Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Enjoyed myself at the chalet last Saturday. I got to play mahjong! Heh. But I lost abit...lol, still a darn noobie. But at least, no missing tiles! The satay was delicious lah! Finished a whole plate of it. =D

Went back home on Sunday and slacked the whole day. Took an afternoon nap till 7pm, and didn't inform A. Cos I fell asleep! >< And made him worried, so SORRY. *muahx*

On Monday, met up with A for dinner, =)

Oh, random stuff I just thought of:
I bought him a book for our 3rd month anni! Hee. Wrapped it in golden wrapping paper and he thought it was brown paper. *hmph* Gave him a surprise, cos I told him it was for a colleague who was leaving and he believed me. Ha!

He bought me a card! But he was so late when picking me up from work. I was SO angry. =( But the card's darn sweet and cute! *muahx muahx*

Spent the whole day on Tues with A. ^^ We caught Dead or Alive! Wee. Chiobuuuus!
A was so happy he drooled all over the cinema seat. LOL. *kidding*

The show wasn't that bad. Pretty good fight scenes, and the women looked great! The male characters just pale in comparison to the females, in my opinion. =X Lame ass storyline but who cares...it was entertaining. Heh, 2.5/5.

We wanted to catch Flushed Away at first, but the dumb 168 made us late. Hmph. We waited sooo long for it! Grrrr.

But it's ok. We're gonna catch it on Saturday! Wee wee! Can't wait!

loving you, 11/08/2006 09:46:00 PM.


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