Saturday, August 13, 2011

My bottom teeth felt reaaally sore yesterday immediately after putting the braces on! So kua zhang... T_T
Mr Toh met his friends at Tampines to discuss something...we had our dinner first at Tampines 1. Had sliced fish mee sua....had a little trouble chewing the fish slices. T_T Really not used to the braces. Luckily I can just swallow the mee sua without any chewing! I love mee sua! Haha.
Then they discussed their stuff until 1am plus! I was almost dead by then.

Mr Toh woke me up this morning at around 9am plus. O.o He didn't sleep at all last night and he still had some things to finish today so he asked me if I wanted to wake up, go grab some thing to eat and head to the library. If not, he won't be able to withstand the temptation of the bed. Haha! I said OK lor...since I am so nice. =X To stay awake, he drank a can of Monster energy drink! Lol~!

I realised my bottom teeth didn't feel so sore. But after a few hours, the feeling is back. And both sides of my back teeth is also feeling sore like nobody's business...damn sucks the feeling when I bite down on them. I cannot eat anything solid. Oh my god!!! Hais.....no choice. I can only hope these 2 years will fly past~!

So we headed to Tampines today where I had pork porridge~ I am super paranoid that there will be food stuck in my braces/teeth and that my teeth will rot!! So after every meal, I will take at least 5 minutes to rinse my mouth... So troublesome... Hai.....

Then when I get home at night, I will use the syringe that Dr Tay gave me to flush the 2 "holes" at the back of my mouth. I was wondering the other day whether I rushed things....it has only been a week since my wisdom teeth extraction and I already have braces on! I have been eating only soft foods for the past 10 days.....I think it may take a few months before I dare to eat normal food.*sigh* Kiang jiu ho, mai gey kiang. T_T

Anyway, after lunch, we headed to the library where Mr Toh did his stuff and I found a book to read. I was helping him when we suddenly heard someone talking on the phone really loudly. We couldn't see him from where we were sitting, but we could hear him clearly. Someone shushed him but he continued talking. Then Mr Toh went to take a look, when he came back, he said he saw the teen was talking using a earpiece. He said "Eh!", the boy dared to glare at him in a tulan way and asked him "What?!". Mr Toh stared back at him and informed him that this is a library. After a short pause, the boy said Sorry. And we never heard his voice again. Hahahaha~ My Mr Toh damn cool! Lol! "Wei Ming Chu Hai" - ridding the society of pests.

Seriously, teens nowadays think too highly of themselves or they think they are the kings/queens of the world? He was in the wrong for chit chatting so loudly in a library and he had the audacity to glare at people when they ask him to quiet down?! *Sigh* What's wrong with these teens nowadays?

It was around 4pm plus when Mr Toh said he couldn't take it anymore and wanted to go home and sleep. Lol... The Monster energy drink lasted him slightly longer than half day...not too bad, haha.

As I'm typing away, he is snoring away. I'm gonna sign out for now, going to read my book and take a nap later. See if I can wake him up for dinner....if not, I'll have dinner myself!

I'm loving the purple bands btw~ the colour is so nice! But I realised the bands on the bottom has turned pink! But still nice. Hehe.


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