Monday, July 28, 2008

Met Crystelle at Kovan yesterday to do some revision. I think she wasn’t able to absorb everything in the last lesson, she mentioned to me that her brain was like a sponge that was full already. So she kinda blanked out in the middle of the lecture.

Had lunch at Mom’s home yesterday before meeting Crystelle and Mom asked me to bring some durians back for Deardear. It’s nearing the end of durian season now. She has been following my aunts and uncle to pick durians almost every day… haha. She says that there are so many durians to pick, some days they can even have a harvest of almost 50 durians in a few hours! That’s crazy man… but free durians, so good! No need to buy, haha. So I brought one box back for Deardear.

Saturday, I had a funny conversation with Deardear. He called me in the afternoon when I was at home. The conversation went something like that:

Him: Where are you?
Me: At home
Him: Which home?
Me: … Aunt’s home.

LOL! I think it is funny lah… We have a home at Woodlands which is my mom’s home. Then we have 2 homes at Hougang. One is Laopa’s home and the other is Aunt’s home. Keke. No wonder he was confused. =X

Anyway, about the Monkey’s issue, it is no longer about its alleged plastic surgery. It is now about its alleged plagiarism. And its misuse of foundation on its face arms and shoulders, judging from some of the photos of it posted on the Net. =X

Saw the latest blog entry of Xiaxue and I agree strongly with one point of hers that a blog is for one to express their own opinions and if the Monkey has none, then why open up a blog??? What’s worse is when the Monkey gets paid for supposedly blogging its opinions, when it blatantly plagiarized so many entries! That is just unfair and disgusting…

And…someone dug up more info about the Monkey… It’s really quite an eye opener. Kudos man… You either have a lot of free time or you work part time as an investigator? Lol~ but…pretty good detective work. =) Check out the links at my Reads section on the left.

Btw...I mentioned previously that there was no reason for Deardear to buy me a branded bag right? Turns out that there is a reason and that reason is coming real soon!!

This Friday is our 2nd year anniversary!!! YIPPEEE!!! So excited! I can't wait~ But we're both working on that day...but it's ok, we'll go for a late dinner and then celebrate more on Sunday lor... No choice. It's like that when there is real life to contend with. Hais.

But I can't wait!! =)


loving you, 7/28/2008 09:10:00 PM.


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