Monday, September 29, 2008

There's this new restaurant that sells Thai food @ Kovan, that just opened not long ago. Me and Deardear have always passed by  but we have yet to try it out~ So...last Tuesday, after my class ended early, I met Deardear at Kovan and we had our dinner/supper ~

First up, our all time favourite, Pineapple Fried Rice~ This was average, but one thing special was they had added raisins! And when you eat a mouthful of the rice, together with the raisins and cashew nuts, darn nice! =D~

pineapple fried rice

Another of our all time favourite: Tom Yum Soup~ Funny, I used to dislike Tom Yum Soup, because I thought it had a funny taste. If only I liked it when my dad was still around, then he could have brought me to try all the yummy Tom Yum Soups! But it's ok...now I have Deardear~ =)

Their Chicken Tom Yum Soup is yummy... I feel that it is just nice for most Singaporean's taste. But Deardear prefers it to be hotter and more sour. *freak* =X The chicken meat in the soup was so tender and so tasty!!!

tom yum soup

One of the yummier dishes~ The pork was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and it was very fragrant too! And the garlic  wasn't too overpowering~ Overall, we really liked this dish~

deep fried pork with garlic

This dish looked really yummy from the outside. But, the stuffing inside tasted kinda weird. It had a strong mushroomy smell which covered the original taste of the chicken. We were not impressed by it. T_T

stuffed boneless chicken

stuffed boneless chicken 2

The not so yummy veggies~ We didn't even finish it. =X


But, overall, the food was rather good, the pricing was reasonable and it's so near our house! We'll definitely go back again~

loving you, 9/29/2008 12:25:00 PM.
Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Keke. Mobile blogging now on my way to lunch! Show you guys my super duper cute ice cream accessory! But my phone got problem liao....the keypads are all cracked in the centre. :( My 2 year handphone contract finishing in december and I wanna get a new phone! This time, I wanna get a flip phone! But there aren't any nice flip phones recently. Hopefully, there'll be some nice models coming out soon.

loving you, 9/23/2008 01:22:00 PM.
Monday, September 22, 2008

Guess what we had for tea break again today!

Don Pie!

It's really huge lor, and we had to cut it like a cake. Keke. You seldom see places that sells pies like that right??

Normally it is sold in smaller individual pieces.

The filling was delicious! Yummy creamy potato with chunks of tender chicken meat and mixed vegetables. *drools* And it smelt so nice!!

After work today, I had dinner with my colleagues and some customers... Nothing much today. But today wasn't quite as blue as normal Mondays. Heh.

loving you, 9/22/2008 04:26:00 PM.

Next month's my birthday... I'm getting old already! But it's OK, because I've had a whole 10 months to get used to the idea that I am 23 this year.

I wonder what gifts I'll get this year.

Though I already know one present I'll get this year!

A $200 angbao from the Gah-men! Hehe. Just kidding lah... It's just the GST Offset Package. But still, it's money leh!

Next month, Deardear and I will be selecting our flat! Finally... We got a queue number of 100+ for Punggol Breeze. I really like staying at the North-East side. Keke, I save quite a lot on transport~

I suddenly thought of what Xmas gifts I'll be buying for my family this year... I mean, we never celebrate Xmas and we never give each other gifts, but this year, I feel like buying something for them. Keke.

This entry is so random..

loving you, 9/22/2008 01:52:00 PM.
Sunday, September 21, 2008

Met up with Chris on Friday night, did some catching up, had dinner @ Secret Recipe. The Chicken Cordon Bleu and the Fish Fillet Catch of the Day was great~ Yummeh! Deardear joined us for dinner too~ No pics of the food, cos we were busy talking and eating. Heehee.

After dinner, Deardear went back to work and we went for dessert @ Ben & Jerry's!

Mine! Strawberry Kiwi Sorbet and Funky Monkey (Banana with yummy walnuts) with a free scoop of Jamaican Crazy (Pineapple)! Fruit themed!

We talked and talked until Deardear got off work. Keke. Soo much to catch up on. I'm just happy that things are going fine for her! =)
Grats on the promotion, babe! And remember, one of these days, I'm gonna go for your church service with you! Hehe.

Something to share~ Cute Tweety tissue boxes at work!

Super duper cute right?!

Went back home yesterday, and sis asked if I wanted to catch a movie @ Causeway Point~ Asked mom to go along and we wanted to catch The Days but...Cathay doesn't screen it. Sucks! So, we thought of watching Boys over Flowers, because I STILL have not caught it yet. Deardear
doesn't want to watch it with me. =(

In the end, we caught Disaster Movie. Goodness, it is a disaster alright... Seriously one of the worst movies I've ever watched. Lol...please don't waste your money! Scary Movie was way better.

1 apple out of 5 apples!

We also bought this uber cute ice cream handphone accessories @ Action City! I only realised that it lights up when my sis told me! Haha, she's more kan chiong than me!
Cute right?! My sis had the green one~

After that, I met Deardear at Kovan for supper @ Joe's Cafe, Simon Road.

Our yucky ice lemon tea which tasted like sour plum juice... T_T

Our salty-tasteless-mushroom soup. Hais. I have not had good mushroom soup in AGES man! What is up with the restaurants here?? Is good mushroom soup that hard to cook??

Deardear had chicken chop...which was um, not nice too. We wanted to try their desserts initially, but...no mood anymore after the meal!

The only good thing from this whole meal. Our deep fried calamari! With a yummeh mayo-wasabi sauce! But we probably won't go back there again.

Yummeh Ramen~ @ Central!

Ramen Marutama @ #03-90. This restaurant only has like 5 types of ramen available? And I think the soups are all chicken based. Very simple and delicious. I reallyed enjoyed the bowl of hot steaming noodles.

Me and Crystelle had the spicy ramen. But by looking at it, you can't tell that it is spicy! When the noodles were served, I thought the guy had given us a wrong order. After one sip of the soup, I was convinced the order was right... It was spiceh! But it looks un-spicy. Lol, quite interesting.

$12 a bowl. Pretty expensive in my opinion, given the amount of ingredients, but the cha-shu was superb!

loving you, 9/21/2008 08:31:00 PM.

Am watching the Frog Prince...

Shan Junhao: Remember, Ye Tianyu, you must always be happy and smile. If meeting me was the reason to cause tears to drop from your eyes, then I'd rather you not have met me at all...

And he left her, because he was causing them a lot of trouble.

So sweet right...but so sad..

This is my all time favourite TV drama! The only show that I have the DVD of...but...it's missing already. T_T

I super love this show... The first time I saw it, it made me wish I had my own fairytale romance too... And I love the male lead too!

Been feeling really sian nowadays...no mood to even go jogging.. =(

loving you, 9/21/2008 11:50:00 AM.
Friday, September 19, 2008

The man I will stand by for the rest of our lives... Life is blissful, though we have our ups and downs. After all, married life is gonna be so boring without a little spice right?! =P


Deardear and me ROM Collage

And....my babes!~ Who can forget them? I'm glad that we got to know each other in Poly.. Even though we are all busy with our own lives now, we must keep in contact!! Speaking of which, I will be meeting Chris tonight @ Vivo! =) Been soo long since we've met up.

Keke *say cheese!*


Love you babes~

babes collage

Nice photos right?! Was blog hopping, and saw Sarah's post where she recommended this tool for editing photos.

I've always wanted to do collages like this!! But I didn't know how to... Now I can! Haha~

Check out Photoscape on Download.com!

It rocks~

loving you, 9/19/2008 12:17:00 PM.
Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hohoho, look what we've got for tea break!

Treat from Bossie.

DURIAN PUFFS!!!! Super yummy!!

Egg Tarts!


loving you, 9/17/2008 01:57:00 PM.
Tuesday, September 16, 2008



loving you, 9/16/2008 08:24:00 AM.
Monday, September 15, 2008

Been feeling kinda weird these days...

Like, I just don't feel like doing anything... Yesterday I went jogging but..I went home after less than half an hour.. It was such a pity, because the weather was great yesterday.

After that, I went home...took 161 from the interchange. Then...a few stops from the interchange, this guy came on the bus and with plenty of empty seats around, he had to sit beside me! Immediately, I was pissed man... Like, wth, so many empty seats around, why do you have to sit beside me?? I looked at him, he...looked like a typical nerd, like those poorly groomed guys, with a little mustache and glasses.

I stared at him, he stared back. Goodness! Some people just don't get it!!

So of course I don't want to sit beside him. I said EXCUSE ME loudly and he just looked at me with a blur face for a while and moved slightly aside.

I got out and moved to a seat further in front. And that's it lah.

Just wanted to rant.

Funny leh some people. So many empty seats don't want to sit...

Or maybe I was sitting at his favourite seat?

loving you, 9/15/2008 08:57:00 PM.

Friday Night

I had to do some OT, so I waited for Deardear in the office until he came to fetch me. Then we went for dinner supper at this coffeeshop near my workplace which sells nice bak chor mee (minced meat noodles). Delish!

After which, we went for a movie @ Cathay~ Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I wanted to watch my Boys over Flowers...but no timing. T_T

But it was a good thing, because we really enjoyed this movie.

Jason Segel (aka Peter Bretter) is really funny. I've never took notice of him before...but he grabbed my attention in this movie, because it is so well written. Yes, he wrote the script. I think that's why he was able to portray the character so well.

Kirsten Bell (aka Sarah Marshall) is so cute! She was quite good, playing the good guy and bad guy. She was the bad guy for cheating on Peter but, it was also due to Peter being too 'nua', being too comfortable in his sweats.

Russell Brand (aka Aldous Snow) was great. He is so funny. Peter should be hating him for bonking his girlfriend but he seems too cool to hate!

And Mila Kunis (aka Rachel Jansen) is way gorgeous!! And she was very likeable in her role. =D

As expected, the movie had a happy ending~ I love happy endings. Keke.

The movie is hilarious, without getting too lame or too gross. There was a fair amount of nudity though, which I didn't expect even with a M18 rating. Haha.. It's a first for me, seeing so much nudity in a movie in a Singapore cinema. Or maybe it's just me?

loving you, 9/15/2008 08:30:00 AM.
Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yesterday after work, Don gave me a lift to Tampines (thanks ah!), met up with Deardear and his friends and we went for dinner at Fish & Co.! Keke, the first place we had our date. =P

Deardear went to Malaysia with his friends yesterday and he bought mooncakes back! We shall have a mooncake feast! He also bought some chocolates back~ *yums*

Fish & Co. is having a promotion for Citibank card holders now, till end of March 2009, I think.
If you make payment using Citibank card, you'll get 2 free drinks if you order any 2 main courses. =) Choices of drinks are Coke/Sprite/Iced Tea/Kola Tonic/Passionfruit.

I had the Kola Tonic and it was quite nice lah, but....too sweet.

Our soup of the day - Fish Chowder.

Eh....not very nice. T_T No taste.

My order~ Seafood platter for one! I was ravenous! It was yummy, (I've always loved their seafood platter) but the food wasn't hot enough to me.

Deardear's New York Fish & Chips! But with rice instead of chips. My 2nd favourite dish after the Seafood Platter. xD

Was soooooo full after the meal! Told myself never to eat until so full ever again! Because it is not only unhealthy, it is also canceling out the effects of my running!!

Then I run for what?!

loving you, 9/11/2008 09:50:00 AM.
Wednesday, September 10, 2008

After class yesterday, Deardear came to fetch me~

I was watching people 猜灯迷 by the Riverside while waiting for him at Central. It's really pretty there! They have these zodiac lanterns there and performances like Chinese dance performances. The girls are really pretty! Haha.

A piggy zodiac lantern~

A moo moo cow zodiac lantern!~

It was really festive there, I could feel the mood~ It makes me wanna eat mooncakes and fly to the moon. Haha!

Deardear asked what to eat since it was sort of my territory. Then I remembered reading Jasmine's blog earlier yesterday! I remembered her post about Ramen Santouka! Heehee. But I had a problem remembering the name...there were sooo many Japanese restaurants there! It was a lucky guess lah...haha. Since it was already 9.30pm then, we hurried to the restaurant. Thanks to Deardear's exceptional navigational skills, we managed to find it without any problems. =X

It was really empty at the restaurant, with only one Japanese couple inside. I always have this thinking, if a Japanese restaurant has many Japanese patrons, then it must mean the food is good! Haha~

Deardear playing a fool~

I wanted to try the Gyoza, but the friendly waitress said it's sold out! Sad...

They have a total of 4 different flavours for their ramen. (If I remember correctly)

  • Salt
  • Soy sauce
  • Spicy fermented soybean
  • Miso
I had the soy sauce one, and Deardear had the spicy fermented soybean.



Looks yummy right?! And it tastes yummy too! I do love the pork, very flavourful~ Even the fats was yummy!

The portion was just right and there were quite a few slices of pork! Which me and Deardear loved that they were generous with the ingredients.

Our rating for this ramen is 9/10. Minus one point for the soup being a tad too salty. But other than that, everything was wonderful~!

Service was good too! They have a lot of Japanese staff. I absoulutely loved the way they greeted us in Japanese! Keke. They just sound very nice when they speak Japanese. Haha.

One more thing that we both found rather amazing.

Each table had their own flask for ice water!


I've never seen any restaurants that provide each table with their own individual flask!
Haha, or maybe I'm just suaku~

We really enjoyed the food! Thanks Jasmine!

loving you, 9/10/2008 08:26:00 AM.
Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Remember my previous previous post about me passing my exams and my boss said he'll buy mum mum for me?

Check out what he bought!!

Ice cream mooncakes from Haagen-Dazs!


They are super chio lor! And super duper duper yummy!!

Upper left: Cookies & Cream
Upper right: Strawberry
Lower right: Macadamia Nut
Lower left: Chocolate

They even have yolks! Yolks of delicious mango sorbet!

I was in heaven for like 10 mins... Haha! Of course they were not for me alone, all my colleagues also shared with us. Keke, my boss had asked us to choose between this and Goodwood Park's snow skin mooncakes. But I don't eat snow skin! So we rather have this! Wahhaha.

SGD$88 for these 4 pieces. Worth it?

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, y'all!

loving you, 9/09/2008 04:50:00 PM.

Keke, saw this at my workplace. They were doing some upgrading works and they also did an overhaul of the elevator. The old one, really cannot make it!

But this new one had some 'problems' too... You know some elevators have a voice that announces which floor we are on right? Well, this elevator's voice is really annoying! It has a funny accent and just jars the ears.. But, the management have already removed it, so it's a blessing to our ears.

Then the other day, I discovered another error!

I took this picture and sent it to Deardear~

Haha, I thought it was really funny.


loving you, 9/09/2008 04:04:00 PM.


  • My Nike sports bra, which is oh-so-comfy!
  • My pink Reebok top, which I love lots!
  • My Reebok shorts which is super comfy too~
  • My Adidas running shoes, which I love super lots!!
Thank you Laogong~

Went jogging last Sunday morning. I woke up really early, around 8am. Couldn't sleep...so I went jogging! The stadium was already quite crowded at this timing, quite a few families with their little kids. Sooo cute!

Saturday, we went picnic with Deardear's dad and his brothers @ Pasir Ris ~
It was fun, the weather was glorious! Deardear attempted to teach me how to ride a bicycle...but...I found it so hard!
It's really better to learn when you are a kid... Next time, I will teach my kids swimming and cycling, etc, when they are young. So that they won't end up like me. =(
Deardear was really impatient with me too. Hais.. But it's ok, he apologised and I'll get another chance to learn again!

Sunday was family day...haha, we were busy sending moon cakes to my mom and our grandmas. Haven't been to see my grandma in ages. Felt so guilty...will go back again next week. I have made a resolution to be more filial to her... I felt so sad when I realised that she has really aged... I don't think I'd ever have a chance to drink her chicken soup again... =( But it's alright, I will be visiting her every week if I can. =)

After work yesterday, I went to buy porridge for dinner. I placed my order with the auntie. There was already a lady there, who had placed her orders. Then, the uncle who was preparing the food, wanted to give this lady her food, but she said it was the wrong order. The uncle gave this blur face, looked around and told the auntie it was my order.

Then, by right, the auntie should have told the uncle, "No, she just ordered only." Right??

But no, she also gave a blur face and asked if it was my order.

Wah rao eh!

Tulan! I gave a stupid face and told the auntie, "Auntie... I just reached leh. And you just took my order also..."

Haha, I know I was rather rude, that's because I was really irritated. =P

After I reached home, I was having my porridge...and I got bitten 8 freaking times! The home have been having mosquito problems.
GRRR! This stupid mosquito...been biting us for almost a week already. I have suffered more than 20 bites from it!!! And my leg no pretty anymore... =(

So pissed off...so I cleaned up the room. And I killed one mosquito! Smacked it with my palm. Hah! But...turns out that there's more than one mosquito... /faint. Never mind, we bought an electronic swatter.

Tonight, you die!!!!

loving you, 9/09/2008 02:51:00 PM.
Friday, September 05, 2008

I had my 1st class of my 2nd module yesterday and we also got back our results... *cue dramatic music* *bites nails* I was so nervous! My first exam in donkey years leh!

So there I was sitting in class and I opened up the result slip.

The first thing my eye went to was 'GRADE'. And under 'GRADE', there was 'AD'.

I thought to myself, "Huh? What is AD?" My heart was beating like siao!

Then I looked at the bottom of the paper, "AD (90% - 100%) : Distinction"

*pause* *processing thoughts*

Thinking to myself, "OH YEAH!" I turned to Crystelle and smiled. I told her I got a good grade. (And she got a good grade too!)


I then emailed my boss and my manager. Wahaha, I know, I'm so haolian! But good things are meant to be shared~ They asked me to pass with flying colors and I did! Keke.

Seriously though, I never expected to do this well, at most I thought maybe I'd just get a "B". I'm very thankful that I managed to get a good grade. I must continue to Ganbatte!

Deardear made a deal with me.

For every AD I get, Deardear will buy a gift for me! And every A, I will get a treat from him. Hohoho.

For the next AD I get (if I get it lah...), he will get the Agnes B voyage bag for me! The one that I've been eyeing since it was launched! I even thought of buying a knock off from Taiwan Auctions, but I decided not to, haha, cos lose face! =P

My boss even funnier... My manager replied that she will treat me to a drink and my boss say will buy food for me, or I quote, his exact reply:



okie, I buy mum mum for you. :>


LOL! He is so funny~

I also called my mum. Wahaha. I must tell the whole world! *kidding*

We went to KBox @ Hougang yesterday with his colleagues and his classmate. Hmmm, it was quite fun lah, been a while since we went K-ing. Hee. I even sang some songs! Woot! I was in a super good mood yesterday. And his very nice classmate sent us home too. =)

Ok I got to go!

loving you, 9/05/2008 09:44:00 AM.
Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hais. Been really busy nowadays!

Don't even have the time to do proper things like go to Citibank and cancel their lousy Tap'n'Save card. *hmph*

Gonna get Deardear to go on Thursday (his off day) and help me cancel, since he is also cancelling his. Hopefully, can lah, and they won't be so strict about security stuff and needing me in person. If not I will complain! How come DBS can cancel the card over the phone, and they can't?! I am so busy! Then how?! They better let Deardear cancel on my behalf...

But they really have lousy service...call their hotline and you'll see what I mean...

Wanted to go jogging today, but OT-ed until 9pm... Hais. More and more no life liao, wtfbbq~

Ok lah, super tired now. Gonna go sleep.


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loving you, 9/03/2008 12:16:00 AM.
Monday, September 01, 2008

Wee! We went to Ikea last Sunday, I think...

It was fun~ We had our dinner there too, but...stupid me ordered the salmon, cos I thought it looked nice in the picture, but, it was smelly fishy and yucky! =(
In the end, Deardear had to become my rubbish bin. Hee.

We bought new towels! Because the old ones were becoming rags...haha. I got a bright yellow one and Deardear got a red one, it's so fluffy! I love it~

We also bought a red apple corer/slicer! *happies* Now I can cut my apples with one chop! Keke.

For the lazy person who loves to eat apples.

Btw, I'm loving my new sports shoes and outfit! Wee! Will post up pictures only during the weekend...

Class is starting soon~

I wonder how I'll do for the exam... Scared ah! *crosses fingers and toes*


loving you, 9/01/2008 10:00:00 PM.


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