Sunday, August 21, 2011

To be honest.....I realised I do not like my dental clinic. *sigh*

This dental clinic was recommended by Mr Toh as that Dr used to be his orthodontist when he was had braces too.

I do agree that he is super experienced. I am someone who is extremely terrified of pain and very 'sio ba' too. But during the appointment to put on the braces, I found him to be quite rough....I was quite unhappy... But what to do?

Also, during the period from my 1st consultation to the appointment to put on braces, NOBODY mentioned how much deposit we'd have to put down. And Mr Toh told me that during one of the earlier consultations, he asked Dr about the amount of deposit we have to put and he told him no need and not to worry about it.

So you can imagine my surprise when the receptionist asked for 50% deposit after I had my braces put on and was waiting to make payment.

FIFTY PERCENT of $5000 is $2500!

Nobody mentioned anything about a 50% deposit when we asked and now they expect us to just have $2500 for payment?

I know I should have told her what Mr Toh told her, that Dr said no need. But I was mortified and super embarrassed that I couldn't think. The receptionist even told me that some people pay the full sum at the 1st appointment. What is she implying?

I was damn fucking paiseh. Mr Toh wasn't with me as he was at home SLEEPING. Grrrr!

Now I am reading on the forums that people usually pay around $3.5k for normal metal braces and they pay around $600 - $800 deposit......so I was thinking have we been chopped?

My colleague also mentioned that $5k for normal metal braces seem to be on the high side....and I didn't get anything from Dr as well. For most of the people on the forums. stuff like interdental brushes and orthodontic wax seem to be given by their dental clinic.

But what did I get?



loving you, 8/21/2011 02:44:00 PM.


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