Sunday, September 21, 2008

Met up with Chris on Friday night, did some catching up, had dinner @ Secret Recipe. The Chicken Cordon Bleu and the Fish Fillet Catch of the Day was great~ Yummeh! Deardear joined us for dinner too~ No pics of the food, cos we were busy talking and eating. Heehee.

After dinner, Deardear went back to work and we went for dessert @ Ben & Jerry's!

Mine! Strawberry Kiwi Sorbet and Funky Monkey (Banana with yummy walnuts) with a free scoop of Jamaican Crazy (Pineapple)! Fruit themed!

We talked and talked until Deardear got off work. Keke. Soo much to catch up on. I'm just happy that things are going fine for her! =)
Grats on the promotion, babe! And remember, one of these days, I'm gonna go for your church service with you! Hehe.

Something to share~ Cute Tweety tissue boxes at work!

Super duper cute right?!

Went back home yesterday, and sis asked if I wanted to catch a movie @ Causeway Point~ Asked mom to go along and we wanted to catch The Days but...Cathay doesn't screen it. Sucks! So, we thought of watching Boys over Flowers, because I STILL have not caught it yet. Deardear
doesn't want to watch it with me. =(

In the end, we caught Disaster Movie. Goodness, it is a disaster alright... Seriously one of the worst movies I've ever watched. Lol...please don't waste your money! Scary Movie was way better.

1 apple out of 5 apples!

We also bought this uber cute ice cream handphone accessories @ Action City! I only realised that it lights up when my sis told me! Haha, she's more kan chiong than me!
Cute right?! My sis had the green one~

After that, I met Deardear at Kovan for supper @ Joe's Cafe, Simon Road.

Our yucky ice lemon tea which tasted like sour plum juice... T_T

Our salty-tasteless-mushroom soup. Hais. I have not had good mushroom soup in AGES man! What is up with the restaurants here?? Is good mushroom soup that hard to cook??

Deardear had chicken chop...which was um, not nice too. We wanted to try their desserts initially, but...no mood anymore after the meal!

The only good thing from this whole meal. Our deep fried calamari! With a yummeh mayo-wasabi sauce! But we probably won't go back there again.

Yummeh Ramen~ @ Central!

Ramen Marutama @ #03-90. This restaurant only has like 5 types of ramen available? And I think the soups are all chicken based. Very simple and delicious. I reallyed enjoyed the bowl of hot steaming noodles.

Me and Crystelle had the spicy ramen. But by looking at it, you can't tell that it is spicy! When the noodles were served, I thought the guy had given us a wrong order. After one sip of the soup, I was convinced the order was right... It was spiceh! But it looks un-spicy. Lol, quite interesting.

$12 a bowl. Pretty expensive in my opinion, given the amount of ingredients, but the cha-shu was superb!

loving you, 9/21/2008 08:31:00 PM.


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