Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One of the author that Dawn Yang plagiarized from has commented on his blog.

He's pissed. With good reason I think!

Apparently, she just copied and pasted his whole Transformers entry, including all the pictures, of course without crediting him or the original website. Tsk.

Read about it here.

And she did it for a STOMP blog entry! That is like such a shameless behavior!

And STOMP is still not doing anything about it... Does that mean they condone plagiarism?!

Pleas sign the online petition to get STOMP to do something about it!

Justice for Plagiarizers!

By the way, there's one more site that is exposing more stuff about her, Dawn Wayang Exposed.

Darn entertaining read, I tell you. =X

Go read!


loving you, 7/30/2008 06:33:00 PM.

You mean, she's really always like that?

She never smiles to people in greeting? Never?

She's really the quiet, introverted type like you said? Sure or not...?

Surely, to just give a small smile when you pass by people, it's not that hard is it?

It is just manners right? Instead of staring hostilely like an idiot when people smiles at you in greeting, why not try smiling back?

OH! You mean she really doesn't smile at strangers? But...we're not strangers what, we see each other everyday!

Seriously lo...it's just manners to smile when people smile at you right?!


OH! I get it!

She's just plain RUDE then.

loving you, 7/30/2008 01:47:00 PM.

What am I talking about?

Pregnant lady standing in the middle of a crowded train cabin and no one giving up their seat to her.

Isn't it common?

I really wonder what is wrong with our society despite the majority of our people being educated.


*shakes head*

loving you, 7/30/2008 01:00:00 PM.
Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Which PDA am I referring to?

It's the kind that you can commonly see on buses, trains and even lift lobbies of shopping centres.


Public Display of Affection.

I am NOT against PDAs.

Deardear and me, we engage in a little PDA sometimes too. Holding hands, hugs, holding each other around the waist, little pecks on the cheek or the lips, NO tongue please, it's all very normal for a couple in love.

But when the PDA gets to a point where people feel nauseated when they look at you two going on like there's no tomorrow, it becomes a problem. A rather annoying one.

I was on the train today on my way to work. And...I was just standing there minding my own business when out of the corner of my eye, I saw this couple behaving rather...intimately. Being the kpo me, I stole a look and...well, the guy was practically devouring the woman!

It's like, we get it, you two are SO in love and can't contain your affection for each other! But still, there is no need to show a spectacular display of lust in public! It's the train, for goodness sake, not your home! Whenever I see people like these, I just feel like telling them to get a room!

That day when I went Plaza Singapura with Deardear, we were going up to the cinema, so we took the lift. You know the lift lobby beside the Body Shop?

There, squeezed into one corner, was 2 people. The first thing we saw when we walked into the lift lobby area was this guy's back view. And I thought he was sick or something, cos he was facing the corner wall... As we walked closer, I realised there was another pair of legs, he was with a girl, and they were making out ferociously! =X Haha, sorry, a bit exaggerated I know. And they were both quite young... Hais.

What is the world coming to?!

Actually I realised... I am not against Public Displays of Affection, I am against Public Displays of Lust!

Groping and tongue-ing your partner in public is not an appropriate behavior!

So please, do us all a favour, if in future, you feel like you can't stand it anymore and wanna 'devour' your partner, please, Get a Room.

loving you, 7/29/2008 08:22:00 AM.

Oops. Am supposed to be sleeping right now, because I still have class tomorrow after work... But, I just wanna share something~

As you all should know, I have classes on Tues and Thurs every week, after my work, from 7pm to 10pm. My work ends at 6.30pm, so normally it is quite a rush for me to be able to buy something to munch and to make it to class on time.

So today, I asked my boss if it was OK for me to start and end work earlier by 15 minutes every Tues and Thurs until my course ends. And he approved! Then, he pitched the idea to my big boss and he too, said it was OK! But, he added that I had better get an A grade, in an email broadcast to everyone else in the office... Wah lao eh... Stress, you know?!

Haha...but it's OK, I will definitely do my best in this course! Ganbatte~!

Sometimes, this is why I like smaller companies. They are kinda more flexible sometimes~ =)

Gonna have Punggol Nasi Lemak for supper tomorrow after class with Crystelle! Deardear might be joining us...hee. =)

I got to go get my beauty sleep now... Nites!

Sweet dreams... =)

loving you, 7/29/2008 12:39:00 AM.
Monday, July 28, 2008

Met Crystelle at Kovan yesterday to do some revision. I think she wasn’t able to absorb everything in the last lesson, she mentioned to me that her brain was like a sponge that was full already. So she kinda blanked out in the middle of the lecture.

Had lunch at Mom’s home yesterday before meeting Crystelle and Mom asked me to bring some durians back for Deardear. It’s nearing the end of durian season now. She has been following my aunts and uncle to pick durians almost every day… haha. She says that there are so many durians to pick, some days they can even have a harvest of almost 50 durians in a few hours! That’s crazy man… but free durians, so good! No need to buy, haha. So I brought one box back for Deardear.

Saturday, I had a funny conversation with Deardear. He called me in the afternoon when I was at home. The conversation went something like that:

Him: Where are you?
Me: At home
Him: Which home?
Me: … Aunt’s home.

LOL! I think it is funny lah… We have a home at Woodlands which is my mom’s home. Then we have 2 homes at Hougang. One is Laopa’s home and the other is Aunt’s home. Keke. No wonder he was confused. =X

Anyway, about the Monkey’s issue, it is no longer about its alleged plastic surgery. It is now about its alleged plagiarism. And its misuse of foundation on its face arms and shoulders, judging from some of the photos of it posted on the Net. =X

Saw the latest blog entry of Xiaxue and I agree strongly with one point of hers that a blog is for one to express their own opinions and if the Monkey has none, then why open up a blog??? What’s worse is when the Monkey gets paid for supposedly blogging its opinions, when it blatantly plagiarized so many entries! That is just unfair and disgusting…

And…someone dug up more info about the Monkey… It’s really quite an eye opener. Kudos man… You either have a lot of free time or you work part time as an investigator? Lol~ but…pretty good detective work. =) Check out the links at my Reads section on the left.

Btw...I mentioned previously that there was no reason for Deardear to buy me a branded bag right? Turns out that there is a reason and that reason is coming real soon!!

This Friday is our 2nd year anniversary!!! YIPPEEE!!! So excited! I can't wait~ But we're both working on that day...but it's ok, we'll go for a late dinner and then celebrate more on Sunday lor... No choice. It's like that when there is real life to contend with. Hais.

But I can't wait!! =)


loving you, 7/28/2008 09:10:00 PM.
Saturday, July 26, 2008

See my previous entry? Hottest topic in the Blogosphere in Singapore

I just got linked on that blog. Like, whoa, the owner of that blog works fast man!
Here's the entry --> Thanks Fellow Bloggers!!


But I neglected to mention that I am a Xiaxue supporter! Even though Deardear does not really like me to read her blog, because he thinks that she likes to complain too much. =X Hah, that's why I like to read her blog!

Xiaxue FTW!

BTW, check out this online petition to STOMP on Justice for Plagiarizers! Sign it if you believe Dawn Yang should be fired for plagiarizing!


loving you, 7/26/2008 09:44:00 PM.

EDIT: To add in the Dawn Wayang blog.

A hate site dedicated to Dawn Yang, making a play on her name and her blog site. This is one never say die hate site! It originated from Xanga, it got shut down, and it went back up again using a different username, but it got shut down AGAIN. So it moved to Blogspot where it's still happily there as the official DawnWayang blog. Someone even bought the domain name, dawnwayang.com!

Heh, to me at least.

I'm sure a lot of you will know what I'm referring to.

Xiaxue vs Dawn Yang (Yeo).

Xiaxue aka Wendy Cheng.

She is the Queen of Singapore Blogosphere. I've always enjoyed her blog, because it's pretty funny and entertaining. I stumbled across her blog by accident, actually. It was through a forum that I used to frequent, which has closed down now. I saw this thread on the then famous Taxi Snatcher, who was a member of the forum too. Anyway, she is a full time blogger who earns money through her blog. Wah lao, I also want! =X

Dawn Yang or Yeo. Whatever.

Famous in the Blogosphere for her bimbo blog featuring her decadent partying lifestyle and her pretty pictures. But there have always been persistent rumors that she has undergone the knife to achieve what she looks like now. Some have even managed to get her old pictures and do a comparison throughout the years. There are also many forum threads and blogs about her. Some support, most not support.

Well, I've always been a reader of both their blogs. So, I have been following up on this saga. If you wanna know more, please visit this blog, very informative and updated. Aptly named XXvsDY, which stands for Xiaxue vs Dawn Yang. The owner of this blogspot have collated a lot of the data regarding this issue.

Seems that not only did Dawn Yang allegedly undergo plastic surgery, some of her personal blog entries, her advertorials and her STOMP blog entries (she was a STOMP 'star' blogger) was also plagiarized. Hmm. If this is all true, then...I think she is in deep shit.

Dawn threatened to sue Xiaxue over a now deleted entry that contained a few very defaming points made about her. But it seems that Xiaxue is not backing down, and what is worse for Dawn now is that readers that dislike her are digging up more incriminating stuff about her left right and centre and posting them onto Cozycot. And all the information is in XXvsDY.

Very interesting lah this whole thing! Go read XXvsDY if you are interested like me. =D


loving you, 7/26/2008 05:05:00 PM.

Alone in our room now...listening to music, eating my fave Macadamia chocolates and lying on my bed blogging.

Ahh...loving the simple pleasures in my life. =)

Deardear's at work now... I don't have much time to spend with him nowadays, what with my school work and him not getting any weekends off... Ever since he got transferred to Parkway Parade, I've not been to meet him for dinner. Partly because it is super troublesome to do down to Parkway from my office and also because he can't dine out now. =( *sigh* I liked it much better when he was at Marina Sq, but...no choice lor. Deardear's reliving at Bt Panjang Plaza now...so far!! Maybe can meet him and his friends for supper... Heh, after Deardear got his bicycle, he has been cycling a lot! Which is good. And after we moved here, he has been meeting up with them more often, which is also good lah~ I wanna learn how to cycle and swim!!! Because my ankles are hurting now, I can't do any form of exercise!! Grr..at least cycling and swimming is not too hard on ankles right?

Anyway, I just changed my blogskins. =D One of my hobbies now is changing my blogskins. Too bad I don't know how to create them on my own. The best I can do is to take someone else's skin and modify it to suit myself. But of course I still give them credits OK?

Got to go home to Woodlands tomorrow for lunch~ Then might be meeting Crystelle to do some studying...

Alright...I'm off to watch my TV programs on tudou.com! I'm hooked on Beach Ball Babes and Perfect Cut right now... But I often have no time to watch because of class or whatever, so I resort to going online to watch them... I'm telling you, I love that website! Hee.

I'm out~


loving you, 7/26/2008 03:10:00 PM.
Friday, July 25, 2008

Almost everyday after lunch, I'll feel sleepy... =X Must get more sleep during weekdays..

Anyway, I am BURSTING with curiosity at what Deardear have bought me!!! So I fathomed a few guesses.

  • Big Tweety? Big Piglet? Big big big soft toy of my favourite character?
    Pretty possible.

  • Branded Bag! Hehe, cos most girls just love branded stuff, and I am like most girls. =X
    Not very possible, not like Deardear to waste money on a branded bag for no special reason.

  • Spa sessions? Gym membership?
    Not very possible also...this kind of things need deposit one meh?!

  • Bicycle!
    Not very possible also...cos I still can't cycle!

    Aiya, run out of ideas liao...

    Never mind about that, I will know when the time comes...

    Saw this Fail Blog from E Buzz. Super duper funny, have already linked it in my blog. Entertaining!

    loving you, 7/25/2008 01:51:00 PM.

  • Been having this pain in my ankles for a few days now.. I suspect it's because I skipped rope without wearing shoes. =X Dumb dumb of me, cos my ankles are hurting now! =(

    It hurts slightly when I walk, but it hurts even more when I run for the bus...

    I think I need to see those Chinese sinseh, get Deardear to accompany me later, since he's off today...

    Hmmm...Deardear told me he bought something for me... But it's not ready yet, and he has already place a deposit for it. But he refuses to tell me what is it!!! I am almost dying from curiosity! Wonder when will I get it...

    loving you, 7/25/2008 08:46:00 AM.
    Thursday, July 24, 2008

    It's the first time in my life that I'm working full time and studying part time, and it is tiring lor! Just came back from a late dinner with Deardear... I'm having lessons every Tues and Thurs @ the Singapore Chinese Chambers, from 7pm to 10pm. TIRED! But no choice, it was my own decision and I'm not gonna regret it!

    I'm typing this blog entry on our new Asus EEE PC 1000H! Heehee. Love it to bits! It is super cute! And chio~ Will post pics once available. And our mouse is darn cool too! Laser wireless mouse! =D

    Anyway, our lecturer for this module is super cool and super experienced. He has been involved with trading, shipping, air shipping and even law. He has a law degree from the University of London and has his own law firm. Super cool right?! Haha, and he doesn't look older than 60, but he's already 70! We like him. =)

    So I have been really tired man...hoping that I can get a good rest so that I can concentrate on my studies in the weekends~

    Alright lah, I got to go take a bath and sleep, tomorrow's still got to work. But it's ok, the weekend is coming!!! I have never been anticipating it more than now!

    I'm out!

    loving you, 7/24/2008 11:47:00 PM.
    Tuesday, July 22, 2008

    I DO!

    I just found out about this website through a friend's blog. And I've been browsing through it. The idea is quite cool.

  • Each new user has 6 points available to redeem samples.
  • The website has a lot of free product samples available for us to choose.
  • We choose what we want, just pay the postage and they'll mail it to us!
  • We use the products and then write a review of it on the website product page and earn more points to redeem more products!
  • They also have contests and stuff, which we can earn prizes if we participate in it.

    I love the idea of it.

    Because I'm a cheapo. =X Maybe that's half true. I like the idea of trying out the samples before I buy them. But I'm kinda shy and paiseh to ask for samples from the counter girls. And I don't mind paying a nominal postage fee to have it delivered to my doorstep. Besides, some products that they have on the website does not have any samples readily available outside! That is kinda awesome, isn't it!? Heh.

    I have requested for my first sample yesterday.

    The Covermark Moisture Veil

    This is a brand of foundation that I've heard of but just never really thought of trying. Right now, the foundation that I am using is Silkygirl's 2 way cake, which I feel is cheap and good! But it's not perfect. So I'm on the lookout for other brands of foundation that can work better for my oily skin. I previously bought a foundation from Sasa, but that foundation sucks...and I've learnt my lesson! So...rather than fork out $55 (RRP) for the full size foundation and risk wasting the money if the foundation is not suitable, I'd rather get a sample size from the website and test it first! Win-win situation for me! Hee. =X

    Anyway, we get points for referrals too. So, if any of you wanna help me out, just click on the icon below to get registered! =)

  • Alright, I'm out!

    loving you, 7/22/2008 10:56:00 AM.

    Heh, caught The Dark Knight yesterday @ Cathay Downtown East. Tickets only $6 for UOB card users!

    OMG, the movie is totally awesome!! I loved it. Batman is becoming my 2nd favourite superhero after Spiderman. =P

    Will post a review of it later.

    By the way, Deardear bought his bicycle already! Darn chio! There was another bicycle frame that he liked, a red Trek frame. Super duper nice, he showed me the picture, but they didn't have his size, 17 1/2 inches for all the other colors of that frame, they only have 15 1/2 inches. But the bicycle that he bought later is chio too! Deardear said he spotted that bicycle the moment he walked into the shop and liked it alot. Haha, I likened it to a feeling of 'love at first sight'. =X He's so happy with it... Glad that you like it. =) *muacks* But he has assured me that I am his first love! Haha. I better be! If not smack your pigu until flower bloom~

    K, I got to go work. Update more later~

    I'm out.

    loving you, 7/22/2008 08:58:00 AM.
    Friday, July 18, 2008

    Wee! We have decided to get the Asus EEE PC laptop~ But we are getting the newer version with bigger screen! Yeah! And more storage! Woot woot!

    Eee PC 1000(H)
    Embrace Easy, Excellent and Exciting Computing with New Eee PC™ 1000

    Asus EEE PC 1000

    I've read the reviews and the battery life is pretty good compared to the other brands of mini laptops, thanks to its six cell battery!

    But it's all sold out in Singapore. And we'd have to make a booking for it and maybe have to wait for a few weeks before we can get our hands on it...but no choice~ It's an ideal choice for us, small enough but the screen is not THAT small, unlike the previous model of 9in, this model has a screen of 10in and it really makes a difference. And it has six different colors! Sakura, Sweet Pea, Urban Metropolis, White Peony, Pearl White and Fine Ebony. I want a Sakura colored one! But I think Deardear will reject my choice. *hee*


    loving you, 7/18/2008 11:14:00 AM.
    Thursday, July 17, 2008

    ~ Cupcakes Deardear bought for me on 09.07.08 ~

    Deardear bought it at angelzcup @ Suntec City. So pretty~~

    I think this one looks like 'da bian'. =X

    We already ate 2, that's why got 2 holes~ Lol~

    But sad to say, they didn't taste very good though. Too sweet. >< But it's the lovely thought that counts ~ Hee.


    loving you, 7/17/2008 09:34:00 PM.
    Monday, July 14, 2008

    Yes! Finally. After 3 months plus of waiting for Deardear to buy for me! Haha. Cos it was in April when I was sick, Deardear said when I recovered, he'll buy durians for me... And circumstances lead to me waiting and waiting for my durian~ Finally got to eat it last Saturday. Hee. Bought it at Hougang Central while on our way to Laopa's house. 3 for $20, kinda ex, but Yummy~!

    We caught

    Red Cliff

    yesterday (Sunday). I was supposed to meet Cherrie for some chocolate fondue, but at the last minute, something came up...so we postpone lah~ See when ya free, babe!

    Red Cliff...it was ok lah.. But I must say that I first thought the actors were wrong for their characters when I saw the trailers. Cos according to history, Zhuge-Liang was NOT handsome. Lol! But of course, being the professionals that they are, the actors did a good job~ Even first timer, Lin Chi Ling, as Xiao Qiao. She is SO beautiful, she doesn't even have eye bags or dark eye circles like us normal mortals! The other lady in the movie, the dancer that Cao Cao fantasized was Xiao Qiao cannot be compared with her lor!! Not one bit!

    Hmmm, not much fighting going on, because it's Part 1. The fighting will be in Part 2. Can't wait for it!
    Rating: 3/5

    After the movie, we went for dinner at Secret Recipes! The main course was alright lah, nothing special. But...but...my Oreo Cheesecake and Deardear's New York Cheesecake was the Bomb! I had been craving for Oreo Cheesecake for a while already! Finally got my craving satisfied. It's super duper yummy! The texture is so OMG and it's not so sweet. We walked around a little also and I saw this super duper adorable Chopper soft toy!! I absolutely love it to bits! But...cannot waste money! Besides, I wanna wait and see if there will be other cuter versions. Hee.

    On Saturday, we caught

    Hellboy 2

    ! Quite funny, unexpectedly. Some of the creatures look like the creatures from another movie, Pan's Labyrinth. Think that's because one of the producers or directors did Pan's Labyrinth. Haha...
    Rating: 2.9/5

    Before the movie, we went to Boss house @ Hougang for house warming. Very funny...at first I wanted to take cab to Boss house, but after waiting for a while, no cab...so Deardear called his uncle for help, see if he knows where is the place, cos he's very familiar with Hougang area. And turns out that it's very near our house! Just walk straight down for about 5 minutes and we will reach already. Lol~ Imagine if we took a cab, I think the cab uncle will scold us! Boss's house is really nice! It's a maisonette and he spent over 100k to renovate it... *faints* But it's nice~

    Haircut! + Virgin Dye Job

    I had a haircut and a dye job yesterday! Ok lah, not so much a haircut, but just a little trim and did I mention, I dyed my hair! Keke, first time ever! Dyed it at Snip's Avenue @ Hougang~ Chocolate Raspberry. I like the name. =x Hee. Sounds very yummy. =P

    Deardear bought some cupcakes for me the other day. Very sweet, not very nice. Haha, but it's the thought that counts! *lovelove* Shall upload the pictures later~~

    K lah...not feeling so well today.

    =( Wanna go home and rest! I want my Deardear.


    loving you, 7/14/2008 04:33:00 PM.
    Saturday, July 12, 2008

    Thai Express!

    Yummy! I missed the food there~ The service wasn't so bad either. Will post pics up later. We were at Plaza Singapura waiting to catch the movie, Hellboy 2~

    Before that, I met Deardear at Orchard after my work and we walked to Tanglin Plaza to see bicycles! Had a hard time finding it though. =X Walked sooo far and the darn bicycle shop was closed! *argh* Nvm, at least Deardear was still happy, cos he got a look at the bicycles they were selling.

    On our way there, we passed by another bicycle shop, Tay Junction. Let me tell you, the stupid uncle was SO FUCKING RUDE. Deardear was on the phone with his friend, asking the friend about this bicycle shop, and we were standing outside, looking at the bicycles. Then this uncle walked to the door, flipped the DAMN CLOSED sign and switched off the bloody lights. I was so fucking PISSED!
    Never ever ever go to this shop! And we heard from his friend that this shop looks at your skin color before giving you any service, as in, you know lah, treats 'ang mohs' better. Damn bloody idiot. Slapping his own face. Hmph.

    Never go to TAY JUNCTION, situated at this building beside the Tanglin Plaza. He's selling only the brand 'SPECIALIZED' bicycles.

    K lah, we are on our way to Boss house for housewarming!

    I'm out!

    loving you, 7/12/2008 01:06:00 PM.
    Tuesday, July 08, 2008

    Went bowling with Deardear and the babes on Sat @ Mt Faber Safra. (Minus Chris and Do. >< )

    I like that place. =) And there was some sort of a bazaar going on. Quite happening. Lol~

    Been aching since then. =X And because I am so incredibly unfit, my left thigh's still aching a bit from my incredibly awesome bowling pose. Heehee. They commented that the ball looks very light when I bowl. Haha. =P

    We haven't been bowling for quite a while already and the kick is back! I wanna go bowling!!! Even though we pretty much sucked on Saturday. =X

    After bowling, we were planning to go to this new walk trail near Mt Faber but after bowling 2 games, we were all shagged. Besides, we had other things on too. We are all adults now, busy with our own personal life. How time flies...

    Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed the game. First time ever that we went bowling together. Heh.

    After bowling, me and Deardear went Vivo to walk walk see see and to buy tickets for Hancock. But the tickets were almost sold out...so we decided to go Plaza Sing.

    Cos Deardear thought it'll be less crowded. I doubted it at first, but when we reached there, it was really less crowded than at Vivo.

    Before we went Plaza Sing, we went walk walk around Pet Safari! So cute lor! But it was really crowded inside the shop. Saw this really cute local breed puppy that Deardear said he'd like to own one day. Papillon, (sounds like Birkenstock slippers!) darn cute! Deardear also said if one day we are able and have a big enough house, he'd like to have 3 Huskies, 1 Papillion, and dunno what other breeds. I remarked that I won't dare to come home if that really happens! Hah.~

    Enjoyed myself that day. =)

    I have something I wanna complain about!!

    Me and a colleague applied for NTUC SEP Funding for this diploma course that we are taking and it's been 2 months plus and we haven't heard from NTUC at all! I've called like twice and there was nothing the customer service person can do, except to put in a note to ask the person in charge to contact us urgently. But until now, no news! I'm gonna call again later. So pissed.


    loving you, 7/08/2008 11:20:00 AM.
    Sunday, July 06, 2008


    Caught this movie yesterday @ Plaza Sing with Deardear.

    Well, this movie didn't get a lot of good reviews, but I liked it. It's different from other Superhero types. And, it focuses more on the struggles that a superhero might face. And...the storyline is really unexpected. I think the whole movie was really enjoyable. And I like Will Smith too! =D

    Rating: 4/5

    loving you, 7/06/2008 08:18:00 PM.

    SO PISSED OFFFFF!!!!!!!!


    We did not get the Punggol Sapphire flat AGAIN! Third fucking time. AND WE ARE FIRST TIMERS! What the FUCK?

    And I really liked this location. AND I applied on the FIRST day!

    We got queue number 1300 plus, out of 700 plus flats available.


    loving you, 7/06/2008 07:50:00 PM.
    Thursday, July 03, 2008

    Wee. Watched this movie on Tuesday night.



    Credit: GV

    Based upon Mark Millars explosive graphic novel series and helmed by stunning visualist director Timur Bekmambetovcreator of the most successful Russian film franchise in history, the Night Watch seriesWanted tells the tale of one apathetic nobodys transformation into an unparalleled enforcer of justice. In 2008, the world will be introduced to a hero for a new generation: Wesley Gibson. 25-year-old Wes (James McAvoy) was the most disaffected, cube-dwelling drone the planet had ever known. His boss chewed him out hourly, his girlfriend ignored him routinely and his life plodded on interminably. Everyone was certain this disengaged slacker would amount to nothing. There was little else for Wes to do but wile away the days and die in his slow, clock-punching rut. Until he met a woman named Fox (Angelina Jolie). After his estranged father is murdered, the deadly sexy Fox recruits Wes into the Fraternity, a secret society that trains Wes to avenge his dads death by unlocking his dormant powers. As she teaches him how to develop lightning-quick reflexes and phenomenal agility, Wes discovers this team lives by an ancient, unbreakable code: carry out the death orders given by fate itself. With wickedly brilliant tutorsincluding the Fraternitys enigmatic leader, Sloan (Morgan Freeman)Wes grows to enjoy all the strength he ever wanted. But, slowly, he begins to realize there is more to his dangerous associates than meets the eye. And as he wavers between newfound heroism and vengeance, Wes will come to learn what no one could ever teach him: he alone controls his destiny.

    The show rocks!!! Very exciting and Angelina Jolie is darn sexy! I never really thought of her as beautiful...and I still don't. But now, I think she is DAMN sexy! Very cool show. I loved it. The storyline is definitely interesting and never a dull moment in the show.

    Rating: 4.5/5


    And I wanna watch this!!!!!!!! Even though the rating given by 8Days is not so good.


    There are heroes... there are superheroes... and then there's Hancock (Will Smith). With great power comes great responsibility everyone knows that everyone, that is, but Hancock. Edgy, conflicted, sarcastic, and misunderstood, Hancock's well-intentioned heroics might get the job done and save countless lives, but always seem to leave jaw-dropping damage in their wake. The public has finally had enough as grateful as they are to have their local hero, the good citizens of Los Angeles are wondering what they ever did to deserve this guy. Hancock isn't the kind of man who cares what other people think until the day that he saves the life of PR executive Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman), and the sardonic superhero begins to realize that he may have a vulnerable side after all. Facing that will be Hancock's greatest challenge yet and a task that may prove impossible as Ray's wife, Mary (Charlize Theron), insists that he's a lost cause.

    I loved the trailer. Hee. Nothing like a bo chup Superhero revamping his image. Lol~

    loving you, 7/03/2008 10:59:00 AM.


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    Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor and His Leg...
    Transformers + New baby!!
    Ì cooked, I ate, I watched.

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