me the doctor is coming soon and then the anesthetist came. She mentioned the music was very soothing, which I agreed with. Then the nurse put an oxygen mask on me and asked me to breathe deeply. I took 1 breath and I could feel the anesthesia going in my arm, after 1 more breath, my view started to blur and then I was out.

I woke up when I heard people talking. When I opened my eyes, I was quite disoriented. I was having a dream before that. Couldn't remember what though. I asked the nurse for a tissue to wipe my nose, and when I saw some blood, I asked the nurse why, and she mentioned it was because they had inserted a tube into my nose and throat to help with my breathing...and that I'd be having a sore throat for a few days after that. She then changed my gauze and pushed me out to the ward.

I felt like shit.....couldn't feel my lower jaw at all. After a while, the nurse came by again and changed my gauze and gave me a cup of apple juice~

I was lying there trying to sleep, but the ward was very noisy. T_T Then I saw my Mr Toh who just came back from having his lunch~ Spent the rest of the time trying to rest and trying to talk to him. Lol. The nurse advised that I could go home at 5pm if there is not much bleeding.

We went home at around 5pm, Mr Toh bought HL milk for me. When i reached home, I removed the gauze, it was still bloody....but I couldn't care less, then we went to sleep. We woke up at around 4am plus. =X Jitao skipped dinner.

There was no pain! I drank some milk while Mr Toh ate some fruit loop, lol. Took my medicine and we watched 醉后决定爱上你~.

I slept again and woke up slightly later. Cheeks swollen like sai. Drank some milk again and took my antibiotics.

We had lunch at KFC Hougang Mall~ I had the whipped potato while Mr Toh had a Zinger burger. Later in the afternoon, we went to GV Plaza Sing to catch Sex & Zen! They had a promotion going on~ Buy 1 ticket at S$8 and get 1 free! The movie was crap though.

While waiting for the movie, we went to have Gong Cha, and I discovered that their plum green tea is very nice! For dinner, I had wild mushroom soup at Saybon while Mr Toh ate their crepe~ The soup was yummy! Couldn't say the same for the crepe though. We then went to Dad's house where I bought Chawamushi from Ichiban Sushi~ I thought it was delicious and really value for money for $3.90.

Thursday 04/08: 2nd day
Woke up in the morning and drank milk again before taking my medicine. Napped again while waiting for Mr Toh to wake up. We went to Bedok to meet with his friends. I had pork porridge at the hawker centre. Still can't bite the pork very well...felt hindered by my swollen and stiff jaws. T_T
Had ice cream at McD! It's been so long since I've had that, I thought the price was still S$0.50, but it is now S$0.70. O.o After that, we went to Bedok Point and had dinner at Kungfu Paradise. I only had their mushroom soup though, but it wasn't nice.... Went home after that to rest.

Friday 05/08: 3rd day
As per usual, I had milk for breakfast and took my meds, then we booked tickets to catch Planet of the Apes. Went to meet Mr Toh's friends again at Bedok. Bought chawamushi from Sushi Tei to eat. It sucks. More expensive, smaller portion and not nice. T_T

After meeting them, we went to Tampines to catch our movie. It was pretty good~ I had a corn soup from Mos Burger before the movie. After the movie, we headed back to Hougang where I ate porridge. I got quite fed up cos I had to eat so slowly. T_T Went home after that to rest.

Saturday 06/08: 4th day
Woke up and took my meds as per usual. I have to take 6 pills every morning. Damn sian.
Cheeks still a little swollen. We headed to Hougang Mall for lunch, there is this new restaurant called 状元府. We had tried the xiao long bao before and we loved it~

This time, we ordered the set meal~ It consists of their 炸酱面, xiao long bao (小笼包), sweet & sour pork, 口水鸡, garlic kailan and glutinous rice ball in ginger soup~ The set costs $36 for 2 persons.

Super yummy 炸酱面! Loved the taste and the texture of the noodles~! Delicious!

Looks super yummy right???

Another favourite dish of ours: 小笼包~! The soup is very flavorful but Mr Toh finds the meat inside a tad tough. But it was alright for me. I am drooling just thinking about it.

Sweet & sour pork which I did not touch at all...didn't dare to eat something so "hard". T_T But Mr Toh commented that it is very yummy though, quite surprisingly~

Another pleasant surprise was this saliva chicken, 口水鸡. The meat was tender and usually I don't like chicken cooked this way as they tend to have a weird smelly taste. But the dish here was yummy~ and free of weird smells. I remember we had this dish in Taipei 鼎泰丰, and it sucks. It gave me a very disgusting memory of this dish, but the one here is nice!

For dessert, it was rice dumplings in ginger soup~ The rice dumplings were normal enough....but the ginger was overpowering. T_T Mr Toh choked on the soup. Lol!

Overall, it was a great meal! 1 of the yummiest ever since I had my teeth extracted! Damn happy!!! Had lots of stuff stuck in my mouth after that though. Lol. Mr Toh said he felt like listening to people sing so we jio Andrew and his gf to East Coast. But they had something on early the next day so we didn't go in the end. We had dinner at dad's place and went home after that~.

Sunday 07/08: 5th day
Woke at 11+, had milk and took my meds.

Waited for Mr Toh to wake up. While he was washing up, I hid under the blanket and tried to make myself as flat as possible. When I heard him come in, I waited for him to call me, but he didn't! I could hear him opening his drawers and getting dressed, so I popped out from under the blanket, I was scared he will go out without me! Turns out he didn't even know I was in the room! *faint* Super funny!!

He said he was thinking how come he didn't see me anywhere in the house when he was on the way back to the room from the toilet, he even looked in Grandpa's room but didn't see me, so he decided to change first. Lol!

I was also saying that Mr Toh likes to torture me, he always sleep late and wake up late then play game somemore when I am starving already!! When I tell him I am hungry, he tell me people attack him. T_T.

The weather was very good today cos it rained for the whole morning. No wonder my piggy sleep until so shiok.... We went with Andrew to 四马路 to pray then we had lunch at Burlington Sq, had our favourite Parklane Wanton Mee!

Slacked at Cafe Patisserie until dinner time. I had grilled fish with mash potato and beans at Astons at the Golden Wall Centre. Nothing else to do after that, so we went home~

Monday: 08/08
Going back to work today after resting for so many days! I only have 1 day of work before the public holiday on Tuesday~ Shiok~

But I woke up with blood in my mouth!! Ahhhh! Spit out some blood and small pieces of a brown stuff. I told Mr Toh and he said it is probably because the blood clot got dislodged. Scary stuff.... T_T Was bleeding a little on and off the whole day.... =( But no pain at all these few days, so at least that is something to be happy about.

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loving you, 8/09/2011 02:51:00 PM.


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