Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So, yesterday was our 开工宴 at Feng Shui Inn which was located at Crockfords Tower, Resort World Sentosa.

Mr Toh called me around 17:45pm and asked me if I wanted to meet him at Tampines. I T_T? for awhile before reminding him (again, for the 3rd time) that I had my office 开工宴 at night!
He then said he forgot (again) and mentioned that luckily Andrew wanted to meet him at Tampines, if not, he had initially wanted to fetch me after work and was gonna be on his way over to my office. *awww* So sweet and really lucky for him too! If not, he'll make a wasted trip. Forgetful Mr Piggy.

When we were seated, I saw this.

1st time I'm using 3 pairs of chopsticks for chinese food! The long one is for 'yu sheng', the silver one is for public use and the gold one is for personal use. Like, whoa....so mafan! Lol. *suaku*

The yummiest 'yu sheng' I've ever eaten, seriously! All thanks to the generous helping of salmon skin!! *drools*

It was a 10 course dish, I think. We had bamboo clam soup (soup very gao!), peking duck with mexican buns (something different from the usual), prawns (really fresh!!!), scallops with asparagus in XO sauce (also very very yummy & fresh & succulent!), steamed fish (cooked perfectly, their seafood was really good), sweet & sour pork (pork was fried well & the sauce was yummy), duck fried with spring onion and ginger (meat was really tender), almond roasted chicken (crispy skin, but bland meat) & seafood fried rice (awful...mushy rice & tasteless).

Dessert was mango & pomelo sago, which costed $8/head....so expensive!!! It's only mangoes and pomelo leh!!! We had a theory that the mangoes and pomelo must have been airfreight from Japan. =X

Picture of the peking duck with mexican buns! So cute right the buns? Instead of the boring mantou's, they have cute little buns like these~ There was also sugar on top~ Definitely something I have not tried before.

Scallops & asparagus!!

When I got home, I was showing Mr Toh the pictures and telling him how yummy the scallop was, and he said, yes, he know! I was thinking how was that possible when he showed me this.

The silly boy had zoomed into the scallop picture until the scallop filled the whole screen! LOL! He said he can see the juiciness of the scallop. Hahahahaha, I laughed till my sides hurt! Heehee.

Sorry, only have prawn shells.

I only remembered to take a picture after I finished eating. Also, I wasn't very familiar with most of the people at my table. T_T So no more pictures after that. The guys at our table, with the exception of Eric ate very little! And some were also rather fussy, this don't eat, that don't eat, even more fussy than me!! Never mind, that just means more food for us! But almost everyone was so so so full after that.

We started at 7:30pm and ended around 10+pm.....we were so tired after that! Who knew eating could be such a chore??

We also had a mini lucky draw during dinner. Big boss was walking around getting all the directors & random people to pick a name out of the lucky draw bowl.

My winnings! Vouchers (again!! But ok lah, better Taka than Tangs) and a little cash (picked by Gerard). Heng heng ah!! *HUAT AHH!!*

Overall, I really enjoyed the dinner, it was scrumptious~~~

Colleague then sent us back to AMK where it was nearer for us to take a cab, and therefore cheaper too! =)

CNY is officially over!! May the bunny year bring everyone lots of luck, happiness, health & wealth!!!

loving you, 2/16/2011 08:30:00 AM.


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