Friday, September 03, 2010

I just realised that this is my 1001th post! Zomg!

I also just realised that I never blogged about my Taiwan trip, so here it is! Beware of photos overload! It is such a PAIN to upload photos to Blogger. T_T

So, Mr Toh's away on a business trip to Germany now. He called me last night to tell me that he will be attending a party for the exhibition participants that night. Just now while I was on the bus on my way to work, he called me again. The poor dear had been walking for an hour and a half to reach the area his hotel is situated in! It was 2am where he was at!!
As the party ended quite late, the ferry he normally takes had stopped operating, so his suppliers dropped him off at another pier, but turns out that ferry stops at a pier that was VERY far from his hotel! Yes, he has to commute to the exhibition by ferry every morning. Poor thing... *sayang* I'm missing him soooo much!!

Anyway, Taiwan photos below! I miss Taiwan too~

Us at the airport, waiting to board the plane~

Plane preparing for the flight~

Rainy...but nothing will dampen our spirits!!

Mr Toh browsing the catalogue~

Us! On the plane!

Reading papers to pass time~

Super cold and dry air on the plane...our noses were hurting...so we used our jacket hoods to cover. Like ninjas!


Us on the plane! After taking a nap...so sleepy...

We have reached our destination!!!! YEAH!!!

The airport~ Nothing like our Changi Airport. =X

On the way to collect our luggage~


Cute doggie responsible for sniffing our bags for drugs~

Us! Waiting for the bus to bring us to Taipei main station!

Bus tickets! NT125 per pax only! Cheaper than taking cab~ And it was quite fast too, we reached the main station in around 30 - 40mins!

On the bus~

Mr Toh drinking his favourite milk tea~

Machines for buying tokens to take the train~

Their token...

We have reached Ximending station, pretty lights outside the station!

En-route to our hotel~

There it is!!

Mr Toh posing while taking a short break~

Dinner! Look at that happy face...haha.

2 types of soup~

Niku!!!!! *drools*

Random view of the place.

Waiting for our food to cook~ Hungry!! Everything tasted good! I'm serious!

Some collagen thingy to add in the soup!

More niku!!

Price guide: NT499 per adult, NT199 per child.

Restaurant name, it is at Ximending.

Me in the pretty pink jacket that we bought, cause it is so damn cold!

2nd day, we were at the expo, at Mos Burger~

Honey Lemon Jelly drink. *slurps*


Our favourite convenience store!

So many people!

Cute bells for bicycles~


BMX performance

The guy in the centre is a Thai and he is the SEA champion. He is damn pro!!

Coffee break~

Mr Toh's favourite milk tea makes another appearance!

We had to rent lockers to store all the catalogues we collected during the day. It was too heavy to lug around.

Easycard, like our ez-link card! Much cheaper than buying single trips every time. We need to place a deposit of NT100, but at the end of the trip, when we refund it, they'll return us NT80~ So it only cost us NT20.

Ah Zong mian sian @ Ximending!

Mr Toh queuing~

Piping hot!

No chairs, no tables, have to eat while standing, hee.

Dinner at this cute little place.

Bored~ Quite a long wait for the food...

His Unagi egg wrapped rice. I remember he said it was not very nice.

My pork cutlet egg wrapped rice. Normal only...nothing fantastic.

Something nice!!! Koi bubble tea~! So much cheaper here in Taiwan and just as nice!!!


Cute golden retriever sitting outside a restaurant.

Restaurant name is ah mao! So cute. So I kept calling the doggie ah mao!

Mr Toh in his jacket that we bought that day!

The next morning, on the way to buy breakfast at this 7-11 near our hotel~

Yuan yang!


Lunch!!!!! Yippee!! Cheap lunchbox from the Hi-Life convenience store! NT100 only if I never remember wrongly.

*eating, don't disturb me*

Taipei Cycle!

What is he doing there?

Ferrari bicycle, looks very normal.

So colorful! I want the pink one!!

Dinner at another steamboat place at Ximending. This one was not nice. T_T Waste our money, even though it was slightly cheaper at NT399 per pax.

His favourite part of the whole meal! Milk pudding! Hee.

I finally gathered up the courage to pat ah mao when we were walking past the restaurant that day. Hee hee, he's so obedient!!


Just the day before, we commented that we won't see Caucasians sitting and eating by the roadside, the very next day, we saw this group! They proved us wrong!

@ Wufenpu. Damn tired & hungry after shopping, so we stopped to have a little something to eat.

Yummy pork rice!! NT50 only for a small bowl!

At Ximending MRT station. They were a new band promoting their new album. So smart because Ximending is FULL of young people who will like young and cute singers like them.


We were on the way to their IT mall, when I saw this stall selling red bean pancakes. Hot and yummy~

The IT mall's mascot!

Guanghua IT Mall~

Resting! It was a long walk from the nearest MRT station.

After that, we went walk walk~ Big crowd at Ding Tai Fung~ Just like in SG! Haha.

Trying tomato soup at this small shop where there was an uncle standing outside who persuaded us to give it a try. We were damn full and the bowl was damn big!

Noodles were a tad too hard, but the soup was AWESOME!!! And I'm saying this from the view of someone who hates tomatoes! Haha.

Guo ties, which were not nice.

Shop name~ I forgot which area this was at though....

Bubble tea again!!

The next morning, we went to the post office to check on postal rates! We had tooo many things to bring back!

It was SUPER NEAR our hotel! 10mins walk only!

Carrefour to buy maggie meeeee!

Lunchtime at this Japanese restaurant. Mr Toh's~

Mr Toh's ultimate favourite salmon sashimi!

See how thick the slices were~~

Mine! Normal only lor...

Yummy egg pudding with red bean! The red bean is super nice!

Mr Toh's FAVOURITE milk pudding!! It is very nice for something that you can buy at 7-11. Haha.

Omg, ah beng spotted! We were on the way to 101!

Their pedestrian crossing had different insect and bird sounds for different direction crossings. Hahahaha, so cute!

Guess what this is?

Bicycle rental machine! Can pay with their Easycard some more! So convenient!! And there are so many of them!

We have reached our destination!

There were floor tiles with many countries at this floor inside the shopping centre, and we found Singapore!

I am TALL! 3/4 the height of the 101, hahaha! I am a giantess!

Bought tickets! So pretty~

Queuing up! Very long queue....because there were lots of tour groups.


Evening time~ Pretty city lights.

Their mascot! Blackie!


Yellow yellow dirty fellow.

Silvery! =X

All of us had a guide phone which introduced the various views from 101. Multilingual too. Very cool.

Mr Toh bought something for me!!

Pretty lights decorating the streets of Taipei~


Heart shape lights!

Snowflake shaped lights!

Star lights!

We passed by this building and were wondering what it is...we thought it was a hospital.

But it is a government building. Haha!

So pretty from the outside!!

I had to stand on a bench to take this picture!

The next day, we went to Danshui!

Too foggy, we couldn't see anything...

Tickets for boat ride to Fishermen's Wharf!

We went shopping while waiting for the boat~

Queuing for ice cream!

Corn flavoured? I forgot... =X

Vanilla and chocolate~ I didn't like it though...thought it had a weird taste. Prefer Singapore's ice cream!

Queuing for the boat~

Bye bye land~

The famous Lover's bridge!




Lover's Bridge~

Us with half of the bridge...hahaha!

Mr Toh on the walkway~

Taking a break~

Snacks! Normal only.

Crazy person spotted!

The wind was so windy!!

Us again!

Someone brought their dogs for a walk, sooo fat these two! Haha, I call them the Nippon Paint dogs!

Saw this little boy throwing a tantrum in the middle of the carpark road. So cute!

Pretty flowers behind me~

Mr Toh's beautiful shot of the sun setting and the boat

Our artist who was drawing a picture of us~

Mr Toh's picture looked like him a lot!!! I just looked ugly. Bleah.

Big chicken cutlet! But...not very yummy.

Lots of lovers~

Night shot of the bridge, it lit up!

It changed color as we were leaving on the boat!

Windy! Holding on for my dear life!

Back at Danshui, Mr Toh tried catching a toy for me.

But he very lousy, this lady was very nice, and kept adjusting the toy, giving him many chances. Hahaha.

Trying! But still fail, ended up the lady just pushed the toy into the hole, yeah!!! LOL!

Some lucky draw thingy.

My prize! Nothing fantastic though, lol.

Ramen for dinner!

*what to eat....drooling*

Side dish, salty until can die!

Ramen! Normal, can't beat our favourite Santouka at Central Clarke Quay.

Teppanyaki lunch the next day!

Cooking our foooooood!


Went for hot spring at Beitou on our last day!

Mr Toh playing a fool...lol!


Shuttle bus is here!!

Our hot spring room~

After hot spring, feeling refreshed!

Scenic surroundings at the hotel~ Pretty~

Colorful flowers~~!

We rushed to try their Ding Tai Fung before we went back to the hotel to check out!



Chicken...I didn't like it. T_T

Xiao long bao!!! Oh how I've missed you!!

Some other dumplings, which was not that nice. =X

Fried rice. The fried rice in Singapore is nicer though.

Mr Toh had bought a huuuuuge lighter previously, but was told he couldn't bring it back to SG, not even if he put it in the check in luggage, so we decided to take some pics of it!

*as compared to a normal lighter*

Lighting his cig....looks so funny!! See how it is sticking out at the bottom?? LOL!!

Look so happy, lol!

Waiting for the flight~

Byebye Taiwan! I will be back! Don't miss me!

So, that ends our Taiwan trip! We had soooooo much fun! But the hotel was really creepy the first night! Subsequently, I felt the hotel was ok, as we did not spend much time there also.

1 and a half more days till my Mr Toh comes back!!! Can't wait!!!


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