Saturday, January 16, 2010

We had our D&D last night at the Marina Mandarin.

Our theme this year was "Sports". The top prize for best dressed was $1800!! I think almost everyone was gunning for it! Me included. Hahaha...I went as a downhill biker, I even got the helmet, goggles, knee guards and gloves, courtesy of Daniel and Jimmy.

Jimmy even offered to lend me his bike! But that's only because he wanted an excuse to get out of riding with his friends that night. KNS! If you don't wanna go riding, don't use me as an excuse!

Be a man, do the right thing!
Lol!! =P

We started getting ready in the afternoon and left for the hotel at 6pm. Cocktail time when we got there, and food was served at 7:45pm.

Our event list for the night:

7:45pm : Food is served.

8:00pm : Giving out of special "Loyalty Awards", "Non-MC Awards" and "Leave cash-out Awards"

8:30pm : Catwalk show for "Sports" theme. Our guests and directors were the judges for the night~

9:00pm : Lucky draw for items 21 - 44 (can't remember exactly how many prizes there was)

9:30pm : Giving out of "hongbaos"!!! Yeah!!!

10:00pm : Lucky draw for items 1 - 20. Top prize was a Samsung 32" LCD TV!
Not 100% sure of the timing, but we were done by 11pm! Earlier on, boss had estimated to end at around 12am or 12:30am. Lol...

Yesterday was very fun! The catwalk show was the highlight of the night! Hahaha...almost everyone was very sporting and some even had performances! We had a few boxers, a basketballer, a cheerleader, a sexy beach volleyball babe with a hugeass afro and even Undertaker himself!! Lol!

Irene even printed out flyers to give to the judges to 'la piao'! She was dressed as an Equestrian and I thought she looked good!

Saw even brought his hydro bag and bicycle on stage!!! But he didn't win though. Think the judges weren't into cycling. =X

His KTM bike:

Weiliang was a surprise dark horse who garnered quite a lot of points. He went as a basketballer and all he did was twirl a basketball on his finger. That's real talent there! =X He lost to Emily by a nose...4 points! Too bad... Perhaps he should have played more tricks or he should have stood at the end of the stage and throw a 3-pointer! But I only thought of that at the end of the night...lol.

Emily was dressed as the cheerleader with pom poms and did a little dance. She got third place and a $100 cash prize.

Sean was dressed as the Undertaker, with the wig, the hat, the poses and the music! Super sporting of him!! He even had the eyeliner...rofl. Everyone wanted to take pictures with him. Lol! He got 2nd place, and $200 cash prize~

Wancheng was the super dark horse! When she got on stage, I was like "Whoa!!" She was wearing the beach volleyball outfit of a sports bra and a bikini bottom, with a hugeass afro!! And her music was Alvin and the Chipmunks singing "Right Round". Damn cute!!! Lol!! She got the top prize of $1800! Woooots!

Sean's team (with Gill-boxer & Mingsiew-race queen) won the top team of the night and $300 vouchers! So he was a double winner lor!

Our team did quite well too, we were 3rd place~ But no prize, haha. Ada was a diver, complete with the fins, the "oxygen tanks" which were empty water bottles and the goggles! So cute! Brandon was a wakeboarder, he brought the whole board on stage and even wore the life jacket! He even did a surfing pose in the middle of the catwalk! Woot! I think the 2 of them got most of the points for our team, heehee. I just walked and posed with the helmet, gloves and goggles. =X

I also lent the helmet to Vincy for the catwalk, who was dressed as a motorbiker, as she couldn't find a helmet.

After the catwalk, many people borrowed Wancheng's afro wig and Sean's Undertaker wig (which looks very similar to Johnny Depp's Pirates of the Caribbean wig!) to play with and take pictures. So funny! I was laughing until my cheeks hurt. Hahhahaa..

I can't wait to get the pictures! Boss even hired a photographer to take pictures this year~~ who was an ex colleague of ours. Hee.

Surprisingly, this year was very fun. I was inititally very nervous about the catwalk, but it was over in a flash. I had a few glasses of white wine, and everyone was asking why am I so red, have I been drinking, is it because I kept laughing or is it because I paiseh? Lol...... Alcohol does that to me. I can't drink without the whole world knowing. T_T

Will upload the pictures when I get them.

Random pictures:

My nails for the night! Glittery tips with a clear base~ Love glitter. SO easy to apply, mistakes can't be seen clearly too! Haha.

Saw this beautiful church lit up when we were cycling home from ECP a few weeks back~ Stopped to take pics. Hee.

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