Sunday, March 01, 2009

Keke, went to Sis's place today morning~ When we reached her place, she was cooking lunch for us! Fried spaghetti with chicken and lots of button mushrooms! Yummeh~

After lunch, we rested for a while, and then....it's time! Deardear took her bicycle out and tried it out first, when we came out of the gate, he was zooming past us real fast, bent real low and with a silly expression on his face...so funny!

We first went to the small park near her house...but.....it was a failure....because that place wasn't sloped and Mr Toh was holding the bicycle on one side, so I kept feeling like the bicycle was going to fall on one side. =x

Then they decided to go to a slope (!!!) but on our way there, it started to rain and it got heavier and heavier! Luckily, there was a temple nearby, so we took shelter there. And waited till there was no rain, and we moved to the sloped area.

Hmmmmm....Mr Toh and Sis then told me to start off by gliding down the slope, and not letting my feet touch the ground. At first, I tried, but it was kinda scary, and I tried it again and again. Then Sis said to try to keep my feet off the ground for 5 seconds. Only until the 4th or 5th time, I think, I started to get the hang of it, and I could keep my feet off the ground for up to 10 to 15 seconds! Keke....and I just kept trying, gliding down the slope and then climbing up again. It's good exercise! But my steering was lousy lor.....haha....I had problems steering to the left!

Then, Deardear got a phone call, so he stood at one side, while Sis continued teaching me....and for that round when I went down the slope, I could sort of place my feet on the pedal and cycle!!! Haha...so exciting! =D Tried a few times more, and we decided to call it a day, as it was starting to drizzle again.

Keke, if it was Deardear teaching me again, at the second or third round, he'd be scolding me again. =X But he also said he's happy and proud that I made improvement today! Hee...so happy~

We're going again next week, and hopefully, I will be able to at least cycle on normal ground! Hehe, Sis have been wanting to go to Pulau Ubin, that's why she also wanted me to learn cycling, so we can go together~~ Hee. Hope that day won't be long to come!

After that, we rushed down to Tampines, to see Jimmy in his first cycling competition in the Mountain Bike Carnival~ Woots! We arrived late, but luckily, they were also starting late, so we were just in time to see them start the race. We were standing near the starting point, so we were able to spot Jimmy when he zoomed past us! Hee.

For a first-timer, he did well! Kinda exceeded our expectations, he finished the first round at a timing faster than what we expected.

After the first round, we went to find him, chatted for a while, then left to go to Mr Toh's grandma's birthday dinner. After dinner, we rushed back to Tampines, but when we reached, the race was cancelled due to lightning....so suay! Then we met for supper @ Kovan after Jimmy finished washing his bicycle. Though the race was cancelled, but after calculating their timing, Jimmy's team actually can complete the race within 9 hours, so...they are considered as completed the race.

Tinker Juarez and Gary Fisher was there too, competing! So cool....haha. Tinker Juarez is the champ! Because he was first to complete the round and had completed 6 1/2 rounds at the time the race was cancelled. He's not very young lor, think he's around 40 plus... Pro lor! But Gary Fisher was much older....haha...but he's just competing for fun.

We wanted to catch the ending of the race and see who would be the winner, but....too bad lah, Heaven's not on our side.

But it was still a really exciting day! Hees. Happy!~

loving you, 3/01/2009 02:21:00 AM.


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