Monday, October 29, 2007

Celebrated my birthday this year at Oriental's restaurant, Melt The World Cafe. Cos Chris's working there and we had a 50% discount, which works out to around $33 per person which is kinda worth it for an international buffet. =)

Deardear went along with me. Enjoyed the dinner thoroughly! All thanks to my babes, Chris, Char, Do and Jia.. I'm really thankful for them. Even though we seldom meet up nowadays cos of our busy schedules, but I love them! Tooks lots of photos, to be uploaded next time.

Can't wait for the next outing too, which is to celebrate Char's bday on 10th Nov. =) 21 yrs old liao leh.. Haha. =X

The next next outing will be for Christmas, which, unfortunately, Char won't be joining us. But it's ok, her 'spirit' will be with us. Haha..

Anyway, feeling sucky now.. Still have not recovered 100% from my flu. =( Sad. My immunity systems sucks. Bleah.

So, am getting very excited for next year's events. Hee. Shall be a secret. Only Chris knows, so far.. =P

Oh yeah, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN. =)

loving you, 10/29/2007 01:32:00 PM.
Friday, October 26, 2007

Sick sick sick..

I'm sick of being sick. =(

Having the flu again.. Took the flu medicine this morning and now, my head has this dull thud. So sleepy.. =(

Anyway, saw this SMRT card that Citibank is promoting. It used to be a credit card but now they have it in debit card! Although the rebates are lesser than the credit card, but still, better than nothing. Signed up together with Deardear. Can't wait for it to arrive. =)


loving you, 10/26/2007 01:25:00 PM.
Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Happy 22nd Birthday to me!!!

loving you, 10/17/2007 01:49:00 PM.
Sunday, October 14, 2007

Finally. My Bangkok Trip photos~

Arrived at the Budget Terminal.. Looks damn lok cok.. T_T~~

Having our brunch before checking in. They only have Hans there. Hur.. Damn pathetic!

Deardear act cute! =X

Us! ^^

Enuf said.. =(

Walking through the LONG corridor, so excited!!

Chose a window seat for 5 bucks more. But the seats are really crampy..


Entertaining ourselves on the plane..

Just woken up from a nap, PIGGY!

Kena 'tok' on our first day in Bangkok. Our 1000baht fish for lunch. T_T Whole meal added up to 2000+ baht. Man!

Us @ the famous four-faced Buddha. First time here!

Went to quite a few temples over the 3 days.. Tiring~~

Here's me learning how to fold a lotus flower. It's pretty easy..

Some of the temples we went to.

Look how happy he is, after getting his amulets!

We went to Siam Paragon - Underwater world. So cheap!!

Cool car / fish tank.

Poor deardear was sick on the third day. T_T So, we didn't manage to get much shopping done, since we were temple visiting during the first 2 days..

There's still more photos, but I guess I'll wait till next week to upload.

My Birthday next week!!! 22 le~! Sad. Haha..

Went to find deardear at his workplace ytd, they were having a roadshow and there were free eye tests, went for it for fun. I have healthy, albeit myopic eyes!

Anyway, I have composed a short wishlist for myself. Heehee.

1) Medium-length long wallet, saw one really nice one at The Wallet Shop. Think Deardear will give me this as my present. Teehee.

2) New medium-sized bag. The one I bought at Bangkok spoiled already. Damn!!!

3) New slippers

4) New Birkenstock! Gonna do some online shopping soon~

Aight, that's all. I'm out.

loving you, 10/14/2007 03:41:00 PM.
Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bah...been sick these few days. It started with a flu..then developed into a sore throat and a cough. Darn suay. T_T

After taking a nap on Sunday evening, Deardear suggested to go for frog porridge at Geylang! Cos, in his own words "Who says sick person cannot eat good food?" Hee. I love him so much! =P

Also, the first time I've tried the "Dou Jiang You Tiao". Got some pictures to upload too...

So many pictures to upload!! Will upload this weekend! Heehee.

loving you, 10/10/2007 08:30:00 AM.
Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hee. Actually, I tied for 2nd place with another colleague!

Glad to know so many people loves me.


loving you, 10/03/2007 08:37:00 AM.
Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hee. Went to Daiso PS and Ikea Tampines over the weekend.

I love this 2 places!

Bought a bookshelf at Ikea for only $79! Cheap cheap. ^^ And bought some misc stuff for our room too.

Was clearing our room over the weekend. Deardear's room has so much rubbish! Ha.

Having an early lunch today, cos today is V-Day at the office!

Voting Day. =P

Best Employee and Worst Employee of the year. Hee.

Anyway, still got alot of photos not uploaded. Will do it in the weekend!!

loving you, 10/02/2007 12:52:00 PM.


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