Monday, February 21, 2011


I just received a phone call from this company Launch Group, and the nice lady on the other end of the phone informed me that I had won a $40 Jetstar voucher!! She started off by asking if I had participated in a HTC competition, I was like "???". She then said at NEX, and I remembered that me and Mr Toh both had participated in the small competition when we were there last Sunday 13/02! They had a roadshow going with a guy playing classical music on the keyboard and a few people scribbling on this big piece of canvas on the floor. We were just looking when a girl approached us and asked if we wanted to take part in a small lucky draw they had, just fill in the form and answer a simple question, which was to guess what theme were they drawing on the floor. After we filled the form, the girl took a look at our answers and told us we were correct! Lol! So heng heng win a voucher (again!!) today! I wonder if Mr Toh got win anything... But 我脱离不了vouchers的命运! Ok lah, better than nothing. =D

So, yesterday was my sister's birthday, Happy 20th girl!!! We had a small steamboat lunch at home, then she headed off to meet her friends for dinner~ We bought a Pierre Cardin wallet for her, she says she likes it. Hehe.

My aunt with my niece, and Mr Toh yawning in the background.


Sooo cute!!

She was in a really good mood ytd, when my mom was talking to her, she was smiling and laughing. Lol~


Staring outside the window~

Making her 'Ö' face again, so cute!

Sleepy.... Zzz... My brother says she snores! And she is a little tyrant too. Whenever she gets uncomfortable in your arms, she'll start screaming. And when she is hungry, she starts crying immediately! Never give you time one leh!

Saturday, 19/02, we went to Xiu Hua's house for a gathering, she has kindly invited me and Mr Toh. We were pretty punctual (for once!). =X We left at around 5pm plus, and took a bus to Orchard. Her house's location is so convenient lor!

But it was raining heavily in Orchard. T_T I had wanted to alight at the bus stop outside Tangs, but Mr Toh said to alight at Heeren instead. Later he told me it was because he remembered the distance from Heeren to the bus stop was shorter than at Tangs, and we'll get drenched less that way. Awww...so smart my Mr Toh. Lol!!

We were shopping for a present for my sis at Orchard, as I have Taka, Tangs & Robinsons vouchers!

Before that, we were walking around Heeren waiting for the rain to stop when we saw this Vietnamese coffee shop, Trung Nguyen~ Mr Toh asked if I wanna give it a try and I said yes! How can I say no to coffee?? =P

We ordered 1 cup to share~

This was their Creative One, said to have strong flavour, if I remember correctly.

That is the filter/brewer on top, also known as phin. Mr Toh bought 1 home from Vietnam on his previous trip but we have not given it a try yet. Lol.

The coffee is brewed as it slowly trickles through the pressed coffee powder inside the filter to the cup. Mr Toh said don't order this if you are thirsty, because you might have died from thirst before the coffee is ready. *exaggeration

There is some milk in the bottom of the cup, so once the coffee is done dripping, you only need to give it a good stir, and the coffee's ready!

Inside. The coffee was really rich and robust! I loved it! And no, I did not have trouble sleeping that night. =P

After the coffee, the rain had stopped and we went shopping at Taka then Tangs. Sadly, I discovered that my $40 Robinsons vouchers had expired in Jan 2011!!! So sad. Mr Toh said it was heart wrenching to see me tear the vouchers up and throw them away. T_T

I bought Huiyi a wallet at Taka, then we went to Tangs to try to spend my $50 voucher, luckily they have a Clinique counter there so I was able to buy my moisturiser~ The moisturiser was $42, when I made payment with the $50 voucher, the cashier was like, "Mam, you still have $8 value, don't waste it, you can go that area to see if there is any small items you like, like a coin pouch, etc." So I did go look around and I found a really cute little Perllini pouch for myself! *happy*

A day of shopping without spending any $$, besides on food and drinks that is.

Customer bought a box of emicakes durian puffs for us that day!

Huge durian puffs! They were pretty good, but the ones from Joo Chiat still wins hands down!!

loving you, 2/21/2011 12:10:00 PM.
Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So, yesterday was our 开工宴 at Feng Shui Inn which was located at Crockfords Tower, Resort World Sentosa.

Mr Toh called me around 17:45pm and asked me if I wanted to meet him at Tampines. I T_T? for awhile before reminding him (again, for the 3rd time) that I had my office 开工宴 at night!
He then said he forgot (again) and mentioned that luckily Andrew wanted to meet him at Tampines, if not, he had initially wanted to fetch me after work and was gonna be on his way over to my office. *awww* So sweet and really lucky for him too! If not, he'll make a wasted trip. Forgetful Mr Piggy.

When we were seated, I saw this.

1st time I'm using 3 pairs of chopsticks for chinese food! The long one is for 'yu sheng', the silver one is for public use and the gold one is for personal use. Like, whoa....so mafan! Lol. *suaku*

The yummiest 'yu sheng' I've ever eaten, seriously! All thanks to the generous helping of salmon skin!! *drools*

It was a 10 course dish, I think. We had bamboo clam soup (soup very gao!), peking duck with mexican buns (something different from the usual), prawns (really fresh!!!), scallops with asparagus in XO sauce (also very very yummy & fresh & succulent!), steamed fish (cooked perfectly, their seafood was really good), sweet & sour pork (pork was fried well & the sauce was yummy), duck fried with spring onion and ginger (meat was really tender), almond roasted chicken (crispy skin, but bland meat) & seafood fried rice (awful...mushy rice & tasteless).

Dessert was mango & pomelo sago, which costed $8/head....so expensive!!! It's only mangoes and pomelo leh!!! We had a theory that the mangoes and pomelo must have been airfreight from Japan. =X

Picture of the peking duck with mexican buns! So cute right the buns? Instead of the boring mantou's, they have cute little buns like these~ There was also sugar on top~ Definitely something I have not tried before.

Scallops & asparagus!!

When I got home, I was showing Mr Toh the pictures and telling him how yummy the scallop was, and he said, yes, he know! I was thinking how was that possible when he showed me this.

The silly boy had zoomed into the scallop picture until the scallop filled the whole screen! LOL! He said he can see the juiciness of the scallop. Hahahahaha, I laughed till my sides hurt! Heehee.

Sorry, only have prawn shells.

I only remembered to take a picture after I finished eating. Also, I wasn't very familiar with most of the people at my table. T_T So no more pictures after that. The guys at our table, with the exception of Eric ate very little! And some were also rather fussy, this don't eat, that don't eat, even more fussy than me!! Never mind, that just means more food for us! But almost everyone was so so so full after that.

We started at 7:30pm and ended around 10+pm.....we were so tired after that! Who knew eating could be such a chore??

We also had a mini lucky draw during dinner. Big boss was walking around getting all the directors & random people to pick a name out of the lucky draw bowl.

My winnings! Vouchers (again!! But ok lah, better Taka than Tangs) and a little cash (picked by Gerard). Heng heng ah!! *HUAT AHH!!*

Overall, I really enjoyed the dinner, it was scrumptious~~~

Colleague then sent us back to AMK where it was nearer for us to take a cab, and therefore cheaper too! =)

CNY is officially over!! May the bunny year bring everyone lots of luck, happiness, health & wealth!!!

loving you, 2/16/2011 08:30:00 AM.
Sunday, February 13, 2011

On Saturday, we met Mommy, Huiyi and Wilson at Novena to shop for a full month present for Jiaxi!

Didn't really know what to buy...we ended up buying this gym mat toy for her~ After a small meal and drinks, we headed over to AMK. The weather was incredibly hot that day..... T_T

She's getting chubbier!!

Tiny feet in her pretty booties~

Tiny hands! She was decked out in gold man~! So cute, the tiny rings!

She kept pursing her mouth into an "O" shape. So funny!!

Sleepy baby.....what a huge yawn!

Don't know who she was looking at~

Why so grumpy, baby?

Slightly different angle and she looks different!

Getting sleepy again~

Pink and purple pacifier. My favorite colors!

Today (13/02), Mr Toh woke up really early because he slept very early last night while I was attending a colleague's wedding dinner at Sheraton.

When I got home last night, I realised I forgot to bring my keys. (stupid me!) Luckily, Grandpa haven't gone to bed yet....if not I might have to sleep at the staircase outside. =X Mr Toh was half awake at that time, and he said, "看啦, 谁叫你不要带锁匙!". T_T Sleeping still can scold me.

Then the next day, he told me that he couldn't sleep when I wasn't at home beside him, that's why he was awake when I got home. *Awwwww* So sweet! But don't know if he was serious or joking....lol!

Good boy patiently waited for me to wake up (=X), then we headed to Nex for brunch at Swissbake~ Today's our date day. =P

$4.50 Chicken Salad with thousand island dressing. Love the butter lettuce and the croutons!!

$9.90 Chicken Sausage Pizza. Sad to say, it wasn't as nice as it looked. And there was salt mixed in with the pepper flakes! Mr Toh likes to add a lot of pepper flakes to his pizza and it ended up way too salty! T_T Wonder whose stupid idea it was, or whose stupid mistake.

Huge glass of Ice Latte. $4 for 1 glass, but only $5 for a drink and a slice of cake OR a bowl of soup.

We chose the cake because neither of us wanted the salmon chowder soup (yucks!). The latte and cake were both average.

After that, we bought tickets to Green Hornet @ 3:10pm~! We had a lot of time to spare, so Mr Toh brought me to Serangoon Central to look-see, look-see as I had never been there before. He called me a 'suaku'. =(

We also walked around Nex, and went to Pet Safari~! Did you know, their shop has a 2nd floor and that is where all the dogs are??? I didn't know, so suaku!! We saw this 2 really cute chihuahuas in the shop for sale, they added up to almost $3k!! So ex! *faints*

From the 2nd level, there's also an exit to the K9 dog park and a water park area for the children. There was also a dog cafe beside Pet Safari, we saw the most gorgeous golden retriever inside!! Beautiful fur and tail~ But hugeee.

After all that, since we still had time, Mr Toh went for a haircut at Snip Avenue and we headed to the cinema after that~

Britt Reid (Seth Rogen), son and heir to Los Angeles' largest newspaper fortune, is a rich, spoiled playboy who has been happy to maintain a direction-less existence. When his father James Reid (Tom Wilkinson) dies, Britt meets an impressive and resourceful company employee, Kato (Jay Chou). They realize that they have the resources to do something worthwhile with their lives and finally step out of James Reid's shadow. Kato builds the ultimate weapon, The Black Beauty, an indestructible car with every weapon imaginable and Britt decides that in order to be heroes, they will pose as villains. With the help of Britt's new secretary, Lenore Case (Cameron Diaz), they learn that the chief criminal in the city is named Benjamin Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz). He has united all the gangs under his power, and he quickly sees that the Green Hornet is a direct threat to the prosperous criminal underworld he controls.
Jay Chou is damn cool in this movie, besides his lousy spoken English which makes me wanna laugh every time he opens his mouth! He makes me wanna be the sidekick, Kato instead! But Seth Rogen's character makes me wanna slap him...he was such a dick! =X Overall, I thought the movie was pretty funny. Really enjoyed it.

I saw this really cute Chopper soft toy in the machine at the arcade! Too bad Mr Toh ain't good at this. T_T

Bye bye Chopper~~

After that, we headed for dinner!

*luv luv*

Bio-ing girls. =X

New York Fish & Chip! We had the same dish, hoho.

After a fulfilling dinner, we headed home~ Gonna watch some anime, play a little Facebook and go to bed. It's Monday again. Ganbatte!!


loving you, 2/13/2011 09:42:00 PM.
Friday, February 11, 2011

We had steamboat dinner for 3 nights consecutively! Thursday at Dad's house, Friday, at Dad's house again (just us, Dad and Auntie) as we didn't finish the food on Thursday. Then Saturday at Sis's house, which is kinda a yearly tradition for us. Heh. The food was really good too, with yummy meat balls and pig intestine that Godma cooked!

Sunday night, we just 'nua' at home.

Monday, we got off work earlier~ Boss declared we could go off at 5:45pm, better than nothing! So I booked tickets to watch Mr & Mrs Incredible, 神奇侠侣 at the recommendation of Eric!

Love is never meant to be an easy matter -- especially for superheroes.

Huan aka the Gazer Warrior (Louis Koo) falls in love with Red aka the Aroma Woman (Sandra Ng) during a superhero standoff. But life as a superhero means little time for each other. Getting tired of their busy vigilante lifestyle, they decide to retreat to a small village and start a family together.

Five years have passed. Huan and Red seem to be living a quiet and happy life. But once you were a superhero, there is no way out.
Louis Koo is damn shuai! It's really funny, and the storyline was kinda touching too. [Source]

Before the movie started, we went for dinner at Kim Gary~ We both ordered the same dish, Korean noodles with spiced pork dice. Yummy~!

Gonna be really busy this coming weekend. Jiaxi's full month + Emily's wedding + going to the temple to pray (补运)~

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loving you, 2/11/2011 01:32:00 PM.
Friday, February 04, 2011

1st Feb 2011.
After work, I met Mr Toh at Nex for dinner, some shopping and a movie! I only bought a denim skirt though. Try as I could, I just didn't find any nice sandals.....I find the styles trending now really garish and just not my type....

We caught Solomon Kane, it was pretty gory, the storyline was quite interesting and I certainly didn't expect the ending. We had our dinner at Texas Chicken, need to remind myself never to eat their chicken burgers. T_T. It wasn't hot and it didn't taste nice at all..... *sigh*

I also got myself a new phone, like finally!!

My new phone~

Motorola Defy MB525

So, this year's CNY Eve on 2nd Feb, I got off work at 1pm. We had our reunion dinner at Mommy's house in the early evening, then we rushed back to Ah Gong's home for "yu sheng"!

As usual, a few people lost their chopsticks again. LOL!

The huge plate of "yu sheng". (Pic taken from Yuan Xin)

Mr Toh bullying Hong Yi. =X

His onesie says "Attention Seeker". LOL!

Yesterday was the first day of CNY, and we went to Grandma's house to bai nian~

She still has trouble remembering us, but she wasn't as thin as last year, and she seems to have a good appetite, which is good!

Mr Toh (aka Mr Ang Bao) watching TV

Leah, looking satisfied after sis-in-law changed her diaper which was literally full of shit. Eeew! Lol!

She looks so chubby from this angle! I still don't dare to carry her though. T_T

Big fat 萝卜 to welcome the Rabbit year at Grandma's House!

We were gonna have dinner at Dad's house, so we invited Huiyi and Wilson too~ Wilson dropped us off at Potong Pasir and we went back to Kovan to buy steamboat supplies for dinner at Dad's house~ Xiangming and Wensheng came to help us.

Dinner was good! The soup which Dad prepared was super yummy~! After a very fulfilling dinner, we left and walked back home~ Most of the family, including Ah Gong has left for their Penang trip, hope they have lots of fun!!

Here's wishing all my friends and family an abundance of wealth, health and happiness for this Rabbit Year. HUAT ah!!!


loving you, 2/04/2011 11:36:00 AM.


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