Monday, September 27, 2010

On Thursday night, we had a small farewell dinner for our accounts who's leaving at the end of this month. *sad :(

We went to Basilico @ Regent. There was an appetizer and dessert buffet. For main course, we get to choose 1 item from their special menu of about 10 items. Sad to say, the Italian food wasn't to our liking. T_T

Appetizers. The smoked duck was really the only good thing I liked about their appetizers. The scallops and prawns were very fresh but...it wasn't very memorable. The ham was of course nice, who can screw up ham?!

My main course, Saffron Risotto with Pan Seared Foie Gras and Barbaresco Wine Reduction.
I was so disappointed with the foie gras! =( I felt that either the rice overpowered the foie gras or it was just not cooked well. There was no taste of the heavenly foie gras that I know and love.

Dessert! This was the highlight of the night. The tiramisu in the small cup was heavenly! So was the vanilla gelato with granola...yummy!

Wine that Eric ordered for us~ At $110 a bottle, it was pretty good.

On Friday afternoon, Chris called me and asked what was I doing that night. I thought she was gonna ask me out, but turns out she had tickets to F1 that night and asked if me and Alex were interested in going. I checked with Alex, and the first thing out of his mouth was "Need to pay?". LOL! He said yes, he was interested to go for the experience, so I met up with Chris that night when she passed me the tickets and 2 set of earplugs. When Mr Toh saw the earplugs, he asked if it was necessary, as he didn't think he'd need it. When we were inside, he couldn't take it after the 4th or 5th car passed as his ears were starting to hurt, so he put on the earplugs. Teaches us not to be 'gei kiang'.

While waiting for Christina, I walked around and they had this car on display.

We had dinner at Yoshinoya, after that, Chris went back to work and off we went to Zone 4!

Our tickets~

Bright lights a-shining!

Us sitting at the free standing seats~

After we realised there was no races from 8:30pm to 9:30pm, we went for a stroll~~

Peacock girls! =X So many people clamoring around them for a photo.

Missy Elliot concert! We didn't go in as it was sooo crowded.

We also saw a lot of antique cars on display.

One of my favourites! Gorgeous Rolls Royce!

So cute! I nicknamed it Green Bean.

Me with Green Bean.

Everyone, meet Red Bean! Lol!

Me and Red Bean, sooo cute right?

Our vantage point! @ Turn 12. This was a good spot! Can see the cars clearly!

Us! We were early so we had good positions!

I must mention that there was this guy with a bigass DSLR standing next to me and he was fucking irritating lah!! I was already standing beside this board, and he had to squeeze in next to me. Ok nvm, I let you stand, then as the cars zoomed by, his fucking camera lens kept hitting me in the head when he was trying to capture the cars! Like, OMG lah. Soooo irritating!! Granted, he did say sorry, BUT the experience was ruined. Thanks a lot for that. I was thankful that I did not pay for those tickets, if not, it's such a fucking waste. There was a lady standing beside Mr Toh who kept pushing him with her bag, trying to make space for her bf/hubby/whatever. If you want a good spot, come earlier lah! What is wrong with these people?!

After a while, we left to explore more. The road by the Esplanade, so pretty!

Mr Toh checking the map to see if we were still in Zone 4 when we were denied entrance to the area on the other side of Cavenagh Bridge. Turns out they were having a private function.

Us at another part of the track, which was straight. The cars were so fast that we couldn't even recognize what team they were from. I could only tell Red bull's car apart from the rest.


Behind us was this view! Gorgeous!

We left at around 10plus, as we did not want to be caught in the human jam later. It was already crowded enough.

Mr Toh.

Thus ends our F1 adventure.

Saturday, Mr Toh had a delivery to make, I waited for them in the van for almost 2 hours! Butt sore, legs fell asleep. T_T

Sunday, we went to Mommy's house and stayed there till evening, then we went home and bought Honey Chicken chop at the pasar malam stall at Hougang interchange. It was delish! Delish enough for my Mr Toh to say that it is one of the best ones he have tried before!

Nothing much happened, we have very boring weekends. Hee. But I love it~!

loving you, 9/27/2010 12:36:00 PM.


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