Thursday, April 28, 2011

So....history has been made. For the 1st time in many many many years, 82 out of 87 seats in Parliament will be contested by the Opposition parties.

I am concerned about the kind of future my future children will have.

Finally, it is my turn to vote this year. I'll be voting in the Hougang SMC which is being held by the Worker's Party. It is 1 of only 2 seats currently held by the Opposition party in Parliament, by Mr Low Thia Khang, the current MP of Hougang, who has held this position for more than 20 years. Mr Yaw Shin Leong, the candidate for Hougang SMC this election has very big shoes to fill. And Mr Low Thia Khang will be contesting in our neighboring ward, the Aljunied GRC with a team of 4 other members.

Will they win? To be honest, I hope they do. Mr Low has sacrificed his position in Hougang in order to compete in Aljunied, let's hope his sacrifice does not go to waste.

I've been reading the live tweets from the rallies being held around Singapore tonight, and I noticed that the PAP is advising the citizens to vote for who can give them a better future. But if the past few years have been any indication, I think we all know who we should vote for.

They also keep harping on what PAP have done for Singapore all these years, we all know that, no one is denying that PAP did contribute a lot to what made Singapore what we are today. But does one's past glory guarantee one's future success? Not necessarily.

I'm not a good writer, I'm not good at writing nor turning my thoughts to words, I just wanna blog some of my thoughts down..I'll end this post on this note.

If we don't give the Opposition parties a chance, how can they learn and improve?

Now's as good a time as any to give them the chance to learn.

Will we make history again by having more than 2 Opposition MPs? We'll know soon.

Vote wisely.

loving you, 4/28/2011 08:53:00 PM.


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