Thursday, January 21, 2010

Still waiting for the photos from Leslie, the official photographer, but I grabbed some pictures from Irene, Corine and Calynn.

The backdrop of the stage~

Lucky draw prizes! I wanted the air cooler or U-Papa...both also didn't get. =(

Irene as an Equestrian and me as a downhill biker. I wasn't in full gear though. We were just at the cocktail reception area.

Katherine, I do not know what she's dressed as. =X Some Japanese sports thing.

Mingsiew as a race queen. So different from her usual look. She did a great catwalk too!

Emily as a cheerleader~ I heard her outfit costed S$140 to rent! O.O

Susan as a dancer,. I forgot what kind though.

Saw as a cyclist, carrying his hydro bag. O.o

Half of C&S Lines. =X

1/4 of E.G.C.S ladies~

CK (Boxer, with a black eye somemore!) - Irene (Equestrian) - Bill (Boxer too) - Sean (Undertaker!! LOL!!)

Another 1/4 of E.G.C.S. ladies.

Sandy (Aerobics, Ithink) - Aloysius (Taekwondo) - Vincy (Biker girl) - Me!

Undertaker (LOL! I find it very funny to type this name. =X) surrounded by girls.

Candid pic, dunno wth Weiliang doing, it's almost like he's posing for the camera. Haha.

Another blurry candid pic. I think we were asking Leslie to take our picture, haha!

Another boxer. =X

Vivien, tennis girl, my original idea. Heh.

With Calynn, runner. Her T-Shirt and number tag is custom made one, ok! Very creative of her.

And Zann was a golfer~

Jeffrey, another golfer!

Playing a fool on stage. =X

2 divers~ Ada and Alvin. Both names start with an A!

Me, playing around with Irene's hat. I love that hat!

Undertaker acting fierce. Haha!

Never seen such a skinny Undertaker before. =X

Corine as a boxer too. Her hair is so cute lor, like Chunli!

William (soccer player, I think?) and Vivien...dunno as what. =X

Alan (Golfer) - Weiliang (Basketballer) - Ivan (Soccer too, I think.) - Susan (Dancer).

Saw - Brandon (as a wakeboarder)

Bosses~ Eric - Gerard

Sandy - Vincy

Alvin - Jeffrey (Bowler, he even brought his bowling ball~)

Me - Rachel (Soccer) - Ada

Sandy - Undertaker. =X - Vincy

Undertaker and me! =P

Weiliang - Undertaker - Aloysius - Don (Soccer, Liverpool sucks!!!)

Irene - Calynn

Irene - Weiliang

Menu for the night.

Loved the lobster salad~

Tasteless shark's fin. What a waste of the shark's fin. Better than last year's but still...yucky shark's fin for 2 years already!! I think we should just not have any shark's fin anymore.

Wancheng and me with our Non-MC award $! <3


Peking duck.

Undertaker on stage!! I think his wig looked more Johhny Depp, Pirate of the Caribbean than Undertaker though. Haha!

Soon Hock. Bland and overcooked. Hais.

Jumbo prawns in butter garlic sauce. Not much butter and garlic taste though.

Abalone and asparagus, my favourite vegetable! The abalone had a weird fishy taste. But the asparagus are damn nice.

Chicken, overcooked.

Irene playing a food. Alex asked me who is this when he saw the pic. Ahahahahhahhaaa!!

Face getting red after a few glass of white wine. Zzz.

Crazy wig women! Haha.

C&S Lines CS Dept.

The good friends. Sadly, Wancheng will be leaving us next month.

I dug out my adidas jacket specially to take a photo with her. Haha!

adidas girls!

And Weiliang joins in the fun. Crazy wig boy!!


Even Saw! The cyclists, haha~

adidas unite! Except for Weiliang's. =X

Is it wrong that they are having so much fun with the wigs?? Hahaahaa!

Funniest photo of Wancheng ever! Everyone, meet Gou Li Qiao (meaning very very hiao). Hahahahaha!

loving you, 1/21/2010 11:03:00 PM.


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