Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hee. Been so lazy recently to update my blog. It's getting dusty. =X

Anyway, caught Mr Bean's Holiday and 300 over the past weeks.

My Bean was moderate, quite funny, but A didn't think so. But we both agreed that 300 rocks. The fight scenes were awesome. And many hunky man flesh to look at. Lol!

A's having his off day today.

By the way, more exciting news.

I won a pair of RiverMaya perfomance tickets!! Wahaha.
I like to tune in to the Muttons in the Morning on 987FM, and they have this game every morning, What the Bleah~. I always participate whenever the story interests me. But I've never won anything, sometimes I get the right answer but I'm too slow or I totally get it wrong.

So anyway, last Thurs, I was tuning in as usual, and the story was that there was this guy in some foreign country who broke into a barn and did something to the goats inside. The question was, what did he do that got him in trouble with the cops? The clue was "van goat". Heh, I imediately thought of Van Gogh. Some painter guy right? Anyhow hantam, so I sms-ed that he painted the goats. I thought I might not have a chance, and I was walking to my office from the Tg Pagar station, when someone calls me. I thought it was Christina lor. And it turns out to be the Muttons, Justin and Vernon! And I was on radio! Woot! Damn fun. xD But I think I sounded like a dork. Heehee.

So, today A's gonna go help me collect the tickets for their weekend performance at Downtown East. =) Wee wee~ First time ever I win anything. Cheers me up man!

And...this week's gonna be a short week, wee! Good Friday. xD

I like my job. At least I don't dread to go to work in the morning, which is more than I can say for my previous jobs. I sure hope that I can learn to handle the stress here and perform! Don't let other pple see me no up. Hmph.


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