Thursday, November 22, 2007

Heehee. So true. Click on it if it's too small. =)

Lots to blog about. But...will update later~

loving you, 11/22/2007 08:45:00 AM.
Monday, November 19, 2007

Went to the Food Expo yesterday with Deardear.

Deardear was like an uncle!! Haha...but definitely not like those real kiasu uncles and aunties. Their behavior... goodness...no words. *smacks forehead*

But I enjoyed myself. Didn't really eat alot...lol, was busy looking here and there. Hee.

Bought quite alot of stuff.

Yummy pork floss. It tastes heavenly with butter and bread. Deardear told me that since he was a young boy, wayyyy before Breadtalk 'invented' their Floss bread, his grandma had already taught them to eat the floss that way. Hah...my response? Too bad she didn't beat Breadtalk to come up with this idea. If not...imagine all the money! Lol.

We bought Boh tea, 3 packets for $10 only!!! *auntie*

We bought this spicy popcorn chicken that tasted much nicer than KFC's! The brand is Ido. Free cooler bag with any 3 packets + 1 packet free, heehee. Good deal, cheap deal, best deal!!! Wahahah. The cooler bag very good to use. =D

Happy happy.

Last Friday, went to MPH with Deardear to buy our organisers. Hopefully...I will continue to use this organiser all year round! Cost Deardear 20+bucks. T_T I also bought a veeeerrrrry cute notebook. Tweety notebook!! Damn cute. Love it so much. Brought it to work but I can't bear to use it. Haha.. Maybe use it for Love notes for Deardear. LOL.
Used to do that a lot in my previous job. =X


Shall update the pictures some other time.


loving you, 11/19/2007 01:12:00 PM.
Monday, November 12, 2007

Feeling very low suddenly...

Dunno why so emo..


loving you, 11/12/2007 01:44:00 PM.

Haha.. just remembered that my Deardear had a blog..but sooooo long nv update liao. Lol. Lazy bum!

Anyway, we went on a movie watching frenzy last week. Haha, that's what you get when you put 2 movie fanatics together and on an unofficial 'movie ban'. We chiong-ed 3 movies over the holiday and weekend. Haha, wee!

Caught The Game Plan on Wednesday, after we went to the HDB hub. =)
Darn cute show, the Rock is sooo funny. He makes a good comedian. And lessons to learn from the movie too.

Then Deardear fetched me from work on Friday night. He worked till 6pm. Heehee. Gave me a shock when I reached my office downstairs. I wasn't expecting him at all. *luv luv* Been a while since he surprised me. Which reminds me...

So we went for dinner and caught The Bee Movie at Cineleisure.. Another cute show. Could tell Deardear was kinda reluctant at first, but it's a nice movie! Very funny. And lessons to learn as well.

Saturday, Deardear took off, as we were meeting the babes to pre-celebrate Char's bday at her house. Hehe, 21 years old liao hor!!
Just a simple lunch and cake cutting at her house, we then left for Plaza Singapura cos Deardear wanted to catch Stardust. We had heard lots of rave reviews for the movie.
But there was no good seats available, so we walked over to The Cathay.
Had Starbucks while waiting. Must remember Deardear don't like Starbucks, cos their drinks are too sweet. **Note**

Stardust rocks. One of the nicer movies so far this year. Claire Danes is soo ethereal.. Very cute star. Michelle Pfiffer rocks as the evil witch. Very imaginative and cool story. I love it lots!! So did Deardear. =)

My poor piggy is on MC today. Must be too much good food last night. We went to Glutton's Bay with his colleagues for supper. Love the satay there. YUM!! Must try!

So.. work sucks today. Everything sucks so far, today. Absolutely horrible start to the day.

Not enough sleep.
Couldn't wear my new shoes to work. Cos the gel cushion for my new shoes sucks!!! Not sticky at all. Pissed off.
Darn busy at work. Taking over quite a few new ports.
Feeling lousy.

I want my piggy to cheer me up.

loving you, 11/12/2007 01:10:00 PM.


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