Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Cute right?!

I first saw these babies at display @ TM's Casio kiosk. When I enquired about them, the salesperson could only tell me they're not for sale, and she didn't know where her boss bought it.

I was so disappointed lor.....

Anyway, last Saturday, Mr Toh and me went to J8 to gai gai and he saw these capsule machines.

He was reminded of the mini Chopper figurines and remarked that we might find them here.

And we did!!!! At $3 each capsule, it was cheaper than what I found on ebay. Haha! I was sooo excited!

As the note changing machine was not working, we went down to Mos to buy milk tea, shun bian change for dollar coins.

Mr Toh said I forced the cashier to give me all dollar coins when he double confirmed with me if I wanted all dollar coins. Never force lor, I just said yes, I want all dollar coins. Lol...

After finishing the drink, we went to get my babies!

There are 5 different colours all together, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow & White. We were so lucky to get 2 different colors first! Yellow, then green.

When our coins ran out, I got an idea. We can go up to the arcade to change coins! So smart right!?

But when we got there, Mr Toh realised they use tokens for their machines... Why so old school?! Who the heck uses tokens nowadays?!

Nvm...I got another idea!

There was a shop at the other end full of kiap kiap machines, can go there change!!

They also had a note changing machine there! Hehe, there was even a big notice stating that the machine is only for that shop's customers, but seriously, who wold know? Wahhahaha.

So we happily, or rather, I happily went back for the rest of my babies!

The next one we got was the pink one! After that, Mr Toh helped me see and said the next in line was the blue! Super lucky!! So happy!!

Now I have 4 different colors! But there were no more white ones..

We decided to go AMK to try our luck, as there was also a lot of the machines there, but no such luck! They didn't have my Chopper....lousy!! =X

But I'm happy enough, we might go back J8 again to check on the machine, hehehe.

Wish me luck!!

loving you, 10/07/2009 08:42:00 AM.


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