Sunday, November 19, 2006


Nothing much to update for Mon and Tues.

Wed, A came and fetched me from work. We went to Vivo again to walk walk~ Hee. Had dinner at the Chicken Rice shop at the basement. Hmmm.....the food's pretty ok. But...service sucked and they don't have a NETS machine yet. I don't think I'm going back there soon.

We walked around the place, it really is huge man... I love the sky garden thingy at the 3rd level. Lots of interesting figurines, sculptures or whatever you call it. Took some shots, but can't upload. Bleah. Enjoyed myself lots. ^^

Ytd was A's off day and we went to the Motorshow @ Suntec! But first, we went to have our breakfast at this coffeeshop selling delicious pork chop noodles! Yummeh! The pork chop is darn nice. xD

Yrd was a zhi lian day man...I took quite a few pictures. Hee. Before going to the car show and at the carshow and after the carshow, basically, the whole day! Lol~
I love my new polka dot dress. ^^

We arrived at Suntec pretty early, around 12plus. Still not very crowded. Some cars were really gorgeous man! I wanted to take a picture in the Mazda MX 5 coupe, but before it was my turn, there was someone who was interested in buying the car, and him and the salesman were also waiting for the car. I was too paiseh...so nv take. Damn.

But it's ok, I have pictures of me in the 350z Fairlady! Woots! We spent hours walking around level 4 and 6. Hee. Taking so many pictures. Oh, and did I mention it was my first time attending a motorshow. Lol~

Quite a few chiobus, but A told me their standard is definitely lots lower than the ladies from Japan.

I was wondering if Volkswagen would be there, but they weren't. And I thought I'd get a chance to take a picture with a VW Beetle Cabriolet. Aw damn. ><

Anyway, we had lots of fun getting freebies too. Haha.

And I'm gonna say something very aunty! I got the very last mini model of a Fairlady they were giving out! Haha! The people behind me got something else instead, some CD. Muahaha. So lucky can?! Nothing spectacular about the freebies. A said some years ago, they were giving out Ferrari calendars. O.O Cool.

After the carshow, we realised we were very thirsty. Lol. So we went to Starbucks and chilled for awhile.

We then headed to Bugis. Go temple pray pray and we paid a visit to his dad's shop too. Fountain Valley @ Fortune Shopping Centre, selling those miniature display fountains. Damn nice.
Another purpose was to ask his dad to help us bring the BIG and heavy paper bags back. Hee. Mazda gave such a HUGE paper bag.

Had laksa at this small shop opposite OG. Nothing special. But I almost choked to death. =X

Then, we went to Scotts Shopping Centre. I wanted to check out Blush! and Scotts was having a sale. Prices were cheap. But...didn't see anything suitable for me. Bleah.

So tired after walking around the whole day...we went to BK @ Wheelock to rest and have some food.

Soon after, A sent me back home. Hee. It was fun, but tiring. Lol.

So I slacked at home the whole day today. I only woke at 2pm man. =X

I'm turning into zhu tai tai! =X

loving you, 11/19/2006 10:00:00 PM.


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