Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This website is darn good. Hee.

Met A for dinner earlier on after work. Nothing much today. Just a busy day at work. ><

Going to the temple on Saturday with A and mom. Go pray pray~

My life's been pretty mundane lately. Nothing exciting. Lol.

Need to find a new permanent job! I want more moolah!

loving you, 11/29/2006 10:09:00 PM.
Saturday, November 25, 2006

Watched Happy Feet on Thursday. Damn cute can?! Me <3 penguins~ Hee. Oooh and Hugh Jackman sounds so super duper sexy when he's singing! *swoons* Very funny characters. Robin Williams did a great job too. Heh. I give it 4/5. ^^

Anyway, A was off on Wed and Thurs. Hee. Came and fetched me from work both days. Thank you. *muacks*

On Wednesday, we went to Hougang to visit his grandparents. Sat for a while, but we couldn't stay too late cos I still had work the next day.

On Thursday, he met me for lunch! Hee. I was pretty surprised that he could wake up in time. =X I really appreciate it. *HUGS*
We went Bugis, went to find somebody to settle some bank stuff. Waited for SOOOO long for our turn. Only one counter serving and darn slow. That really sucked. But no choice... So after that, we came back to Causeway to catch Happy Feet and had a light dinner at Mos Burger. Yummeh!

Didn't meet him for dinner on Friday cos I was too tired. ><

But we had breakfast/lunch together this morning, and I accompanied him to Outram to do something for the shop before we went back to Marina Sq. Came back home myself. Kinda tired, but I can't sleep cos I wanna chiong my One Piece!

Darn nice!! Must watch! =P

loving you, 11/25/2006 10:47:00 PM.
Monday, November 20, 2006

Dreary day...with gloomy weather. As gloomy as my mood.

Not a good day.

Sometimes I feel like you really understand me, but yet, sometimes I feel like you're the biggest idiot on earth.


loving you, 11/20/2006 09:01:00 PM.
Sunday, November 19, 2006


Nothing much to update for Mon and Tues.

Wed, A came and fetched me from work. We went to Vivo again to walk walk~ Hee. Had dinner at the Chicken Rice shop at the basement. Hmmm.....the food's pretty ok. But...service sucked and they don't have a NETS machine yet. I don't think I'm going back there soon.

We walked around the place, it really is huge man... I love the sky garden thingy at the 3rd level. Lots of interesting figurines, sculptures or whatever you call it. Took some shots, but can't upload. Bleah. Enjoyed myself lots. ^^

Ytd was A's off day and we went to the Motorshow @ Suntec! But first, we went to have our breakfast at this coffeeshop selling delicious pork chop noodles! Yummeh! The pork chop is darn nice. xD

Yrd was a zhi lian day man...I took quite a few pictures. Hee. Before going to the car show and at the carshow and after the carshow, basically, the whole day! Lol~
I love my new polka dot dress. ^^

We arrived at Suntec pretty early, around 12plus. Still not very crowded. Some cars were really gorgeous man! I wanted to take a picture in the Mazda MX 5 coupe, but before it was my turn, there was someone who was interested in buying the car, and him and the salesman were also waiting for the car. I was too paiseh...so nv take. Damn.

But it's ok, I have pictures of me in the 350z Fairlady! Woots! We spent hours walking around level 4 and 6. Hee. Taking so many pictures. Oh, and did I mention it was my first time attending a motorshow. Lol~

Quite a few chiobus, but A told me their standard is definitely lots lower than the ladies from Japan.

I was wondering if Volkswagen would be there, but they weren't. And I thought I'd get a chance to take a picture with a VW Beetle Cabriolet. Aw damn. ><

Anyway, we had lots of fun getting freebies too. Haha.

And I'm gonna say something very aunty! I got the very last mini model of a Fairlady they were giving out! Haha! The people behind me got something else instead, some CD. Muahaha. So lucky can?! Nothing spectacular about the freebies. A said some years ago, they were giving out Ferrari calendars. O.O Cool.

After the carshow, we realised we were very thirsty. Lol. So we went to Starbucks and chilled for awhile.

We then headed to Bugis. Go temple pray pray and we paid a visit to his dad's shop too. Fountain Valley @ Fortune Shopping Centre, selling those miniature display fountains. Damn nice.
Another purpose was to ask his dad to help us bring the BIG and heavy paper bags back. Hee. Mazda gave such a HUGE paper bag.

Had laksa at this small shop opposite OG. Nothing special. But I almost choked to death. =X

Then, we went to Scotts Shopping Centre. I wanted to check out Blush! and Scotts was having a sale. Prices were cheap. But...didn't see anything suitable for me. Bleah.

So tired after walking around the whole day...we went to BK @ Wheelock to rest and have some food.

Soon after, A sent me back home. Hee. It was fun, but tiring. Lol.

So I slacked at home the whole day today. I only woke at 2pm man. =X

I'm turning into zhu tai tai! =X

loving you, 11/19/2006 10:00:00 PM.
Sunday, November 12, 2006

A finally sold his PDA phone. Though we made a wasted trip to AMK, I enjoyed myself too. Hee. We were stuck at AMK for hours...cos it was raining dragons and phoenixes...and some parts of AMK was flooded man! Ytd was like an adventure, we had to wade through ankle deep muddy water to get past some places. Lol. Pretty icky. ><

We played some pool while waiting for the rain to stop. A beat me all 3 games. =(

Then we played Bishi Bashi at the arcarde and I won him. Hee. =P

AMK was a wasted trip, so we went down to Commonwealth instead. And finally sold the phone. We then head back to Tampines and wee! I finally caught my Flushed Away ytd!

The show's really cute and the voicing cast is good too! Hugh Jackman sounds really sexaaaay too! Lol~ Another cute (and I really mean CUTE) cartoon show with values to learn from. Friends and family is always more important than the luxuries in life. At least I think that was the lesson everyone should learn from it. ^^ 4/5! I think the slugs are DAMN cute in the show. Heh. They were everywhere in the movie, just doing stupid but funny stuff. Lol. I really enjoyed the show. Thank you dear dear for bringing me to see the movie. ^^

We had KFC for dinner ytd, ate till I was SO full. 2 piece chicken, cheese fries and a small whipped potato. Yummy! And I also found out that A only drinks Pepsi or Coke when eating fried chicken. Just like me! It's only shiok when we're eating fried chicken, if normal times, I don't think it tastes just as nice. Besides, KFC's ice lemon tea is teh shit. Not nice at all. =X

Anyway, been slacking the whole day at home today. Slept till 4 plus..and chionged my One Piece all the way. Hee. I think One Piece is nicer as anime, rather than manga. Cos Luffy and crew is just much more funnier when animated. XD And I think Zoro is much cuter than the chef with golden hair. Hee. Esp when he's fighting with his 3 saimurai swords. Woot!

Didn't meet A today...I think he's pretty busy at work today. I'm busy watching my One Piece too. =X

imu ah..

loving you, 11/12/2006 07:20:00 PM.
Saturday, November 11, 2006

I freaking hate taking the trains during peak hours. Hmph.


So pissed off today.

All those people, squeezed into the train like their life depended on it. Pls lah, use some common sense, if the train is really full, you DO NOT squeeze in your BIG FAT body and squash the person in front of you! And never even say sorry or anything and just push and squeeze. Grrr. STUPID FAT ASS!

AND you do not lie on the whole pole when the train is so crowded! And are you so fat that when your body leaned on my hand which is on the pole, that you cannot feel anything?!?!

I think I'm just not suited to take public transport. I hate it when people touch my arm or bump into me. Bleah. And I hate squeezing with all the people during peak hours. Hmph.

Anyway. Met Chris at Bugis today for dinner. Chit chat a bit, shopped around awhile and we went home soon.

Heh. Pretty blah day.

Wanted to go down to MS to find A after meeting Chris, but didn't, cos it was quite late already...

Ok lah, long day tmr. Gonna meet A tmr and we're going down to AMK to sell his dumb dumb atom.


loving you, 11/11/2006 12:09:00 AM.
Thursday, November 09, 2006

Our steamboat dinner on 1 Nov 2006 @ Tian tian steamboat, Bugis. It was pretty yummy. We ate till our tummies almost exploded!

On 3rd Nov, we went to Hougang to pay his aunt a visit, and A also cut his hair! Nice~ I think he looks darn good! *swoons* Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting This was taken right after the haircut.

A bought me this piggy on Saturday. I went over to find him for dinner and to buy a present for the friend's bday chalet. Heh, he saw this and bought it right away! Cos he says it's a combination of us, me being the apple and him being the pig! Lol! Darn cute! It represents good health too. Heh.

Oh, and this is her peeking out of A's shirt pocket. Hee.

Us, while waiting for the 168 that made us late for Flushed Away. Hmph. But the picture turned out real good. Lol~

Met A for dinner today. He came all the way to Raffles City. *sayang* We had dim sum and char kway teow! The char kway teow's damn nice! It's the "Local Food" stall at the foodcourt @ Raffles City Shopping Centre.

Work again tmr~ *yawn* Gonna get my hair dried and off to bed to wait for A's call~


loving you, 11/09/2006 09:51:00 PM.
Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Enjoyed myself at the chalet last Saturday. I got to play mahjong! Heh. But I lost abit...lol, still a darn noobie. But at least, no missing tiles! The satay was delicious lah! Finished a whole plate of it. =D

Went back home on Sunday and slacked the whole day. Took an afternoon nap till 7pm, and didn't inform A. Cos I fell asleep! >< And made him worried, so SORRY. *muahx*

On Monday, met up with A for dinner, =)

Oh, random stuff I just thought of:
I bought him a book for our 3rd month anni! Hee. Wrapped it in golden wrapping paper and he thought it was brown paper. *hmph* Gave him a surprise, cos I told him it was for a colleague who was leaving and he believed me. Ha!

He bought me a card! But he was so late when picking me up from work. I was SO angry. =( But the card's darn sweet and cute! *muahx muahx*

Spent the whole day on Tues with A. ^^ We caught Dead or Alive! Wee. Chiobuuuus!
A was so happy he drooled all over the cinema seat. LOL. *kidding*

The show wasn't that bad. Pretty good fight scenes, and the women looked great! The male characters just pale in comparison to the females, in my opinion. =X Lame ass storyline but who cares...it was entertaining. Heh, 2.5/5.

We wanted to catch Flushed Away at first, but the dumb 168 made us late. Hmph. We waited sooo long for it! Grrrr.

But it's ok. We're gonna catch it on Saturday! Wee wee! Can't wait!

loving you, 11/08/2006 09:46:00 PM.
Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sian day! No work today. =P

Anyway, people say that it's good luck to catch a falling leaf, right? How about getting hit on the head by a leaf? I was walking to the bus stop one morning, when this leaf dropped on my head and kinda stayed there. T_T I think that scene looked pretty retarded. But I should get pretty lucky eh? Having a leaf drop and stay on my head. So, when am I gonna get lucky?! =X

Something's wrong with my phone. T_T My computer doesn't detect my phone's memory card. T_T Die lah...I can't upload our photos and I can't change my songs. Argh! Gonna go down to MS later, meet A for dinner then check what's wrong with my phone.

Going for a friend's bday chalet later today. Wee. I hope there's bbq! =X I love bbq food!

The haze situation seems to have improved. Much much better as compared to a few weeks ago. Yeah for fresh air!

Oh yeah, and I'm SO addicted to ANTM! I've already finished ANTM Season 6! And I'm already starting on Season 7. Heh. =P Me <3 Project Runway too. Now I'm just waiting to see if there's gonna be more Project Runway~ I love shows like these~

Ok, I'm gonna take a little nap before going to the library and heading to MS.

Bye peeps~

loving you, 11/04/2006 01:08:00 PM.


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