Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wee! I am back from Thailand! It was a long trip, but it was fun. We wanna go back Chiangmai!!! There are still many things we have not tried yet!

Anyway, during this trip, I found a miracle product for my oily face! Doreen was very nice to lend me her sunblock everyday. And I found that after applying the sunblock, my face was not oily or shiny at all even after the whole day out! Amazing!

Ta-daaaaa, the miracle sunblock! I am so gonna buy it!

Picture taken from here.

I realise I still have mooncake pictures to post! Mooncake eating in the office.

Eric bought Häagen-Dazs® ice cream mooncakes!!!

Yummy! Our absolute favourite!

Durian mooncakes from Carlton, it was also very nice!


Here's a little preview of the photos during our holiday in Thailand!

Bangkok hotel room! Le Fenix @ Sukhumvit.
The room was quite big, and it was very clean. No bathtub though. The hotel was really modern, we loved this hotel! It is only about 5-10 mins walk from Nana BTS station.

Look at the chio 32" white LCD Samsung TV! I almost wanted to bring this back to Singapore, but it didn't fit in my luggage. Haha.

Our hotel at Chiangmai also had a 32" Samsung LCD TV!

Beautiful orchids at the Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep in Chiangmai. It is a temple on top of the mountain. Abundant fresh air there!

Our last night at Bangkok, we went to the Long Table~ Superb view! Loved the music there too. The DJ was rather cute, hehe.

Me in their toilet! Wearing the new top & bag I bought the day before. Ran out of clothes already. Heehee.

Yesterday after work, Doreen suddenly sms-ed me asking where I was and told me she had something to pass to me. I thought it was the CD of our Thailand trip photos, but she passed me a Citigems paper bag and a plastic bag. She said it's for my birthday. Aww....so sweet of her! The plastic bag contained a guava. A sweet guava, which was different from a normal guava. I had introduced it to her when we were at Chiangmai, and she liked it. When she saw it selling at BKK airport, she bought 8 of it home, saying she wanted to buy it back for her dad...so filial! And she gave 1 to me, knowing I liked it as well!

My 1st birthday pressie this year.

Lookie what's inside! It's so pretty! I love it! I felt kinda paiseh that she went to the expense, but....still, I felt very happy and touched.

Seriously, I am thankful for such great friends.

More photos to come~

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