Thursday, October 19, 2006

13 Oct Friday

A was on leave from Friday till Wednesday. Perfect timing to clear his leave. Heh.

We headed for breakfast, had some yummy nasi lemak with really delish chicken wings! Ate it under a void deck, haha, that's a first for me.

After that, we watched some anime. And I think I know why animes like Naruto, Bleach, Gundam are so popular! I personally feel that Gundam and Naruto is nice, especially Naruto! A's also downloading the Death Note anime, only 2 episodes so far. Bleah. I can't wait for the next episode!

We went and checked in at the resort first. Took quite a long time then it was off to meet my mom @ the old Woodlands Interchange to buy the stuff needed for the bbq. And we were late. -.- No thanks to my piggy. =P Had dinner first, which was awful. All our dishes were awful. :( Didn't enjoy the food one bit.

Then, time for shopping @ the Sheng Song Supermarket. The place is huge. Bought ALOT of stuff, and only 2 of us to carry it. Bleah. Carried most of the stuff back to the resort. Super shagged after that.

Wanted to go for a dip in the pool, but no swimming after 10 I think. Bleah. So just slacked and watched TV. We also sorted out the stuff for the bbq.

We were sleeping soundly, but got rudely awakened by this big group of Indians sitting outside our room. They were so damn bloody noisy. Grrrrrr. But nothing we can do about it, because we were SO outnumbered. -sigh- Managed to fall back asleep but was still kinda tired when we woke up the next day.

Oooh, and I got my first pressie from A! Hee. Love it to bits!

14 Oct Saturday

We went for a swim in the morning. Actually, A swam and I just stayed in a corner of the pool, playing with the water. Hee.

Left the resort in the afternoon, to direct my mom and uncle over to the resort. They kinda got lost...heh, cos that place is so ulu.

We left for Sembawang MRT and had our lunch @ Mos burger.

Bought some stuff @ the NTUC there. Still had some stuff to buy, but couldn't get what we wanted at NTUC so we took the shuttle bus to Sembawang Shopping Centre, where we bought some more stuff.

We decided to buy the ice @ the 7-11 store @ Sun Plaza, which is really common sense, so the ice won't melt so fast.

Carrying so many heavy things, we had to rush back to the resort, as my mom had already reached there with the food and there was no one to open the door for her.

I also had to settle the otah and satay deliveries. Cos that place is really ulu, so had to keep giving the delivery men directions. ~.~

After settling my mom and relatives in, (actually they were playing mahjong), sorted the stuff for the bbq, then we headed for Bishan to alter the gift A gave me, and to get my cake from Secret Recipe! Wee wee. Was very tired by now, but still excited. The cake is darn heavy...1.5kg. $75 for the Macadamia White Chocolate cake. Darn ex but worth every penny!

By the time we got back, it was already 6+...so we started moving all the food and stuff down to the bbq pits and started the fire.

At this time, I really didn't do much, cos I know nuts about starting a bbq fire. Heh.

People started coming, ate and drank, etc. My relatives played mahjong. Hmmm......I don't think I really entertained my guests... I was kinda like, overwhelmed and really really tired.

Got quite a few red packets from my relatives and my babes (!). Really surprised that they gave me a red packet...lol, it's the thought that counts. ^^ Doreen got me a really glam bag from C&K. I love it! Thanks babe~

Cake cutting after that...I love my cake! My cute cousings and friends sang the bday song for me... =) My cousins are SO adorable, albeit mischevious.

They almost drove A and me crazy during these few days. ~.~

One of A's friend came really late with his gf, we were really tired, so we just let them help themselves to the food. Heh. He got me this Eeyore handphone holder that he got in Taiwan. Really cuuute! Too bad no Piglet. =X

After everyone has left, we cleared up, and it was alot of work man! Darn tired!!!

My mom and relatives were playing mahjong in the room, didn't wanna stay inside. So we changed and went down to the pool. Heh. It was supposed to be out of bounds, but no one was watching the place. They were sleeping. Lol~ Soaked in the pool for a while, it was REALLY cold!

After a while, we went back to the room, bathed and watched them play mahjong for a while. But my eyes were really heavy...so A and I found a spot on the floor (the beds were all taken), laid a blanket and slept. I was kinda uncomfortable, but A made it so much better, cos I was using his arm as a pillow. Hee. Thank you dear dear. =)

15 Oct Sunday

Woke kinda early cos I thot my uncle was coming to drive all the stuff back to my place...but turns out that he will only reach in the evening.

So....my mom and relatives decided to play mahjong again! -.- And A and me were given the task of buying food back. Bleah. Walked all the way out to the bus stop, had our lunch at the foodcourt nearby and tabao-ed the food back.

Slacked around, entertained my cousins. Then time to move all the stuff back to my house, but we still needed to check out, so my mom and relatives went back first.

A and me went back to the room to pack our stuff, and after checking out, I helped him carry the cooler box and drinks dispensers back to Tampines! We had to take a total of 3 buses...damn troublesome!!! Almost died man... =X

After putting the stuff at his house, we went for dinner! We came back to Causeway Point and had our dinner at Siam Kitchen.

This came the moment we sat down, we thought it was a good idea that we had something to snack on while browsing the menu. We also thought it was free, but it costs $1.00 per plate. It's really nice and crispy. ^^

A ordered the Thai milk tea, $2.90, and I ordered a normal ice lemon tea, $2.90, cos i don't like Thai drinks. Normal drinks, nothing special.

The seafood tomyam soup, $5.90, that came first. It was really nice! Sour and spicy, but not too spicy. Even I liked it...heh. And the seafood was really fresh.

I ordered a seafood rice noodle pad thai, $7.50. Very nice too~ Fragrant and flavourful. Portion was pretty big too. The rice noodles were different from the normal noodles used and I love it.

We ordered a red chicken curry, $7.90, to share. Not too bad...though the chicken meat was kinda tough.

The spoiler of the meal. A ordered seafood pineapple rice, $9.90 and it was horrible. No pineapple taste and the rice was very dry... Bleah.

Overall, I enjoyed the meal, but I couldn't help comparing it to Thai Express.

I felt that Thai Express's service was better. More smiley staff. Maybe it was because the staff at Siam Kitchen was younger.

But food and price wise, Thai Express is definitely better than Siam Kitchen. And Siam Kitchen doesn't provide ice water unless you ask.

I'd definitely not go back there to eat, I only went in the first place because it's at Causeway Point.

A then sent me home...

Thank you for every single thing...I really appreciated all the help you gave me and I'm sorry for some of the unpleasantness. I love the pressie you gave me. ilu. *muacks*

16 Oct Monday

A was cleaning his room the whole day. So guai! We went to Simei, Eastpoint and I had my eyebrows trimmed at the hair salon on the 4th level. I love the person who plucked my brows for me. She's great! We then had our dinner at the foodcourt beside the MRT station. The food wasn't very nice though. But it's ok, we bought lots of titbits to eat! Hee.

17 Oct Tues

I took leave from work, cos I didn't wanna spend my bday working! Bleah.

We went to Cineleisure for a movie, You, Me and Dupree. Darn funny show~ Owen Wilson is SO cute. We went for dinner after that, at Cafe Cartel. I had wanted to eat Fish & Co. at first, but I felt kinda lazy to go all the way to Dhoby Ghaut. =X

I had the St. Louis Pork Ribs, $ 14.20 and A had a Haiwaiian Pork Chops, $13.50. I loved both dishes, but the pork ribs made me feel sick after awhile. It's so huge...and there was so much meat, I got kinda sick after eating half of the rib. So I changed dishes with A, and I had some pork chop. It was rather nice and tender, esp with the pineapple. ^^ But no pictures, we forgot to bring a camera out. ><

We also took some neoprints! Can't upload them though. Maybe I'll take a picture of them someday. ^^

Pictures for bbq in next post.

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