Monday, October 12, 2009

We have moved! Moved to his grandpa’s place to accompany him~

It was a super busy day…Mr Toh had packed until daylight the previous night. Lol. He said he was so happy when he finished packing his table, but when he went to take a bath, he was so surprised that it was daylight already! Lol! Poor thing…*sayang*

With help from his uncles and brother, we managed to squeeze everything into 2 lorries and took only 1 trip! But seriously, the next time we move, I am gonna get those big boxes! Because we didn’t have any boxes at all, so everything was packed in those recycle bags…and there were sooo many bags!

We were done at around 2pm plus…after resting and having lunch, we went to Ikea! With all his younger brothers and their GFs. Like a family excursion, only without Dad. Haha…

We took such a long time to see everything! Ikea is hugeeee!

Lint roller! We had just finished using our previous one~ It is super useful to have! Great invention, haha.

bastis lint roller

Hangers! We bought a lot of these…haha, it looks really nice hanging in the wardrobe. Lols.

bumerang wooden hangers

Mr Toh bought this for the computer table, for nights when he needed to work late, and I need to sleep. =D

jansjo table lamp

Pretty table lamp for our side table!

knubbig lamp

One of the best things that Ikea ever sold! Haha! I love this thing so much because the wardrobe we are using now only has 2 small drawers, so we needed a lot more space to put smaller items like socks and undies, and this organiser is really useful! Good buy, best buy, must buy! Lol~

skubb org

Clothes cover for my ROM dress. =D

svajs clothes cover

Boxes for misc stuff~ The size is just right for the space we have beside the wardrobe and the wall, so this is good for putting documents and other stuff for storage. =)

pappis box

Happy happy. The room is a little small, due to our huge king size bed…but it is very cosy though.

After shopping, we had a yummy lunch at Ikea’s restaurant. Treated his brothers to lunch to thank them for their help. =)

Reached home, and unpacked our clothes and shoes, and fell asleep! Couldn’t take it anymore…lol. Still have lots to unpack over the weekend…hais. TIRED!!!

loving you, 10/12/2009 06:07:00 PM.


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